Westgate SuperContest to accept bets on mobile app for Nevada residents

The Westgate SuperContest will accept bets placed through a mobile app this year, according to sportsbook director John Murray.

All entrants still must register in person. Only those physically in the state of Nevada will be able to use the app, so residents of the other 49 states will still need a proxy in order to participate in the SuperContest.

“It’s all about convenience. We see that with our own betting now, as more than 50 percent of it is done on a mobile device,” Murray told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We think it makes sense to apply that to the SuperContest as well. It can capture more of the local market who don’t want to come down 17 weeks.”

Murray also opened contest registration in March this year, about four months earlier than in years past.

The SuperContest is starting to get some competition. Circa Sports announced a $1.5 million contest, and it seems like only a matter of time before an offshore sportsbook offers a similar contest.

This will not change much for those who live outside of Nevada, as they’ll still need to rely on (read: pay) a proxy to participate. But it will make it much more convenient for Nevada residents to play in the contest.

The entry fee remains $1,500 for the Westgate SuperContest and $5,000 for the SuperContest Gold. There will be an app available for both contests.

The regular contest generated a record 3,123 entries last year, with Eric Kahane winning $1.4 million by going 59-25-1 ATS (70.2 percent).

This is a positive move by Murray and the Westgate. The contest already is part of national lore when it comes to NFL gambling. Now their challenge will be fending off potential competitors, and they need to do everything they can to make the contest easy and enjoyable for the general public.

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