KC’s Tyreek Hill insists he was innocent in 2014 on full recording

The Tyreek Hill scandal keeps getting more and more strange.

In a recording played by 610 AM in Kansas City on Monday, the Chiefs’ wide receiver is heard arguing with his fiancee Crystal Espinal and denying the domestic assault and battery charges that he pled guilty to in 2014. 

Hill: “That 2014 (bleep)? That (bleep) is old. O.D. That’s a lot too. On me, that’s a lot.”

Espinal: “But you sitting here and calling me a bitch and everything else …”

Hill: “But that’s what you is, bro. You (bleeping)ing ruined my life when you lied on me in 2014. I’m still not over that.”

Espinal: “How did I lie about …”

Hill: “Because I don’t touch you in 2014. And I can put that on everything I love, bro. That’s the real truth.”

Espinal: “OK, and then saying that you’re gonna take, get (beeped) custody of (beep) that not gonna do …”

Hill: “That’s the real truth.”

Per NFL.com, the league investigators have had full access to this recording for a few months. The question now is how this will affect Hill and the Chiefs regarding a possible suspension.

There’s no question that Hill is one of the NFL’s premier talents. He caught 87 passes for 1,479 yards and 12 touchdowns as the Chiefs’ offense became a juggernaut led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes last season. With a full year working with Mahomes and knowing the ins-and-outs of his game, there’s no reason to believe that Hill wouldn’t be even more dangerous in 2019. 

There is that problem of the possible suspension by the league for alleged child abuse. While the police could not determine which parent possibly harmed Hill and Espinal’s son, the NFL could put a hammer down and make the wide receiver sit out some games. This would be a major blow to the Chiefs’ offense, even if it is for just three or four games.

If there is no suspension, one has to wonder what the locker room situation will be like surrounding Hill. Will he be welcomed back with open arms? Will there be a little awkwardness surrounding the matter? While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the production on the field would decrease, it could impact team chemistry, especially if teammates are torn on the matter.

Either way the NFL and Roger Goodell handles this, Kansas City will be fine and should be one of the favorites to win the AFC. This team is bigger than one player and Mahomes’ play-making ability will still baffle opponents to no end.

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