Tiger offers hysterical remarks about bettor who won big at The Masters

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Tiger Woods was asked a question about the gambler, James Adducci, who won $1.19 million by betting on Woods to win The Masters. Woods had a hysterical answer.

Tiger Woods has been known to drop plenty of F-Bombs throughout his storied golf career. Most of them have been offered on the course in frustration after errant shots.

While warming up for the PGA Championship last week, Woods was asked a question about the bettor who won more than $1 million by dropping $85,000 on him to win The Masters.

You remember him, right?

His answer included an F-Bomb, but there wasn’t any venom in it whatsoever. In fact, he was highly complimentary of the gambler and his remark left the gallery in stitches.

The same bettor, James Adducci, risked $100,000 of his $1.19 million in winnings on Woods to win the Grand Slam.

Obviously, Woods does a little reading because without being prompted, he was aware that Adducci made the second bet on him to win the Grand Slam.

His reaction to that wager wasn’t so complimentary towards Adducci, but it sure was accurate and had the crowd laughing even more.

Check out the video here.

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