NFL Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings – Week 11

1-Eagles 2-Chiefs 3-49ers 4-Ravens 5-Lions 6-Bengals 7-Cowboys 8-Dolphins 9-Vikins 10-Browns 11-Seahawks 12-Texans 13-Jaguars 14-Chargers 15-Saints 16-Steelers 17-Bills 18-Broncos 19-Buccaneers 20-Raiders 21-Colts 22-Commanders 23-Jets 24-Falcons 25-Rams 26-Titans 27-Cardinals 28-Packers 29-Bears 30-Patriots 31-Panthers 32-Giants

NFL Power Rankings – Week 10

1-Eagles 2-Chiefs 3-Ravens 4-Bengals 5-49ers 6-Dolphins 7-Cowboys 8-Lions 9-Jaguars 10-Browns 11-Vikings 12-Bills 13-Seahawks 14-Chargers 15-Saints 16-Texans 17-Steelers 18-Titans 19-Buccaneers 20-Falcons 21-Jets 22-Rams 23-Colts 24-Commanders 25-Broncos 26-Raiders 27-Packers 28-Patriots 29-Bears 30-Giants 31-Cardinals 32-Panthers

NFL Power Rankings – Week 8

1-Chiefs 2-Eagles 3-49ers 4-Ravens 5-Dolphins 6-Lions 7-Jaguars 8-Bengals 9-Cowboys 10-Seahawks 11-Browns 12-Bills 13-Chargers 14-Steelers 15-Vikings 16-Jets 17-Texans 18-Falcons 19-Saints 20-Buccaneers 21-Rams 22-Colts 23-Commanders 24-Titans 25-Raiders 26-Giants 27-Broncos 28-Patriots 29-Bears 30-Packers 31-Cardinals 32-Panthers

NFL Power Rankings – Week 7

1-49ers: With OT Trent Williams, WR Deebo Samuel and RB Christian McCaffrey going down with injuries and missing significant amounts of playing time in its first loss at Cleveland, we’ll give San Francisco a mulligan, especially since it should’ve won the game despite those factors. The aforementioned trio are considered day-to-day ahead of Monday Night NFL Power Rankings – Week 7

NFL Power Rankings – Week 6

Our rankings are based simply on who we would make favored over whom on a neutral field this Sunday. 1-49ers 2-Chiefs 3-Eagles 4-Dolphins 5-Lions 6-Bills 7-Cowboys 8-Seahawks 9-Ravens 10-Bengals 11-Jaguars 12-Chargers 13-Buccaneers 14-Browns 15-Saints 16-Colts 17-Falcons 18-Steelers 19-Rams 20-Vikings 21-Titans 22-Packers 23-Texans 24-Commanders 25-Jets 26-Raiders 27-Cardinals 28-Bears 29-Patriots 30-Giants 31-Broncos 32-Panthers

NFL Power Rankings – Week 5

1-49ers: San Francisco and Philadelphia are the only undefeated teams remaining going into Week 5. Brock Purdy, Josh Dobbs and C.J. Stroud are the only starting QBs who haven’t been intercepted yet. 2-Chiefs: Kansas City is ranked fifth in scoring defense, giving up an average of only 15.0 points per game. The Chiefs are on NFL Power Rankings – Week 5

NFL Power Rankings – Week 4

1-49ers: San Francisco is 3-0 straight up and 2-0-1 against the spread, outscoring opponents by a combined score of 90-42. Brock Purdy has completed 67.0 percent of his passes for 736 yards and four touchdowns without an interception. 2-Chiefs: After scoring just 37 combined points in its first two games, Kansas City’s offense exploded in NFL Power Rankings – Week 4

Edwards: NFL Preseason Power Rankings

1-Bengals 2-Chiefs 3-Eagles 4-49ers 5-Bills 6-Ravens 7-Dolphins 8-Chargers 9-Cowboys 10-Seahawks 11-Jets 12-Lions 13-Steelers 14-Jaguars 15-Vikings 16-Patriots 17-Titans 18-Browns 19-Giants 20-Saints 21-Broncos 22-Falcons 23-Panthers 24-Packers 25-Bears 26-Commanders 27-Raiders 28-Rams 29-Buccaneers 30-Colts 31-Texans 32-Cardinals