NBA suspends Draymond Green for Game 3

NBA suspends Draymond Green for Game 3

In a stunning decision announced late Tuesday night, the NBA has suspended Golden St. veteran forward Draymond Green for Thursday’s Game 3 between the Warriors and Kings in San Francisco.

NBA suspends Draymond Green for Game 3

The one-game suspension is without pay for Monday’s Game 2 incident when Green was forced to step on Sacramento’s Domantas Sabonis after the Kings’ center grabbed his foot while he was on the ground. Now, did Green give more of a stomp than a step to Sabonis’s sternum area?

Yes, but he was also left off balance in a split-second deal by the incident started by Sabonis, who was dubbed as ‘questionable’ for Game 3 with a sternum contusion. Am I buying that Sabonis is legit ‘questionable?’ Hell no.

He left Game 2 briefly and then returned to play the rest of the way. Also, Sabonis grabbed Klay Thompson on the play and knocked him off balance.

NBA suspends Draymond Green for Game 3

Green was ejected from a four-point game with 7:03 left in the fourth quarter when Golden St. seemed to be seizing momentum. Sabonis was issued a technical, but the Warriors completely got shafted by a situation that Sabonis instigated.

Now, do I think all of Green’s nonsense while “communicating” with the Sacramento crowd (see clip below) during the review of the play by the officials contributed to the suspension? Of course. And obviously, the NBA’s statement noted that “Green’s history of unsportsmanlike acts” played a role in the decision as well.

NBA suspends Draymond Green for Game 3

But this is still complete BS, and the Warriors are being punished further when they already got screwed. And I’m no Draymond or Warriors fan here. I just like for things to be just and fair, especially once we get into the postseason (regardless of the sport).

Like I’ve said many times — with one glaring instance being how the complete trajectory of the 2007 NBA Playoffs were altered by San Antonio forward Robert ‘Big Shot Bob’ (From? Andalusia, Alabama!) Horry’s unsportsmanlike and overly aggressive foul on Phoenix’s Steve Nash, which led to suspensions for the Suns in a situation that Horry started but ultimately benefited the Spurs — I’m ok with suspending players for their actions in postseason games.

However, I’ve always thought the suspensions should be delayed until the start of the next regular season. And hey, if you want to double the punishment because it doesn’t take effect until next year, I’ve got no problem with that.

The issue is when these situations impact who wins in the playoffs, especially when an incident is started by one team/player (Sabonis and the Kings in this instance, Horry and the Spurs in 2007) but ends up working in their favor. (How the hell is that fair?!)

Whatever the case, Sacramento owns a 2-0 lead in the series. Before the suspension announcement, most books had Golden St. favored by seven or 7.5 points for Game 3 with the total in the 237.5 to 238.5 range.

As of Wednesday morning, most spots had adjusted the Warriors to 5.5-point home ‘chalk’ with the total up to 239 or 239.5.

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