What’s next for Jon Jones after another arrest? BetOnline has props

Following his arrest earlier this week on four charges, UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones is once again in trouble with the law in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Oddsmakers at BetOnline have released fresh proposition bets on Jones.

‘Will Jones be arrested again before the end of 2020?’ ‘No’ is a -500 favorite, while ‘Yes’ is a +300 underdog.

‘Will Jones be stripped of the UFC [205-pound] belt by the end of 2020?’ ‘Yes’ is at a -380 price. There’s no number available for ‘No.’

I don’t believe Jones is going to have his strap removed like it was in 2015 when he was arrested on felony hit-and-run charges. In that instance, he fled the scene after running a red light and hitting the car of a pregnant woman, who sustained a broken arm.

Regardless, any -380 wager is too expensive. Don’t waste a penny on the ‘yes’ with this prop.

Another option is whether ‘Jones spends a night in jail before the end of 2020?’ No is the -170 ‘chalk,’ while ‘yes’ is available for a +130 payout.

There’s nine months and several days left in the calendar year. Jones just got off of probation 10 weeks ago for a 2019 arrest on a battery charge.

Even if Jones does have to do a 30 or 90-day bid, you would think his lawyers could delay that for at least 9-10 months.

Another factor in his case (and for a potential wager one way or another) is that Jones has a history with the arresting officer, Jason Brown.

Jones’s lawyers could work the angle that Brown has it out for the UFC star. Brown has, according to the Albuquerque Journal, been the subject of three civilian complaints over racial profiling.

The last prop at BetOnline is ‘Will Jones fight in the UFC before the end of 2020?’ ‘No’ is a -400 favorite, while ‘yes’ is +250 on the comeback.

I’m certainly not endorsing a strong wager for this prop. But if there’s one play to make out of all these, I think it’s ‘yes’ he’ll fight in 2020 for a generous +250 return.

So far, the only public comment from the UFC about Jones came on Thursday when the promotion released the following statement to MMAFighting: “UFC is aware of the situation regarding Jon Jones in Albuquerque early this morning,” UFC officials stated. “The organization has been in contact with Jones’ management team and is currently gathering information.”

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