Video shows Conor McGregor sucker punching elderly man at Dublin pub

The steady fall of Conor McGregor continued today as TMZ released video footage of the former UFC double champ sucker punching an elderly man at a Dublin bar.

The video shows McGregor offering shots to bar patrons of his Proper No. Twelve Whiskey. One older man immediately removes the shot glass McGregor put in front of him, placing it at the edge of the bar toward the bartender.

McGregor places another shot glass in front of him, and the older individual removes it again. There’s no volume on the video to hear what words are exchanged but moments later, McGregor pops the guy with a left hand.

We’ve touched on McGregor’s boorish, outside-the-cage antics here before. In fact, this column was published here at MajorWager on April 7.

The date of the video with McGregor punching the older man? April 6.

The date of this tweet below in which McGregor somewhat apologizes for some of his recent behavior? April 3.

You can check out the video below. As you can see, the older dude took the punch like a champ!

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