UFC 205-pound champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones arrested again on multiple charges

Like Nate Diaz said after his upset win over Conor McGregor on short notice back in May of 2016 at UFC 196, “Don’t act surprised, Mother F___ers.”

Yes, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones was arrested yet again early this morning in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The UFC light-heavyweight champion was taken into custody for alleged DWI, negligent use of a firearm, possession of an open container and no proof of insurance in his vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, Jones tested “at or above twice the legal limit” when he took a breathalyzer test. He also had “blood shot watery eyes” and “a strong odor of alcohol coming from his facial region.”

The arresting officer had Jones do field sobriety tests and he “performed poorly on all three of them.”

Jason Brown, an Albuquerque police officer, stated in his report that he was located in a parking lot “at 3rd and Central [when] I heard a single gun shot to the west on Central.”

Brown arrived on the scene at around 12:58 a.m. Thursday morning. The complaint stated that the officer came upon a black Jeep that was running, with Jones in the driver’s seat and another subject on the sidewalk by the passenger side door.

When confronted by the officer, Jones denied any knowledge of where the gunshot came from. Brown “observed an open bottle of alcohol on the floor behind the passenger seat. It was a 1/4 full bottle of Recuerdo, 40 percent alcohol. I also observed that he had green leafy substance on his shirt and pants, consistent with marijuana.”

(By the way, Recuerdo is a type of tequila — one that the BMF Jorge Masvidal endorses.)

After arresting Jones for DWI, Brown took inventory of the vehicle and “located a loaded handgun under the driver’s seat. I also located a spent round just outside the driver’s side door.”

Obviously, the UFC has been here before with Jones, who is probably the greatest mixed martial artist in the sport’s history. Whether it’s with law enforcement or USADA, however, the dude can’t stay out of trouble.

What makes it worse is his constant public display of being such a God-fearing man who is engulfed in religion.

In reality, he’s an individual that — on a Sunday morning when church services were going strong — ran a red light and hit a car being driven by a pregnant woman, who thankfully suffered “only” a broken arm.

In that instance during April of 2015, he immediately fled the scene (because he was still awake from partying all Saturday night and was wasted on — at least! — booze and weed). However, after racing to the top of a hill, he forgot that he left cash and marijuana in the rented vehicle.

According to multiple witnesses, including an off-duty police officer, he sprinted back to his vehicle and then was seen running from the scene with “a huge wad of cash.”

With a warrant issued for his arrest on felony hit-and-run charges, Jones stayed in hiding for more than 24 hours before turning himself in the following evening.

APD officers found a pipe containing marijuana on the passenger-side floor, in addition to paperwork indicating Jones had rented the vehicle.

More than a year later, Jones talked at length about his newfound sobriety in multiple interviews, including one with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani (who was with MMAFighting at the time). When asked about the hit-and-run incident, he explained that he went back to the vehicle to retrieve his weed.

“I just freaked out, man. I was like, ‘Man, I’m probably gonna be in a lot of trouble here.’ I went back to the car to try and find my [marijuana] pipe. It was in the cupholder, but it flew out.”

Then in a remarkable slip of the tongue that left me laughing hysterically, Jones added, “Now I keep it in the middle console.”

BOOM! So much for that sobriety they had been talking about for the previous 25-30 minutes.

Jones was extremely fortunate to get off relatively easy on the hit-and-run charges in 2016. The judge in the case had a few words for Jones after issuing his punishment. They can be heard here on this tweet below from ESPN’s Brett Okamoto.

We won’t bore you with all of the other incidents involving Jones and the authorities, but we’ll add that UFC 151 was cancelled because he refused to fight Chael Sonnen after Dan Henderson pulled out with an injury.

Sonnen was willing to go up a weight class and fight Jones on just eight days of notice. When UFC President Dana White called Sonnen to ask if he’d fight Jones the following Saturday, Sonnen famously said, “Dana, I’ll catch the next flight out and fight Jones tonight.”

Jones wouldn’t accept the scrap, claiming he’d need more time to prepare for Sonnen’s wrestling. Therefore, the entire show was cancelled and every other fighter on the card missed out on a paycheck they’d been preparing to receive for months.

Jones never offered any public apology to the other fighters.

He also ruined UFC 200, a show the promotion had been pushing hard for months that was going to feature three title fights. Less than 72 hours before he was to face Daniel Cormier in a main-event rematch, Jones popped dirty for PEDs.

His last run-in with the law came in July of last year. Jones just got off probation for that incident about 10 weeks ago.

MMAJunkie reported that Jones will have a bond arraignment hearing on April 8. He was released from custody at some point earlier today.

As you can imagine, reactions from other mixed martial artists weren’t kind. Diego Sanchez, a former teammate at Jackson-Wink Academy, didn’t pull any punches.

In his last Octagon appearance earlier this year, Jones won a unanimous decision over Dominick Reyes. However, MMADecisions polled 17 MMA scribes for the UFC 247 headliner. Twelve media members scored it 48-47 in favor of Reyes, while only five had it 48-47 for Jones.

Sporsbook currently lists Jones as a -220 favorite for a potential rematch with Reyes, who is a +177 underdog.

Before his arrest, Jones had been advocating that people stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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