WHAT?! Diaz allegedly tests positive for banned substance, possibly out of UFC 244 vs. Masvidal

UPDATE on Friday, 10/25/19, at 12:19 p.m. Eastern: ESPN’s Ariel Helwani and Marc Raimondi co-authored this article late Thursday night.

Until about a half-hour ago, there was nothing new about this fluid story until Helwani sent out this tweet:

Below is what I originally wrote when this news broke yesterday…

This stinks. It smells like something is off here.

Less than an hour ago, Nate Diaz posted the above statement on social media.

Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal at Madison Square Garden in New York City is in danger of being called off after Diaz allegedly tested positive for a banned substance.

If you took a poll of UFC fighters asking them who the last fighter on the roster would be in terms of using performance-enhancing substances, I guarantee you Nate Diaz would be the answer from more than half of the fighters.

The dude has always called out other fighters for using PEDs. He’s never appeared as if he’s on something, living an extremely healthy lifestyle unless you’re one who frowns on the use of CBD or marijuana products.

Other than re-tweeting Nate’s tweet, none of the top MMA scribes had much to report early last night. One reason for that, according to Yahoo’s Kevin Iole, is that UFC President Dana White was having dinner with President Donald Trump last night.

Masvidal quickly weighed in, however, and seemed confident the fight will still take place.

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