Jon Jones charged with battery for alleged incident at strip club

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones is back in the headlines today. Once again, it’s for the wrong reasons.

The troubled mixed martial arts legend has been charged with battery stemming from an alleged incident at an Albuquerque strip club in April.

New Mexico’s KRQE News reported the news Sunday night. The allegations are that Jones slapped a cocktail waitress in her genital area, pulled her onto his lap, kissed her neck against her wishes and put her in a chokehold.

The charge is a petty misdemeanor, but one that can carry jail time with a conviction.

Jones’ spokesperson James Hallinan told KRQE that his client was unaware of the issue until his team was contacted by the news station Sunday night.

In a statement to KRQE, Hallinan said, “Today, the media told Mr. Jones about a false accusation launched against him and that paperwork had been sent to an incorrect address. However, after receiving the documents from the press, Mr. Jones immediately went to pay the small fee, and he, and multiple witnesses, stand ready to factually refute the malicious lies being told about him to the public.”

Jones sent out the below tweet regarding the situation this morning:

Jones is no stranger to law enforcement. He pleaded guilty to a DWI charge in 2012.

Then in 2015, Jones pleaded guilty to felony hit-and-run and received community service and probation. He ran a red light and collided with another car, breaking the arm of the female driver in the vehicle Jones struck.

Jones fled the scene after the wreck, leaving behind weed and smoking paraphernalia. He didn’t turn himself into authorities until more than 36 hours had passed.

Jones violated his probation in 2016 for allegedly drag racing. He also cussed at a police offer in a video that went viral after he was pulled over in Albuquerque.

Whether there’s any substance to these allegations remains to be seen. However, it remains clear that Jones still hasn’t learned anything.

Not when he was pulled off the UFC 200 card after testing positive for a PED. Not even when he was nearly sent to prison for the hit-and-run incident, nor when he was suspended for 15 months for a second failed test for PEDs.

At some point long ago, the 32-year-old Jones should’ve learned to avoid settings where there’s the potential for trouble to arise. You know, locations like a strip club.

Jones’s hard-partying ways nearly cost him a narrow decision win over Alexander Gustafsson back at UFC 165. He survived on that night and remains undefeated in the Octagon. (He officially has one loss, but that was for a controversial DQ that UFC President Dana White has said will eventually be overturned.)

However, Jones isn’t in his 20s anymore, but he’s still partying. He won a split decision over Thiago Santos earlier this month, but Santos tore every ligament in his left knee in the opening round. Santos also tore his ACL in his right knee at some point later in the fight, yet still had his moments and won the decision on one of the judges’ cards.

Jones has lacked the killer instinct in his last two wins, both decisions over Anthony Smith and Santos. I felt he looked a step slow in both outings.

As he continues to party, Jones will lose another step in the not-too-distant future.

Nevertheless, even with this latest development, Jones made it clear on Twitter that he’s not going to change.

Father Time remains undefeated just like Jones. One is going to taste defeat soon, though, in their battle against each other.

Like it always does, Father Time will prevail. And with Jones still beating himself outside of the Octagon, the first loss inside that cage creeps closer and closer.