Masvidal arrested on charges after alleged assault on Covington

Jorge Masvidal has been released from custody after his arrest on March 24 for an alleged attack on Colby Covington.

Following allegations that he assaulted Colby Covington late Monday night outside of Papi Steak Restaurant in Miami Beach, perennial welterweight contender Jorge ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal was arrested Wednesday night at 10:27 p.m. Eastern.

According to online records, the 37-year-old Masvidal faces two charges: one count of aggravated battery resulting in great bodily harm and one count of criminal mischief.

He was initially held on $15,000 bond but has already been released from custody.

If convicted, Masvidal could be looking at up to 15 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine for second-degree felony aggravated battery. That’s the ceiling for that charge, obviously, and punishment to that extent is highly unlikely.

A police report states that the Miami Beach Police Department responded to an incident at Papi Steak on Monday night. Masvidal is identified as the lone suspect in the report.

Officers met with the “victim,” who suffered a fractured tooth and a wrist abrasion. The victim (Covington) alleged Masvidal approached him as he was leaving the restaurant and punched him once in the mouth and once in the left eye. Masvidal allegedly said, “You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids.”

The victim also described a group of “three or four unknown males approaching him in an aggressive manner.” He pushed one of the unknown males away and separated himself from the attackers and ran back in the restaurant where he contacted police.

In an arrest affidavit issued publicly on Wednesday, the victim reported $15,000 of damage to a $90,000 Rolex watch. Also, Masvidal was booked with an injury and stitches on his right hand.

Monday’s alleged incident came 16 days after Covington defeated Masvidal via unanimous decision at the UFC 272 headliner in Las Vegas.

Did Masvidal have 25 minutes inside the Octagon to settle his differences with Covington? Indeed, he sure did. However, when you cross the line of relentlessly attacking an individual’s character and speaking about his family, including Masvidal’s relationship with his mother and daughters, you’re asking for trouble outside of the cage.

That trouble found Covington on Monday night in South Florida. Now we’ll see how well Masvidal’s lawyers can do their jobs to get him out of this legal situation.

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