Bill Self responds to NCAA allegations that have him, Kansas basketball, in hot water

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Kansas head basketball coach Bill Self vigorously denied all charges of wrongdoing contained in the NCAA's Notice of Allegations that arrived in Lawrence earlier today. KU is facing a lack of institutional control charge, the basketball program is looking at three Level I violations and Self has been hit with a head coach responsibility charge.

Hours after a Yahoo Sports report co-authored by Dan Wetzel, Pete Thamel and Pat Forde broke, Kansas head basketball coach Bill Self responded in a statement released by the school.

Self acknowledged his program has been issued a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA. He denies wrongdoing in the statement:

“In its haste and attempt to regain control [after a federal court ruling denied the NCAA access to the FBI’s investigation into corruption in college basketball], the enforcement staff has created a false narrative regarding me and our basketball program. The narrative is based on innuendo, half-truths, misimpressions and mischaracterizations.”

According to the Yahoo report, the NOA arrived Monday, charging the University of Kansas with a lack of institutional control, three Level I violations in men’s basketball and a head coach responsibility charge against Self.

In addition, the football program has been charged with secondary violations stemming from David Beaty’s tenure.

When a veteran compliance officer was told of the contents contained in the Kansas letter, the response to Yahoo was as follows: “Very, very serious. That’s everything that compliance is employed to prevent. That’s the trifecta, that’s unbelievable. That’s the reason why compliance exists, just thinking about it gives me anxiety.”

The school released its own statement tonight as well: “As for the allegations regarding Head Men’s Basketball Coach Bill Self, voluminous evidence demonstrates uncontestably that he did, in fact, promote an atmosphere of compliance and fully monitor his staff. The University firmly and fully supports Coach Self and his staff.”

Kansas has 90 days to officially respond to the NCAA. After going all-in with their denials Monday, Self and KU have got a lot of work to do between now and then.

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