NYPD arrests 7 on illegal gambling charges

The New York Police Department arrested seven people Wednesday on charges of illegal gambling.

According to the Astoria Post, the NYPD’s Criminal Enterprise Division has been investigating a group inside the borough of Queens since January 2016.

Police allege the seven individuals were involved with money laundering, promoting gambling, enterprise corruption and conspiracy.

According to the report, officers used electronic surveillance to record six of the seven individuals discussing bets and money on the phone.

The accused allegedly took bets through a website housed in Costa Rica, a toll-free phone number and in person.

The police seized $47,000 in cash, among other things, during a raid Wednesday.

These cases are fascinating because arrests for illegal bookmaking in the United States have come fairly infrequently in recent years. They seem to require a lot of law enforcement resources to build substantial cases over a number of years.

It will be interesting to track whether these cases occur more frequently under the guise of “protecting the citizens,” especially in states with laws that make it OK to bet on sports through authorized channels.

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