MajorWager would like to address the concerns of many players and reinforce confidence in our advertisers by offering secured accounts to our active MajorWager posting participants. If you qualify, your accounts with any of our advertising books will be secured up to $1500.


1) You must post 15 times per week on the site. Please don’t expect meaningless posts to count towards the total.

2) In order for your accounts to be secured for that week, you must send an email on Monday to Emails will only be accepted on Monday for that week. The coverage is for that week only. You must send a new email each Monday with current balances

3) Balance on Monday is the one that counts.

4) In the email please include your posting handle, and a screen shot of the account you would like secured. Real names are NOT required.

5) The determination of when a book is ‘done’ is entirely up to The Major.

6) At any time during the week MW can remove an advertiser and unless you have your emails sent on the previous Monday, the coverage is null and void for the selected book.

7) You MUST have credited MajorWager as the "originating site", or be a new sign up listing MajorWager as the referrer, OR Email the book and CC and let them know that you are taking advantage of MajorWager’s secured program and ask to be listed as a reader from MW.