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Matty B Sports Last Updated: August 23, 2006
The NFL Preseason: Do the actual games mean anything or are they just extended practices? Well that depends on who you ask. The casual football fan could care less, but for those of us who live in the world of 11 to 10 it matters a whole bunch. Now I'm not talking about betting on preseason games and trying to determine who will play. Is the 1st string offense matching up with a 2nd team defense? What QB rotation will be used? Rather, I'm watching the games, taking notes, and recording a few simple statistics. This is to prepare myself for the opening weeks so I am ahead of the bookmakers and the betting public.

I have a simple approach to preseason football. I log each teams win/loss record, offensive points for, defensive points against, and average points per game, both offensively and defensively. Each team plays 4 preseason games. The key is to eliminate game #4. The starters rarely play (one series, if at all) and the games are for second and third stringers. To incorporate those stats would be skewing the overall "true" numbers. I also focus on game three as this is the "dress rehearsal" for each team. The starters usually play through the 3rd quarter and the game gives us a preview of what we can expect during the season. After combining the numbers, my personal notes, and observations I feel confident with my team assessments heading into the season. Yes, indeed, it is a simple approach, but one that works well for me. So, if you are like me and play the game of 11 to 10, preseason does mean something. A whole lot of something!

Football Annual: Many of you have asked about my FREE 16-page Football Annual through email and over the phone. It is going out soon and you will have it before the season begins. Being on just my email list will NOT get you the annual. Go to and click on the "FREE Football Annual" link at the top of the homepage just above the Today's Best Bets headline. Filling out that form WILL get you the free annual full of fresh and unique information not available anywhere else.

As mentioned before, I do not handicap the NFL preseason. However, I am always looking for certain things that will have an impact on the games, and that comes in the form of game plan information. Here is an interesting article I came across regarding the Patriots. HC Belichick's plan is the type of information that moves the line in preseason games.

From the Boston Herald on August 17th: "While Brady surely will start Saturday?s preseason game against Arizona at Gillette Stadium, he might not see as much time as he has in the past in Week 2 of the preseason. That?s because the Pats, for the first time since 2003, aren?t playing the Thursday night regular-season kickoff game, and Belichick plans to treat the fourth preseason game, an Aug. 31 exhibition on the road against the New York Giants, more like a real tune-up for the opener. The past two years, Belichick didn?t play his starters in the fourth exhibition."

Pay attention to the opening line in this game. If the Pats open an underdog, they might be worth a look. Also worth a look is my 16-page Football Annual. Get it for FREE at by clicking on the "FREE Football Annual" link on the homepage. Don't wait. The season kicks-off next Thursday. Thanks for reading. Good luck, Matty B.

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