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Old 02-24-2005, 01:24 PM
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Default The upside down world of Harry Reid

The Upside Down World of Harry Reid (formerly ^ | 2/24/05 | (formerly

Posted on 02/24/2005 7:23:44 AM PST by crushkerry

Harry Reid claims that the reasons the Democrats lost in 2004 is because they failed to take their message to rural America. Actually we think Harry got it backwards. They lost because rural America got their message loud and clear. (And come on, after the Kerry goose hunting trip, how could he claim rural America was neglected?)

Rural America got the message that Democrats were hostile to a wartime President and falsely accused him of lying. Rural America got the message that the Democrats were for letting unelected judges decide whether gay marriage was OK. Rural America got the message that the Democrats did not consider an 8 month old fetus a human being (as in the case of Conor Peterson) and that they were in favor of the particularly gruesome infanticide known as partial birth abortion. Rural America got the message that the Democrats were more interested in the wishes of France, Germany, and the UN when it came to America's safety. Rural America got the message that the Democrats were against people keeping more of their own money.

No Harry, I think they got it just fine.

But Harry didn't stop there. What gives us hope and keeps us optimistic of a continuing GOP majority are other statements Reid gave yesterday. It's quite obvious that the Democrat's Senate Minority Leader simply has no clue. Let's take a look shall we?

Reid on how to win back rural voters:" All we have to do is be there and let them know we care. In the farm programs, we are the ones who support the farmers, (Republicans) support the bankers. In the Medicare bill, that is Democrat stuff in there related to helping rural hospitals"

How very typical. All the Democrats have to do is "care". In fact Reid's cure could be called the "Otis Redding Solution". Why? Because what Reid is saying is "Try a Little Tenderness". Nothing about ditching their old, outdated ideas on national defense and/or social issues that have cost them the rural voters.

And in case he forgot, it was President Bush who signed that awful Farm Bill in 2002 that was a massive giveaway to American farmers. We think it was a bad bill, but to say the President isn't on the side of farmers is foolish. Did he bribe them? Seems so, but to use outdated rhetoric from the 1920's and 1930's is simply pathetic after a multi-billion dollar giveaway.

Reid on the 2006 Senate Elections: "We are going to pick up Senate seats in 2006, it's only a question of how many. First of all, history is on our side. Secondly, George Bush is on our side"

Well Senator, wasn't history also on your side in 2002? Historically mid-term elections produce a loss of seats in the House and Senate for the President's party, especially in their first terms. (i.e. 1982, 1990, 1994). Granted 2002 was the first election after 9/11, but in case you didn't notice Senator Reid, history changed on 9/11, and voters have shown since then they will not vote for any party (i.e. Democrats) that are not serious about national security.

And please explain to us just how the 2006 Senate map would in any way favor a Democratic pickup? There are far more Democrats running in "red" states than there are Republicans running in "blue" states.

As to your second statement that "George Bush" is on your side. I guess Senator Reid missed the fact that President Bush's approval rating was at 57% earlier this month, his highest rating since Saddam was captured. Granted poll numbers can change, but for Reid to make such an asinine statement at this time is simply foolish.

Reid on Bush's Second Term:"I don't like to give grades to the president. It's kind of early in the term, but it certainly wouldn't be a good grade at this stage."

Well what's happened in the whole 1 month since the inauguration? Why, it was the passage of the class action reform bill, a major Bush initiative he had been fighting for since elected to his first term and one vigorously opposed by most Democrats. Not bad for only one month, hey Senator?

Even more impressive is how the President has almost single-handedly driven the issue of social security reform. Has he won anything yet? Of course not, but would such a discussion even have been possible a few years ago? Even if some don't like part of the President's plan, most people know that something has to be done. The President has put the Democrats in a position of defending a program everyone knows is going bankrupt and needs fixed. Memo to Harry: Inertia is not a policy.

And what about what's taken place overseas since the second term started? Democracy in breaking out in Iraq. In Lebanon, the people are demanding that the Syrians get out. Even the Palestinians are saying "No" to the corrupt legacy of Arafat stooges. Does Clueless Harry think any of that would have been possible without George Bush's decision to overthrow Saddam? Maybe he does, but again, he's clueless.

Reid on Howard Dean:"Say what you want about Gov. Dean, he is an organizer. In the state of Vermont, they know what kind of person he is. He is not some wild-eyed, left-wing nut. Gov. Dean balanced the budgets of the state of Vermont. He's been supported by the National Rifle Association in eight successive elections. He handled the same-sex marriage thing as well as has been handled any place in the country. ... with civil unions. We're off and running."

You're off and running alright -over a cliff. My writing partner Pat Hynes has debunked the "Dean is a moderate myth" with great aplomb so there is no need to rehash it here.

But the amazing thing is that Reid thinks that Dean handled the "same-sex marriage thing as well as it's been handled any place in the country". Um, you mean except for all the states that didn't want civil unions and have stood against gay marriage? Hey, he might have handled it just right in Vermont, but go tell the southern and "red" states that Dean so wants to win back that he handled it so well. See what kind of reception he gets there.

So we say to Harry Reid - please hold more press conferences where you spout out inane happy thoughts. In case you haven't notices your party has been going down the crapper in the recent past, and until you actually get some new ideas, and a leadership that isn't beholden to the Michael Moore's and's of the world, you'll never get out. Not that we would mind of course.

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