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Old 10-10-2006, 07:44 PM
thehippy thehippy is offline
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Default Sports Performance Based derivatives

I've posted a bit of info about this service before and with upcoming US online gaming legislation potentially hampering US citizens from backing their favourite teams and investing into their sports knowledge and interest, I would like to hear thoughts on how can potentially be used for hedging opportunities by sports bettors and also as actual transferrable financial instrument that can be used in a variety of strategies i.e. day trading, buy low sell high, earn dividends etc.

The url at the bottom of this will take you to a presentation made by an economist who is an associate partner of mine (stockmarketsports/ASAP Loyalty). Over the past year or so, there has been a lot of lobbying of the US government, for a legal definition to be made that defines a "sports performance based derivative" and the writing of the upcoming bill seems to suggest directly to upcoming regulation and acceptance of this new financial instrument.

In knowing the legislation has and will continue to dramatically affect the trading prices and value of some of the largestest publicly offered online gaming services and that this company will be publicly trading in the not so distant future (once the term and service is recognized as legal and becomes US regulated), that the future looks quite good to say the least for this new sports exchange. Seeing as there is a lot of media exclusives being requested and secured from major news and newsprint/publications, that this company will surely experience a great growth in the number of traders (currently around 15k) and that the liquidity in the market place that is currently lacking, will see a great change due to the aforementioned incidences of media exposure and the legislation coming to be.

Anyway, those of you who are more familiar with the inner workings of an exchange (more so those that offer or specialize in derivatives), I would sure enjoy your views on the content of the video below and the potential of such a service or more so, the potential for corporate share holders.

The current traders/clients of the service have secured corporate shares that are trading on the exchange at around $0.40 or so (commission free). I project that they should go over $3.00 on the exchange prior to going public and then potentially reach between $7/$10 when considering the float, the operational expenses, the market place and the industry in general 9there is a lot more and I rely a lot on statistical data provided by numbers people).

With all the upcoming complimentary promotion of the service (CNN and major publications), the market reach from the media exposure will definitely provide client/trader growth. The basis of the service, isports performance based exchange, is very unique to say the least and this should attract many to deposit and CC's are excepted as is Neteller although there are plans for a uniquely branded debit card/ewallet program that will include a complimentary client appreciation program.

I personaly say this is going to be like a few of the big dot com companies and the various "over night success stories" (although it has been many over nights as is the case with the others), that came from a small group of people who worked with dedication and diligently, with a plan and attracted all the right people and partner services to fulfill its destiny and this one certainly is nearing that realization.

So that you know, is the unique name/url associated to the upcoming ASM endorsed promotional services group of companies that will provide a unique and rewarding entertainment feature to the overall ASM expeience (loyalty points program and more), for the entire client base and especially for traders. Thought i'd state that as the video talks of ASM which is an associate partner.

Let me know what you think, we had a disussion about a year ago about this in stock talk and there was some great response. I think a few of mods may have some understanding of the market place.
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Old 12-06-2006, 05:03 PM
thehippy thehippy is offline
Join Date: May 2002
Posts: 581
Default Sports Performance Based derivatives

You should be seeing a lot of media very soon regarding some upcoming events. It is confirmed that Bernie Nicholls (spokesaman) will be at the NHL AllStar Game and that the company will have a lot of exposure including Bernie's Jersey and the company advertising within the event brouchure. I posted the above when the corporate shares were trading at $0.41, today it is at $1.05. Check it out and watch for this revolutionary company. My latest claim to fame...8) one of the members here at MW took advantage of a promotional thread I put up quite sometime ago, receive a free/comp account, traded shares and took on a strategy and now has a n account valued at over 15k.....not bad I'd say.


Havent heard from baz about his thoughts on this new investment instrument, have you been looking in once in awhile?
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