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Default List Of Companies at 200 Nanotech Fair

Link To Other Nanotech Companies

================================================== =================
Advanced Diamond Technologies
Dimerond is an early-stage company commercializing a patented technique for making thin films of nanocrystalline diamond. This novel material, a form of natural diamond-not a diamond-like compound-possesses the material properties of natural diamond. Its extreme hardness, smoothness, low friction, excellent thermal characteristics and inertness make it nature's perfect material. It can be manipulated using traditional IC techniques, and is currently being evaluated for applications in MEMS, biosensors, electron sources and friction and wear coatings.

Alnis BioSciences
Alnis BioSciences, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company that is developing nanoparticle therapeutics. Based in Emeryville, CA, Alnis' current efforts are focused on oncologic, inflammatory, and infectious diseases. Support from a Defense Advanced Research Project Agency grant and a National Cancer Institute contract, along with equity investments from the Dow Chemical Company and the Johnson and Johnson Development Corp. among others, has allowed Alnis to develop a uniquely capable nanoparticle platform. These nanoparticles are constructed through the engineering of proprietary polymeric materials that are biodegradable, nontoxic, and nonimmunogenic. Alnis' therapeutic development strategy focuses on linking multiple bioactive components with well-described mechanisms of action to these nanoparticles. Alnis believes that these "conjugate" nanoparticulate therapeutics can be rapidly and reliably advanced to commercialization. These therapeutics exhibit several outstanding attributes, including tailored pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and strong, specific binding to intended targets.

Arryx, Inc.
ARRYX, Inc. uses its proprietary laser technology for optical systems, tools, and components that will be marketed initially to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. The technology, called holographic optical trapping, is fundamental to microminiaturization in all industries. The applications for the company's first product, the BioRyx™ 200 system, include cancer, genetics, and cell reproduction research, high-throughput screening, and dynamically-reconfigurable biochips.
Atomic-Scale Design, Inc.

Atomic-Scale Design holds several patents for hierarchical stabilized nanocomposites. We developed an advanced materials platform from which several useful materials may be designed based upon the end users' requirements. Our ultimate goal is structural materials. We are evaluating applications, using our existing developments, with our potential customers in the aerospace, chemical and electronics industries.

Bio-Micro Systems, Inc.
BioMicro Systems, Inc. ( is a private company founded in 1997 focused on the development and commercialization of biological research products based on its proprietary fluid handling technologies.
Biophan Technologies
Biophan is developing technology, using nanomagnetic particle thin film, to make biomedical devices safe, both implanted devices and those used in surgical and diagnostic procedures, and to reduce interference that these devices cause to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) image quality.
Today, many devices (such as pacemakers and surgical devices) are not used with MRI due to safety concerns involved with the MRI environment, including heating of devices and metal wire leads, which can cause tissue damage and potentially fatal rapid heart beat. Most MRI imaging centers today refuse to allow pacemaker patients, and those with other implanted medical devices, to undergo MRI imaging due to safety problems.
In order to make the most effective use of MRI, in addition to resolving the safety concerns, it is desirable that the device not interfere with the MRI image quality. Our solutions also address this objective.

Broptics was founded in Sep, 2000 by experts from both optics and material science. The company has successfully used Bragg grating technology to develop optical filters for 100G and 50G channel spacing DWDM application in short time. Also, the patent pending TempSmart ™ (NTE ceramics) passive athermal package technology has brought the optical filter into the terrestrial environment. Both NTE ceramics and packaging expertise are nanotechnologies. These nanotechnologies has excellent market opportunities on FBG industry and other high-tech industries.


California Molecular Electronics Corporation (CALMEC)
CALMEC, formed as a for-profit C corporation for the purpose of commercially advancing nanotechnologies, provides research and development services and technology licensing in the field of molecular electronics. Molecular electronics is defined as a nano-scaled technology based on the principle that individual molecules can perform the functions of electronic devices. The Company's interests and focus lie solely in this field and the associated nanotechnologies. It develops molecular electronic technologies and products as well as licenses key technologies developed by others. In turn, these nanotechnologies are licensed to, and form the basis for, joint venture activities with industrial customers from the semiconductor, computer, imaging, and chemical industries. The aim of these joint venture activities is to create advanced products. The Company owns patent and trade secret rights to numerous enabling nanotechnologies including the patented and trademarked Chiropticene™ switch, the first practical molecular switch with applications in computation, data storage, telecommunications, and imaging. CALMEC is headquartered in San Jose California where it has laboratory facilities and where it employs Ph.D. level scientists who develop molecular technologies and architectures.
Chemat Technology, Inc.
Cytoplex Biosciences, Inc.
Transparent conductors are a critical compenent in touch screens, EL lamps, flat panel displays, solar panels, architectural windows, and interactive electronic textiles. The current global market for transparent conductive coatings is >$1 Billion. For the last 40 years, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) has been the material of choice, with current market share >85%. That is about to change. New demands on cost, quality, and functionality are forcing manufacturers to consider new alternatives. Cytoplex is a biosensor company, currently marketing cell based assay chips to drug discovery companies, in the area of ion channel drug discovery. There are no adequate testing solutions in drug discovery for Alzheimer, Diabetes, or Muscular Dystrophy and many more diseases. This has prevented drug companies to introduce novel drugs, with the last ion channel drug introduced was over 7 years ago. Cytoplex has come up with a unique microchip solution that can test 100x faster at 10x lower cost to identify novel drugs. Our advantage over what is currently available is novel and unique semiconductor Surface Nanotechnology for ion channel drug discovery which means more precise data and faster drugs to market. Our differentiation is that we engineer surfaces at the nanoscale to enable attachment of biomolecules for ion channel drug discovery, and we are different from all of the DNA microarray, protein microarray companies and other tool companies. Our target market size is $1.4B. Our sales forecast is $80 million in 4 years from now, by direct sales of chips, instruments and services. We have one revenue generating-major client for our chips. Our founder has over 10 years of experience in developing microchips. Our management team consists of a Chief Scientist from Pfizer, who has over 20 years of experience in drug discovery. Our VP Business Development started 3 companies one of which captured $40 million in revenue. Our Board members have experiences ranging from building $200M cell analysis tools business to founding drug discovery companies to successfully launching and merging a company for $23 billion dollars. We have a solid nanotechnology IP, strong market pull, and in order to realize our dream of using Nanotechnology as an enabling technology that will find cures to debilitating diseases, we have the right team.

Eikos, Inc.
Transparent conductors are a critical compenent in touch screens, EL lamps, flat panel displays, solar panels, architectural windows, and interactive electronic textiles. The current global market for transparent conductive coatings is >$1 Billion. For the last 40 years, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) has been the material of choice, with current market share >85%. That is about to change. New demands on cost, quality, and functionality are forcing manufacturers to consider new alternatives.
Eikos, Inc. has developed a transparent conductive ink based on combining novel carbon nanotubes with conventional polymers. THis ink can be continuously applied to plastic films using conventional wet coating methods. Transparent flexible circuits can also be printed directly using gravure, screen, and ink-jet printing techniques. Eikos' transparent conductive ink provides several advantages over the industry standard material, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), which is brittle (cannot be flexed or folded) and requires very expensive processing equipment (vacuum sputtering and photlithographic etching). Eikos' transparent conductive ink is also the first ITO alternative that offers all of the advantages of conductive polymers without trading off optoelectronic properties and environmental stability.
Eikos initially intends to target the market for touch screens, EL lamps, and large area LCF TV's. The initial market size for these segments is >$300 million and rapidly growing. Yet this is only the beginning. Ultimately, Eikos' technology will also permit the creation of a new generaton of products from thin, flexible displays to wearable invisibile electronics. These applications are not possible with ITO, due to its poor flexibility and its inherently high cost of patterning circuits.
Eikos has filed several fundamental patents to protext its strong position in both transparent conductive coatings and EMI shielding.

Excellin Life Sciences, Inc.
Transparent conductors are a critical compenent in touch screens, EL lamps, flat panel displays, solar panels, architectural windows, and interactive electronic textiles. The current global market for transparent conductive coatings is >$1 Billion. For the last 40 years, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) has been the material of choice, with current market share >85%. That is about to change. New demands on cost, quality, and functionality are forcing manufacturers to consider new alternatives. Excellin Life Sciences is an early-stage product company developing a technology portfolio based upon a patented, universal approach to whole cell analysis for systems biology. The products exploit two key aspects of this technology: 1) molecular delivery into virtually any cell and 2) continuous, real-time feedback on cell viability. This technology has been demonstrated with cell cultures down to a single cell.
Excellin has developed a novel technique for "universal" molecular transfer (biomarkers, proteins, DNA, RNAi, nanoparticles) with high efficiency - including the ability to port whole genes into primary cells that is not possible by existing methods. Microelectronics simultaneously control the nanopore delivery mechanism and continuously monitor cell viability - the readout is direct and virtually instantaneous. Applications leverage this novel delivery system for protein expression analysis, target validation, genetic engineering and potentially ex vivo therapeutics.
Excellin is developing an early-release product for controlled delivery into cell cultures for revenue in 2004. Excellin will leverage the single-cell analysis platform for internal R&D in oncogene inactivation and recombinant protein delivery.

Five Star Technologies
Five Star Technologies applies patented process technologies to the development and supply of nano- and micro-structured advanced materials. The Company has a pioneering and powerful intellectual property strategy built around its core Controlled Flow Cavitation ("CFC") process technology. The high throughput CFC technology has application across many vertical markets and classes of materials providing large and diverse growth opportunities. Current commercial focus is on advanced materials for the Energy and Advanced Polymers markets. In addition, the Company is collaborating with a premier research institute for the further development of CFC technology for pharmaceutical and drug delivery applications. Five Star produces materials with unique physical and functional properties that open the door to new discovery, and that enhance the performance and reduce the cost of its customers' products. Revenues are derived from the sale of advanced materials, contract development (leading to material supply agreements of the developed materials), and the licensing of engineered process systems in those cases in which the manufacture of a material must be integrated into the customer's existing manufacturing infrastructure. Revenues are projected to exceed $150 million in 2008.
Five Star has assembled a top tier business development and technical team who combine process, apparatus and formulation technologies to produce superior nanostructured organic and inorganic materials, advanced polymer nano-additives, and customized fine emulsions and dispersions. CFC and related technologies enable control over critical performance properties such as reactivity, stability, conductivity, strength, opacity, and ductility-yielding new combinations and breaking old boundaries of technical feasibility.

Hi-Q Materials, Inc.
Hi-Q Materials, Inc. provides the latest in copper/diamond heat transfer materials to the $93 billion microelectronics and semiconductor industry. Hi-Q's technology is based on nanosized Cu/diamond composite materials and Hi-Q has further developed this material that provides a light, more efficient heat transfer capability for substrates, heat sinks, and semiconductor modules for critical high technology applications. After completing final development and product qualification, Hi-Q is prepared to bring its products to market and achieve sales of $635,000 in Year 1 and climb to breakeven sales of $6 million in Year 3. By the end of Year 5, sales are forecast to reach $22.8 million, providing a cumulative pre-tax income of $8.8 million over the first five years of operation.
Hi-Q Materials, Inc. is a California corporation headquartered in El Cajon, California (San Diego County). The company was incorporated in 2000 and has been preparing for final product development and qualification since that time. Hi-Q is currently owned by a small group of private investors, most with substantial experience in the semiconductor materials industry.

Integrated Nano-Technologies, LLC
Founded in 1990, our mission is to meet the needs of customers who require creative solutions to their business requirements. Our strength lies in our ability to apply knowledge and expertise in core technology areas to solve problems across diverse domains with a wide range of characteristics. One of our most exciting areas of research is in the field of nanotechnology. Some of our projects include: Integrated Nano-Technologies is developing and commercializing highly advanced bio-electronic technology based upon a proprietary integration of chemistry, molecular biology and microelectronics. INT's first product is the BioDetect™-a rapid, accurate, field-portable electronic DNA/RNA detection and analysis product for the biosecurity and clinical diagnostic markets. The Company seeks to establish the novel, open-architecture design of the BioDetect system as the dominant platform for field-portable DNA identification and analysis in the biosecurity market. After establishing itself in the biosecurity market, the Company will seek to become a leading supplier of DNA/RNA diagnostic testing products by developing clinical and other commercial applications for the BioDetect system. The Company continually conducts research and development, and collaborates with third parties to improve the BioDetect system and to extend its technology to other applications such as forensics, agriculture, identification, and drug discovery.
INT currently has over 30 employees (25 of which are research or engineering professionals), and has assembled a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary management team. The Company's founder and CEO is D. Michael Connolly, PhD. (molecular biology, Northwestern University), JD (patent law, Cornell). The board of directors consists of accomplished senior leaders including a former Deputy Secretary of Defense and all are current or former CEOs.

Konarka Technologies, Inc.
Konarka is the leader in the development and commercialization of third generation light-to-power energy conversion technology, using polymers and nanomaterials. The technology is a classic "disruptive" technology, causing a change in the fundamentals of the solar industry. Our products will enable new applications where reliable power has been unavailable and add value to others, with new feautres, application-driven product design and a compelling price/value proposition. Our value proposition to investors is based on an enabling and blocking IP portfolio for materails, processes, form factors and products, complemented by a highly experienced team in coating processes, scale-up, large-volume cost-drive manufacturing of electronics and consumer goods, product development, business development and industry domain expertise. The technolgy platform is suitable for numerous vertical markets, from portable power for sensors and electronics to power for unelectricfied populations to on-site renewable power for the develped world. We have completed the basic technology development and are preparing for pilot line scale validation and sales.

Micronics, Inc
Micronics is the foremost provider of custom lab-on-a-card products for Fortune 500 and start-up companies, government and academic institutions worldwide. Micronics is revenue generating as a services provider today. Micronics' unique technology basis - including surface chemistry, material science and microfluidics - coupled with staff marketing and product commercialization expertise, enables the rapid development of both single use, disposable lab cards as well as integrated, handheld or portable instruments for rapid and reliable diagnosis of disease. Key client products in development include credit-card sized, sample-to-result devices for blood analysis, respiratory, cancer and other diagnostic panels. Micronics will be the OEM supplier of finished product. In addition to its services capabilities, the company has advanced two Micronics' brand products that can be commercially available in as little as 18 months. Micronics is positioned to become a leader in the molecular diagnostics market and intends to pursue initial product introductions in developing nations where reduction of sample, reagents, time, labor and cost are important factors in delivering vital healthcare information. A planned future financing and/or strategic partnering will support near-term commercialization efforts. Both products are first-of-a-kind, disposable and cost effective devices for rapid diagnoses at physician office, home, school or other non-traditional, remote sites.

Nano Interface Technology, Inc
Nano Interface Technology, Inc. (NITI) is a pioneering research organization developing novel nanotechnologies in the biotechnology, material sciences and drug delivery areas. One of the major scientific challenges for the material scientists has been the development of a process that can help to control the purity and material properties at the molecular level. NITI has hit upon the holy grail of nano-biomaterials production, where we can synthesize molecules under highly controlled conditions for specific applications in small droplets of the microemulsions. We have developed nano-size (20-50nm) ultra-pure biomaterials - FDA approved biomaterials, which can be used as a coating material for the hip, knee and dental implants. The existing material is not pure at the molecular level and is available in micron-size, which leads to the rejection of the prosthesis. The nano-size of the biomaterials (hydroxyapatite) will provide very high surface area for the bone to bind and its phase purity will prevent the coating from dissolving which leads to loosening of the implants. This will reduce the revision rate of the implants from 17% than 5%. According to our estimates, we can capture a market share of 15% in 5 years, which has an annual revenue potential of $135 - 150 Millions.
Nanochip, Inc.
Nanogen, Inc.

NanoHorizons, Inc.
NanoHorizons, Inc develops and produces state of the art nanotechnology products and processes for near-term biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and microelectronics. Pharmaceutical research, sensor technology and separation technology for display and microelectronic manufacturing are market sectors targeted for commercial development.

NanoInk, Inc.
NanoInk, Inc. provides a patent-pending process for nano-scale fabrication known as Dip Pen Nanolithograpy™ or DPN™. The DPN™ process and NanoInk's enabling tools allow companies from diverse industries, ranging from life sciences to microelectronics, to create revolutionary new products. DPN™ enables users to quickly and routinely build structures as small as 10 nanometers using virtually any material, from metals to biomolecules.

Nanomaterials Discovery Corporation
Nanomaterials Discovery Corporation combines the power of combinatorial chemistry with the versatility of electrochemistry to design, discover and refine nanostructured materials with high economic impact.
With increasing control over nanomaterial structure and composition, researchers have the ability to prepare an increasingly large number of possible nanomaterials. A critical challenge in nanotechnology involves discovering the relationship between the many nanostructures that are possible and the macroscopic material properties that are desired.
Combinatorial electrochemistry can meet that challenge by enabling the rapid preparation and testing of thousands of nanostructured materials per day.
At NDC, we've gained exclusive access to the critical science and technology, developed over the past several years by The Blue Sky Group Inc. and CombiMatrix Corporation, required to successfully use combinatorial electrochemistry to search for new, enabling materials for applications in batteries, fuel cells, displays, and coatings.

Nanometrology LLC
Nanometrology LLC was founded in 1998 to provide sub-100nm metrology solutions for the semiconductor industry's SEM and CD-SEM critical dimension (CD) measurements. Nanometrology's solutions enable precision beyond that required by the ITRS roadmap as well as true accuracy in CD and Line Edge Roughness (LER) measurements for SEM and CD-SEMs.

Founded in 1998, NanoMuscle, Inc. is a privately held company, which manufactures a new type of motor for high volume applications in the consumer and automotive markets. The company has been financed to date by strategic partners around the globe including AutoVision Gmbh, a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen, AG, DaimlerChrysler Capital Services, the financial arm of the leading automaker and Jetta Ltd., the world's largest manufacturer of children's toys. Financial investors include Crossbow Ventures and Silicom Ventures.

NanoMuscle(r) motors are a classic "disruptive technology" for small electric motors. Based on a different physical principle than the motors they replace they offer superior performance, with an order of magnitude decrease in size, weight and cost.

NanoMuscle motors are mass manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities by ASE Korea, a leader in semiconductor manufacturing services. NanoMuscle maintains offices in Antioch California, Wolfsburg, Germany and Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.


Nanomys, Inc
Nanomys, Inc. is an applied nanotechnology company that intends to design, patent, commercialize, and license innovative nanosilicon based product applications. We will be introducing our SiO2 skin care line at select retailers in early 2004. Nanomys will be featured in a segment on the Discovery Channel's Health Watch program focusing on dermatology, which will air in December. 15 patents are currently incorporated covering the production process as well a wide range of applications in unrelated sectors.

NanoOpto Corporation
NanoOpto Corporation applies revolutionary nano-optic and nano-manufacturing technologies to design and fabricate novel components for optical systems and networking. The company sees the greatest market opportunity in creating an evolutionary path to photonic integrated circuits that will allow all sorts of optical assemblies to be made smaller, denser, more capable, and more cost-effectively. Both independently and with industry partners, NanoOpto uses its rapid design and high volume manufacturing capabilities to produce superior versions of standard optical components and new classes of integrated optical subassemblies for both custom and general applications. The Company has received financial backing from leading venture capitalists and is based in Somerset, New Jersey.

Nano0sensors is specialized in the development, marketing of biosensor technologies and instrumentations for health, environmental, security sectors. To reduce global threat to national security from bioterrorism, Nono0sensors is developing proprietary MEMS-based sensor technologies for the detection of chemical and biological warfare agents as Anthrax, Brucella-abortus, Yersinia-pestis. Estimated market at 2.6 billion dollar after the system hits the market. Founded in 2003, Nano0sensors pioneered the use of Electric Cell-substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS) to develop novel low-cost biotechnology-platform including reliable biosensors for the detection of E-coli 0157-H7 and food pathogens such as Salmonella (estimated 22 billion/year the U.S. spends for Salmonella treatment).
To reduce global threat to national security from bioterrorism, Nano0sensors is also developing proprietary MEMS-based sensor technologies for the detection of chemical and biological warfare agents as Anthrax, Brucella-abortus, Yersinia-pestis. Estimated market at 2.6 billion dollar after the system hits the market.
Nano0sensors is the outcome of strategic alliance between Biophage Inc., and R/D Tech Inc to overcome the development complexity, reduce cost, improve reliability and meet clients' specialized requirements for custom biosensing technologies.


Biophage is a biopharmaceutical company which targets the development of immunotherapeutic treatment product and management of life threatening diseases. Biophage, focuses on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic applications of phages and antibodies to detect and control bacterial pathogens in the environment.
R/D Tech is specialized in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of microelectronics. R/D Tech has extensive experience in the development of high-speed multi-channel instruments for impedance and ultrasonic measurement for the nuclear power generation industry, aerospace, automotive, industrial, petrochemical industries.

Nanospectra Biosciences, Inc.
Nanospectra Biosciences is developing in vivo therapeutics for the targeted thermal destruction of specific cancer cells, and endoscopic laser tissue welding, utilizing its patented Nanoshell particles, which can be designed to absorb or scatter light at wavelengths where human tissue is relatively transparent.

Nanosphere, Inc
Nanosphere, Inc. is a nanotechnolgy-based life sciences company developing point-of-care detection systems for infectious and genetic diseases. The core technology consists of powerful biodetection probes made from nano-engineered materials, integrated assays, powerful amplification systems and low cost readers. Nanosphere's proprietary detection systems rely upon the novel optical, magnetic and electrical properties of our nanoparticle probes. The resulting systems enable bio-molecule detection with unparalleled specificity and sensitivity.

NanoSpire, Inc.
NanoSpire, Inc. was founded in January, 2002 in the U.S., to commercialize a new generation of tools and processes for building and modifying nano-structures. Until now, nanotechnology has lacked sufficient tools to manufacture in the nanometer regime with efficiency and speed. Cavitation offers a revolutionary way to perform both top-down and bottom-up fabrication of devices at the nano-scale. The core technology developed by the company utilizes high-speed liquid cavitation reentrant microjets to produce features that are measured in nanometers. The company and its management team believe that NanoSpire technology will be a revolutionary force in the commercialization of small technology. NanoSpire's corporate vision is to provide the first machine tool technology that is capable of nano-scale fabrication using cavitation. NanoSpire's ground-breaking platform technology will be a disruptive force, stimulating cluster development. Initial corportate technology focus will be microfluidic and nanofluidic devices, sensors, fuel cell technology and thin film technology.

Nanostream provides microfluidic products to overcome bottlenecks in drug development. These microfluidic "chips" allow researchers to manipulate nanoliters of fluids involved in biological and chemical reactions. Microfluidic components will become the plumbing infrastructure for pharmaceutical research and development, promising to accelerate the journey from compound to drug-a process that currently takes over 14 years and costs over $800 million.

NTera Ltd.
Founded in 1997, NTera is one of Europe's leading Nanotechnology Companies with an intellectual property based business model. It's two core nanostructured film and nanoparticle technologies have commercial applications in four key areas - paper quality displays, batteries, diagnostic sensors and soluble nanocrystals - with an addressable market estimated at over of estimated at $12 billion.
Picocal Instruments, Inc.
PICOCAL's mission is to help researchers and manufacturers manage yield and reliability throughout the entire IC process from R&D to the final mass production yield analysis. PICOCAL has developed a proprietary MEMS technology in thermal imaging for microscopy that addresses the near and long term needs of the semiconductor industry and solves the "Grand Challenges" articulated by the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (2002 Edition). Our product can detect: non-visual failures, defects inline, copper defects & pore size distribution in patterned low k dielectrics in-line and fast, and critical dimensions of structures and defects on a wafer non-destructively. PICOCAL's scanning thermal microscope enables researchers and manufacturers to view characteristics that were not detected before allowing them to miniaturize transistors even further, improve yield, and increase the number of wafers run a day. For example it can detect: which parts of a transistor overheat, electromigration, defects, and even dopant mapping. Our product is the vital next step in measurement progression and process control since it offers very fast analysis speeds, detects features smaller than 50nm, detects new types of defects such as copper defects, it is very sensitive can even detect non-visual defects, and it is a non-destructive technique.

Quantum Polymer Technologies
Quantum Precision Instruments Pty Ltd
Quantum Precision Instruments Pty Ltd develops proprietary ultra high precision sub-nanometer and sub-nanoradian positional metrology nanoTrek™ devices and Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS) sensors for microelectronics industry and a range of markets. QPI was established in July 1999. QPI developed nanoTrek™ devices will also be extremely useful in medicine, aviation, security, defence, automotive, seismic, mining and other industries. The nanoTrek™ devices are being developed at the Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK.
Sherman & Associates, Inc

This company was founded to do research and development in thin film deposition technology, to obtain patent rights to such technology, and to market such intellectual property to equipment manufacturers. Primary area of expertise is deposition by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) of nanometer thick films of significance to the semiconductor, optical, and MEMS industries, among others. Important patents are held, and have been applied for, in plasma enhanced ALD. Some of the intellectual property has been licensed to a major semiconductor equipment manufacturer.

SiWave, Inc
SiWave is an emerging growth company that manufactures and markets MEMS devices and fabrication services based on our proprietary precision micromechanics, assembly and metrology technologies. Due to the unique versatility of our precision micromachining, we are able to apply our products and services to a wide range of industries with a primary focus in three areas of growth:

1. Telecommunications - optical switching (1xN and NxM)
2. Sensors - gyroscopes, accelerometers and pressure sensors
3. Distributed sensor networks - structural integrity of buildings


Spinelix-nanotechnologies for life
Spinelix-nanotechnologies for life is an international, high-tech start-up specialized in the life sciences and more particularly human diagnostics and bio-molecular engineering. Spinelix was founded in 2000 in order to exploit and apply results, know-how and intellectual property issuing from and developed within European Consortia (comprised of major actors in the fields of biochemistry, nano-metric handling, microelectronics and micro-sensors) to the improvement and innovation of human diagnostics. Spinelix has enabling technologies revolutionising the fields of nutrition, pharmas and health. The primary company mission is to reduce the risks involved in assembly nanomaterials.
For the first application Spinelix focuses on the worldwide In Vitro Diagnostic market in the field of rapid assays. The first area of commercialization, where the breakthrough is revolutionary, is a portable "Point of Care" systems for specific pathology markers.
The Spinelix technology - in the space of a few minutes - fully quantitative and digitized response with high specifically directly on human body fluids such as blood. The inclusion of proprietary engineered biological compounds enables Spinelix to circumvent the patents of antibodies which are under the monopoly of a few players, making Spinelix systems revolutionary in the field of in-vitro diagnostics


Triton Biosystems, Inc
Triton BioSystems, Inc. (TBS) is developing a revolutionary targeted anticancer therapy to treat breast, lung, ovarian and prostate cancers, and is extending an invitation to investors to participate in the Company's $5 Million Series "A" round of financing. TBS plans to use the funds to achieve the following milestones:

1. Build product prototype for human use;
2. Qualify and license a humanized antibody;
3. Validate prototype for human use.

The innovation developed by TBS is a non-invasive method of killing cancer using localized lethal heat with negligible damage to healthy tissues. The Company's product is referred to as the Targeted Nano-Therapeutics™ (TNT) system.
The Company's core strength is in the development and application of magnetic nanomaterials and focused magnetic field energy in order to make antibodies tumoricidal and more therapeutically selective. TBS has filed a total of sixteen patents covering its invention. TBS has received a written "freedom to practice" opinion from a major U.S. law firm for its TNT system for cancer treatment.
TBS is led by its founding CEO, Dr. Straface, who has extensive medical industry experience. TBS is a spinout from Triton Systems Inc., a specialist in nanocomposites for weapon systems, and has an independent Board.

Zyvex Corporation

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