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Default Italian Football Scandal

Luciano Moggi (Juve General Manager) Phone Conversations reveals the transcripts (also confirmed by respected Italian newspaper 'Corriere Della Sera') that could very well land Luciano Moggi into court. The excerpts reproduced in English here cover potentially explosive revelations - based on interpretation.

One of them appears to show that Pierluigi Pairetto arranged a friendly ref for a Champions League match in the Amsterdam Arena - Urs Maier - and was expecting to be 'remembered,' something that Moggi guaranteed would happen.

Another (in two parts) introduces a novel form of payment - a Maserati. It would appear that Moggi turned to Juve supremo Agnelli (of automotive fame and enormous fortune) for a sports car that would be 'a gift' for 'a friend' who turns out to be Enzo: none other than Innocenzo Mazzini - the Italian Federation VP. encourages readers to judge for themselves if the conversations really are proof of ill-will and wrong-doing or just a friendly conversation between old pals blown up by a wave of anti-Juve hysteria. Can this blow Serie A out of the water - or is it just a bubble of flatulence in a Jacuzzi?


Moggi and Pairetto (the vice-President of the Uefa Referees Commission) speak on the phone about the Champions League first leg of the preliminary round between Juventus and Djurgården which ended 2-2.

Pairetto: Hello
Moggi: Gigi? Where are you?
Pairetti: We left
Moggi: Oh, what kind of f.... referee did you send us?
Pairetto: Oh, Fandel is one of the first...
Moggi: I know, but Miccoli's goal is valid
Pairetto: No
Moggi: Why not? (...) But then all throughout the match he caused problems to us
Pairetto: I did not like the assistants overall, no, but I was thinking about someone else, the one that had raised was the one of Trezeguet which I remember in front.
Moggi: That is something else (...) Now be careful in Stockholm, eh?
Pairetto: This surely is a match...
Moggi: No, we'll win, you know...
Pairetto: But they are poor
Moggi: But with someone like this it's difficult, understood?

The conversation shifts to a discussion about some summer friendlies:

Moggi: Oh, at Messina send me Consolo and Battaglia
Pairetto: Eh, I already did it
Moggi: And who will you send us?
Pairetto: I think Consolo and Battaglia
Moggi: Eh, with Cassara, eh?
Pairetto: Yes
Moggi: And at Livorno, Rocchi?
Pairetto: At Livorno Rocchi, yes
Moggi: And for the Trofeo Berlusconi Pieri, please
Pairetto: We have not done it yet
Moggi: We shall do it later
Pairetto: Ok we'll do it later.

CONVERSATION BETWEEN MOGGI, MORENA AND PAIRETTO (24th August 2004 - on the eve of the Champions League second leg match against Djurgården)

Moggi: Hello?
Morena: Mister Moggi, hello. I wanted to announce to you the referee and assistants for tomorrow night's Champions League match
Moggi: Who's the referee, Cardoso?
Morena: No, I see Poll Graham's name
Moggi: Uhm...Where is he from?
Morena: He's English
Pairetto: Hello
Moggi: Good morning
Pairetto: Hey there, good morning!
Moggi: Oh, what about Cardoso, eh?
Pairetto: Eh
Moggi: Paul Green (Moggi actually confused Graham Poll with Paul Green)
Pairetto: What?
Moggi: Paul Green
Pairetto: Then something must have happened in the last moment, I have Cardoso, something must have happened... he must have been sick or something like that
Moggi: Inform yourself
Pairetto: Yes yes, I will

Two weeks before the first group match of the first phase of the Champions League (2004/05 season) in program on the 15th of September, Pairetto announces the referee of that match to Moggi (the game ended 1-0 for the Bianconeri)

Moggi: Hello
Pairetto: Hey there, I know you forgot all about me, but I didn't.
Moggi: Come on...
Pairetto: I placed a great referee for the Amsterdam match.
Moggi: Who?
Pairetto: Meier
Moggi: Great!
Pairetto: You see that I still think about you, even though you don't anymore...
Moggi: Don't start, now you'll see, when I'm back, that I didn't forget you.

CONVERSATION BETWEEN MOGGI AND GIRAUDO (14th August 2004 - the two Bianconeri managers talk about the referee designations)

Giraudo: We see immediately what kind of air there is; you have any news of how the atmosphere is there at Sportilia?
Moggi: Good, good with Gigi (Pairetto)
Giraudo: But it's not like last year?
Moggi: No, no, with Gigi it's great
Giraudo: But now we tell him to work hard for this crow, because we cannot go on with this d... head


Man: Agnelli's house, good morning
Moggi: Good morning, I'm Moggi. I need Nalla
Nalla: Hello Luciano
Moggi: I need urgently, because we need to do...
Nalla: Yes
Moggi: For an important friend, a Maserati
Nalla: Yes
Moggi: Four-door
Nalla: Four-door?
Moggi: Yes. We give you a week's time, ten days, ok?
Nalla: Ok

Enzo: Hello?
Pairetto: Enzo?
Enzo: Hello Gigi
Pairetto: Listen, I wanted to tell you that I practically have the car.
Enzo: Which?
Pairetto: So when we want to go pick it up there is practically available the Maserati.
Enzo: Come on
Pairetti: Yes, therefore
Enzo: Madonna!
Pairetto: Now when I'm back home tomorrow I will call directly the Royal House.

Mazzini On Carraro (The FIGC vice-President and Moggi speak to each other on the 6th of September, about the federal elections and a meeting with the referees)

Mazzini: For this ass.... (referred to Carrara), don't forget that he thinks that, also if he passes like he normally wants, he will win. Instead you must stick it up his a... Don't forget
Moggi: Ooh if I tell you let me talk to him, then tomorrow I have the appointment
Mazzini: Ok
Mazzine: On Friday I'll do the referees
Moggi: On Friday I will come too
Mazzini: I told Anto' and he told me that he won't come
Moggi: Let it go, that's a hybrid environment, the less that someone blends in, the better it is, and it's not worth it to stay far away: I will make one take part or I will take part, or I will send Alessio


(10th September 2004)

Alessandro Moggi: ...the other day, take it as an information, then I don't know, I met up with Preziosi (former President of Genoa) as always
Luciano Moggi: Uhm
A. Moggi: He started telling me how football is changing, you must be careful of this and that, Carraro, Galliani, then he tells me not to trust Montezemolo. I ask him why? Because I overheard a conversation at Juve, they want to kick everyone out except for Giraudo
L. Moggi: Yes, but this is b.....
A. Moggi: I'm telling you what I heard, since Preziosi is often in this kind of environment, he's in it.
L. Moggi: He's never there
A. Moggi: Well, dad, I'm telling you because...
L. Moggi: It's exactly the other way round

(19th August 2004)

A. Moggi: Morabito (agent) called me, in particular Vigorelli (agent), to find out if you wanted to make an exchange of loans for Liverani
L. Moggi: No, no. They work for Lazio now?
A. Moggi: What do I know, that's what he told me
L. Moggi: Damn it, since that one hooked down there, but I want to talk with him, because they gave them Lopez and they want to give them Marquez, eh?
A. Moggi: Eh, I know
L. Moggi: Therefore it's certain that they managed to get in a little, because they cannot go in much there, unless Cinquini (former Sports Director of Lazio) does not work anymore for Lazio

(28th August 2004) Talking about Miccoli

L. Moggi: I asked Lotito for 10 million and he told me 5, no? You must tell him: look, I can convince my father to do it for 7.5 million. Tell him some stories at the beginning
A. Moggi: Ok

Luciano then calls a friend of Miccoli

L. Moggi: Tell him to be less stupid, otherwise I won't let him be called up for the National team, so I pass a judgement on him, because I will send him to the National team.


Biscardi: Hello?
Moggi: Can I speak with Doctor Biscardi?
Biscardi: It's me
Moggi: I'm Luciano Moggi
Biscardi: Uehh....Lucia
Moggi: So yesterday I called here our friend from Trieste...Baldas (former referee designator and commentator on the TV program "Il Processo di Biscardi"). I gave him a good talking, but there was no need. He does not have any fault
Moggi: But if he doesn't come I won't get anyone else, why should we kill the league off?
Biscardi: No, you won't kill f.... anything, maybe you killed it off last season, you should give me 40 million, you bet with me and you lost
Moggi: Aldo, but're like an insured clock, what can I say?
Biscardi: And where is it?
Moggi: And you know that when I tell you...
Biscardi: And I don't know. You never send it...
Moggi: F... off, I gave you one, it cost 40 million.

Moggi Profile

Telephone taps return Lucky Luciano to the headlines
By Simon Evans
MILAN, May 5 (Reuters) - Some call him Lucky Luciano for his wily dealings in the transfer market. Others see him as the reason why so much suspicion surrounds Italian football.
But no one would deny Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi is the most powerful club official in Serie A.
On Friday telephone wire taps featuring Moggi's chats with figures in the game, including the man responsible for refereeing appointments, were splashed across Italian newspapers.
Some in the game said the transcripts were like an earthquake. Moggi dismissed them as "a load of rubbish".
Moggi suggested their release to the media was timed to distract Juve from their final two games of the season in which the Turin side need to defend a three-point lead over AC Milan to claim their 29th league title.
The Italian football federation is now investigating a 272-page document from Turin prosecutors which contains transcripts of telephone intercepts and also their reasoning for not proceeding with a criminal prosecution.
At the very least the conversations, in which Moggi talks about specific refereeing appointments as well as making less than complimentary references to personalities in the game, are an embarrassment for Italy's most successful club.
The transcripts also add to the impression that the 68-year-old Moggi is a man with many friends in high places in Italian football. He has also made as many enemies, however.
In 2000, Juve won a vital end-of-season game against Parma when a valid goal from Parma defender Fabio Cannavaro was ruled out.
"Why do the Rome teams find it difficult to win the title? Ask Moggi. It will be this way until Moggi isn't against us. It is not enough to invest millions to win," said Roma president Franco Sensi.
After 20 years working for the state railways, Moggi began his career in football as a scout for Juventus and worked his way up the ladder with spells in administration at Roma, Torino and Napoli. He returned to Juventus in his present role in 1994.
He is known as the `king of the transfer market' and Moggi is one of the few officials from a top club to attend lower division deal-making sessions held in a Milan hotel.
His son Alessandro heads GEA, the country's leading management agency for top players and coaches which is currently being investigated by Rome magistrates.
For a man who is essentially an administrator, Moggi is rarely out of the headlines.
He frequently has rows with leading figures from other clubs -- Inter Milan president Giacinto Facchetti and coach Roberto Mancini have found themselves in bitter public exchanges with the Juve official this season.
The Juve general manager appears to revel in such clashes. He regularly phones in to the television show `Biscardi's trial' and indeed one of the phone taps features Moggi chatting with presenter Aldo Biscardi about the popular programme's content.
It remains to be seen whether the taped conversations lead, as the daily Gazzetta dello Sport suggested, to Juve's owners deciding they need to lose Moggi to improve the club's image.
In 2000, when asked if Italian soccer was harmed by the suspicions surrounding him, Moggi replied with a Chinese proverb.
"If your shoe is unlaced, watch out when you bend down to lace it in a field of melons. Those that see you could misunderstand you."
He may need to be a little more lucid when the federation's investigators ask him to explain the content of the phone taps.



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