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No Holds Barred...UFC/Pride/Mixed Martial Arts Hosted by Oddessa

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Old 02-20-2005, 09:27 AM
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Fight #1 Hirotaka Yokoi vs. Mario Sperry as both fighters make their way to the Ring. Sperry closes the distance immediatley and pushes Yokoi back. Now they work for position in the corner. Both guys battle for position but the referee the seperates the two apart. Sperry once again closes the distance and works Yokoi to the corner again. Sperry then lands a low leg kick. Yokoi retaliates with a right hand. Yokoi cuts Sperry with that punch, right below the right eye. Yokoi then tries to take down Sperry but Sperry regains position and lands some kneess to Yokoi's head. Now he lands soccer kicks! Sperry now uses knees on the ground. Yokoi in big touble. More knees landing flush!! That's it! Referee stops it! Sperry Wins! Mario Sperry BEAT Hirotaka Yokoi

FIGHT #2 Fabricio Werdum vs. Tom Erikson - Werdum is the slight favorite according to oddsmaker Joey Odessa. The Big Cat looks as big as ever as he enters the ring, while Werdum has a bright red gi and is drapped in a Brazill flag. Crowd is very quiet. Werdum tries immediately for a take down but can't. Fight goes into the clinch. Erikson throws knee. First knee lands. Werdum catches second knee and takes him down. Erikson uses his strength and gets the reverse. Both guys working for position. Fight slows down. Refereree seperates them and has them restart. Now they stand and they exchange. Erickson misses with a right, Werdum connects and then takes him to the ground. Erikson is in the guard. Werdum tries for an armbar, can't lock it in it. Now tries for antother armbar from the bottom, this one much closer. Erikson escapes though. Now both guys slowdown a bit. Referee restarts them in standing position. Werdum shoots in and gets another take down and gets back. Now moves to the mount....He gets the rear naked choke!! Erikson is in big trouble! Now Erickson taps!!! It's over! Werdum very impressive. Fabricio Werdum BEAT Tom Erikson

Fight #3 - Mauricio Shogun vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara - Rua comes out very quick with combination of a right that misses, then throw the low leg kick which connects. Kanehara immediately closes the distance and takes Shogun to the ground. Kanehara isn't doing anything with his position so the referee stands them up. Rua lands a wicked right then follows with a straight right and Kanehara's down. Now Ninja starts to kick Kanehara while he is down with some stomps. Now fires off some soccer kicks, ala Wanderlei. Now he lands a few more soccer kicks! This is ugly and the referee jumps in and stops the fight!! Mauricio Shogun BEAT Hiromitsu Kanehara

FIGHT #4 - Igor Vovchanchyn vs. Yoshiki Takahashi - Takahashi comes out and throws a low kick but slips when he throws...quickly stands up and Igor is all over him. Both guys throw punches. Vovchanching connects wtih a wicked right hand. Drops and KO's Takahashi!! That was quick. KO by Vovchanchyn!!! Just over a minute in the first round. Igor Vovchanchyn BEAT Yoshiki Takahashi

Fight #5 - Stefan Leko vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura - Both fighters come out throwing. Leko lands a left hand, Nakamura closes the distance take Leko down easily. Nakamura quicky gets the mount as Leko has a crappy guard. Nakamura now works the ground n pound. Leko is in big trouble already. That's it! Referee steps in and stops the fight. Another fight under a minute! Kazuhiro Nakamura BEAT Stefan Leko

Fight #6 - Choi Mu Bae vs. Sergey Kharitonov - Both fighters come out and throw. Both fighters seem content to stand. Khearitonov swings for the fences with a big left hand, Choi steps to the side and avoids it easily. Sergei lands a stiff left. Choi throws a wild right hand that misses. Choi now closes the distance and shoots in with his head and is caught for a guillotine choke. Sergei trying to finish the fight. Choi though pulls his head out. Sergei now starts to throw some punches.... good combination by Kharitonov as he is now starting to land at will on his feet. Choi's face starting to bleed. Sergei another solid combination drops Choi. Choi is a mess and doesn't want to be in there. Referee steps in and that's it. Kharitonov wins! Another impressive win. This guy keeps getting better. Sergey Kharitonov BEAT Choi Mu Bae

Fight #7 - Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Aliev Makhmud - Tamura comes out and immediately throws a leg kick to the right leg of Makhmud. Aliev closes in and immediately tries to take Tamura down. Aliev can't get the take down but backs Tamura to the corner. Now they start to strike not much landed, both guys seem content to stand. Aliev moves closer to Tamura and catches Tamura's head and goes for a choke. Tamura gets his head out and starts to strike again. Tamura lands a knee but it's low. Makhmud doubles over. The referee calls time out as Aliev can't even stand up. Don't know if he can continue. Doctor gives him five minutes to recover...

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira BEAT Alistair Overeem

Rampage Jackson BEAT Murilo Ninja

Mirko Crocop vs Mark Coleman
Round 1Coleman faints in with a shot and Mirko lands a light punch....Coleman rushes him and Mirko defends well....Marl again goes for the taakedown and Mirko gets away from it.....Another shoot from Mark and perfect sprawl from Mirko to get it baclk on the feet.... Mirko lands a huge straight punch and Mark is hurt...he shoots...misses....Mark tries to drop under and tackle and again fails......... Mirko is pressuring him into the corner... Mark throws a middle kick.....Mark has blood on his back from somewhere.....huge lowkick lands from Mirko...a left punch lands....Coleman shoots and Mirko pushes him back...Coleman tackles and Mirko just pushes him back standing, powers in a HUGE punch and Mark covers up and goes down.....TKO Mirko Crocop BEAT Mark Coleman

Pride 29 Fighting Results
Mario Sperry BEAT Hirotaka Yokoi
Fabricio Werdum BEAT Tom Erikson
Mauricio Shogun Rua BEAT Hiromitsu Kanehara
Igor Vovchanchyn BEAT Yoshiki Takahashi
Sergey Kharitonov BEAT Choi Mu Bae
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira BEAT Alistair Overeem
Rampage Jackson BEAT Murilo Ninja Rua
Mirko Crocop Filipovic BEAT Mark Coleman

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Old 02-20-2005, 04:38 PM
Oddessa Oddessa is offline
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Posts: 8,808

1 Mario Sperry Hirotaka Yokoi TKO (Knees) 9:08 1
2 Fabricio Werdum Tom Erikson Submission (Choke) 5:11 1
3 Mauricio Rua Hiromitsu Kanehara TKO (Stomp) 1:40 1
4 Igor Vovchanchyn Yoshiki Takahashi KO (Punch) 1:10 1
5 Kazuhiro Nakamura Stefan Leko TKO (Strikes) 0:54 1
6 Sergei Kharitonov Mu Bae Choi KO (Punches) 3:24 1
7 Kiyoshi Tamura Aliev Makhmud TKO (Strikes) 7:09 1
8 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Alistair Overeem Decision (Unanimous) 5:00 3
9 Quinton Jackson Murilo Rua Decision (Split) 5:00 3
10 Mirko Filipovic Mark Coleman KO (Punches) 3:40 1
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Old 02-20-2005, 06:19 PM
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LOL @ not one underdog winning. I'm suprised Big Cat got owned, I never thought I'd see him lose in MMA again. I guess he's just old now. Werdum is a lot better than I thought. I guess he has improved a lot since his last MMA fights.
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