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No Holds Barred...UFC/Pride/Mixed Martial Arts Hosted by Oddessa

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Old 01-21-2007, 12:51 AM
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Default WEC pbp and Results 1-20-2007

Mike Joy vs. Richard Crunkilton
Round 1
Joy lands a nice right hand but Crunkilton retreats and canges levels for the slam takedown. "Cleat" working from the top with Joy

looking for submissions from the bottom. 3 minutes left in the round. Crunkilton stands up out of Joy's guard and launches himself back

in, avoiding an upkick along the way. "Cleat" back in the guard working elbows and punches. Crunkilton working the ground and pound

from half-guard now scoring with a particularly good right hand. With 30 seconds left, Crunkilton really opens up, throwing a barrage of

right hands, a number of which connected. The round comes to a close with "Cleat" still in top position. scores the round

10-9 for "Cleat" Crunkilton.

Round 2
Joy charges across the cage to open the second but Crunkilton is ready and closes the distance before Joy can score with his flying

attack. Cleat immediately notches another takedown but can not improve his position. Referee Yves Lavigne quickly picks up the fighters

and Joy is off to the races again. Rushing towards Crunkilton, he quickly finds himself on his back. Cleat fends off Joy's escape attempt

and pushes him to his back once again. After another referee restart, Joy finally gets his offense on track. After trading high kicks, Joy

closed the distance and landed a nice right hand that stunned Cleat enough for Joy to get his first takedown of the match. His good

fortune did not last long as Crunkilton soon swept his way to the top. After a brief stint of ground and pound action, the fight was brough

back to the feet for the final 15 seconds. An exchange of strikes ensued with neither fighter getting the upper hand. scores

the frame 10-9 for Crunkilton.

Round 3
Fireworks to start the third. Joy knows he needs to finish, he is throwing everything he can muster at Crunkilton. Cleat weathers the

storm and gets the inside trip takedown. Without a whole lot of action on the ground, the fight is restarted once again. Joy rushes in, but

Crunkilton is waiting. He throws a spinning back kick at the airborne Joy but both fighters are off the mark. He throws a spinning back

kick at the airborne Joy but both fighters are off the mark. Joy, once again, has top position but he gives it away in hopes of sinking a

fight-ending guillotine. Cleat easily escapes and finds himself on the top. Yet again, the referee is inclined to stand the fight back up and

the lightweight charge right back at each other. Crunkilton achieves the dominant top position once again and after a little manuvering,

he gets to the north-south positon and locks up an arm triangle. He walked it around, reminiscient of an Anaconda choke and elicited the

tapout at 4:23 of the third round.

Mike French vs. Antonio Banuelos
Round 1
Banuelos is itching in the corner, pacing back and forth before the opening bell. A feeling out period to start the tilt with both men looking

for an opening. A minute-and-a-half in French finally pulls the trigger. Throwing a couple solid punches before Banuelos throws him to the

mat. Banuelos looks to strike but soon finds himself defending a Kimura from French. Banuelos blocks the submission with his hip and

eventually circles around to free his arm. French, trying to escape, is body-locked right back to the mat and pounded with strikes from

the top. Banuelos lands a big knee to the body of French. Working from half-guard, Banuelos pins French to the cage and pounds away.

The round concludes with more Banuelos ground and pound. The round concludes with more Banuelos ground and pound.

socres the round 10-9 for Banuelos.

Round 2
French pushing forward with Banuelos circling away to start the round. French gets a little sloppy, leaving his hands low and Banuelos

capitalizes. A stunning left hook is followed with a powerful straight right hand sending French to the seat of his pants. Banuelos followed

up with some wild punches but French found his wits in time to clinch. Banuelos was undeterred in his attempt to finish, delivering a

vicious knee to French's exposed ribcage. French showed his determination, refusing to quit, he kept working for submissions. Banuelos

made him pay when he missed with more ground and pound until the horn sounded. scores the round 10-8 for Banuelos.

Round 3
French has a good sized mouse under his right eye as he comes out for the third. The first real action of the third frame comes just over

a minute in as Banuelos lands a grazing high kick. Banuelos scores again with an overhand right that backs French up. French clinches

along the cage to nullify Banuelos attack. Changing plans, Banuelos scoops French up over his head and carries him to his corner and

slams him hard to the mat. French is still fighting his heart out, transitioning into an armbar attempt and paying dearly as Banuelos

continues to strike. Another brutal knee to the body by Banuelos with just 30 seconds left. The horn sounds on a dominant performance

for the former WEC 135 pound title holder. scores the round 10-9 for Banuelos giving a final tally of 30-26. The official

scores are announced as 30-27, 30-27, and 30-26.

Kyle Jensen vs. Carlos Condit
Round 1
Jensen scrambles his way to a guillotine choke attmept off the opening exchange. Condit does well to escape before launching into a

submission attempt of his own. Condit takes Jensen's back, sinks his hooks, flattens him out and gets the rear naked choke win via

tapout at 2:10 of the first round.

Olaf Alfonso vs. Alex Karalexis
Round 1
Karalexis backs Alfonso to the cage and unloads an errant right hand. Olaf circles away with Karalexis in hot pursuit. Alex, chasing with

his right hand cocked, bombs away as soon as he gets in range. Alfonso buckles and falls to the mat. Karalexis tries in vain to end the

fight but Alfonso ties him up. Karalexis is content to work the gournd and pound. Olaf gets back to his feet for a moment but is met with

more Karalexis strikes. Olaf is forced into a complete defensive mode with Karalexis bombing away towards his downed opponent at

every opportuinity. Karalexis secures the mount late in the round and continues his downward barrage. The horn is the only thing that

could stop Karalexis in the first when it sounded ending the period. Sherdog scores the first frame 10-8 for Karalexis.

Round 2
Olaf goes for a low kick to open the second but Karalexis checks it. The two fighters engage again with Karalexis just missing on a big

right hand. Alfonso is off the mark with a low kick, catching Karalexis right on the cup. He is given a respite to recover and signals he is

ready. Alfonso charges forward on the restart and scores with a right hand of his own. Karalexis responds by changing levels and scoring

a takedown. His ground and pound finds its mark. A volley of elbows cuts Alfonso. Alfonso fights his way back to his feet. After an

exchange of knees Alfonso began to paw at his eye. He motioned to referee Steve Mazzagatti that he was having trouble seeing. The

ringside physician checked him out and seemed ready to let him continue. Alfonso then said something to Mazzagotti right before he

waived off the match. Alex Karalexis wins by TKO (referee stoppage) at 3:53 of the second frame.

Brendan Seguin vs. Fernando Gonzalez
Round 1
Gonzalez moving forward looking for an opening. Gonzalez throws a left hand but Seguin ducks under and gets the takedown. Seguin

looking for elbows from the top. Gonzalez active from the bottom, throwing upward strikes. Seguin moves to half guard. Gonzalez gets

full guard back. Referee John McCarthy restarts the fight due to lack of action. Gonzalez finds the mark with a big overhand left. The

southpaw follows it up with a flurry of punches and a high kick that misses. Seguin scores another takedown as the round comes to a

close. scores the first round 10-9 for Fernando Gonzalez.

Round 2
Seguin shoots in to start the second round. Gonzalez pummels in with his left and spins him away. As Seguin backs up, Gonzalez lands a

good kick to the body. Seguin throws a high kick of his own but it catches all glove. Gonzalez charges Seguin, throwing punches in

bunches. Seguin once again gets the takedown to halt the advance. Gonzalez escapes back to his feet. An off-balance Gonzalez falls back

to his guard. Seguin takes advantage, diving in and striking, landing a nice elbow. The round ends with Seguin still punching from the top. scores the round 10-9 for Seguin.

Round 3
Gonzalez, needing a finish, comes out blazing to start the third. Landing punches and a kick that buckles Seguin. Seguin is rebuffed on his

first attempt but secures the takedown on his second. Seguin pounds away from the top until referee McCarthy restarts the fight midway

through the round. Gonzalez begins to strike again but, as has been the case the entire fight, as soon as he starts to land Seguin puts him

on his back. Seguin has the upper hand on the ground and forces Gonzalez to defend his elbows and punches, leaving him little room to

mount an offense of his own. Seguin finishes strong, striking from the top until the horn sounded ending the fight. scores

the third round 10-9 for Brenan Seguin. The official tallies are 30-27 x 3.

Logan Clark vs. Blas Cedena
Round 1
Cedana dominated most of the first round. He used lots of striking and scored a takedown about half way into the frame. With about 30

seconds remaining in the first stanza, Clark secured a tight armbar from the bottom. The hold was deep but the horn sounded to end the

first round before he could force a tap. scores it 10-9 for Cedana.

Round 2
Clark clinches right away and scores a takedown into Cedana's guard. Cedana, attacking from the bottom, attempted a triangle choke

before changing his mind and transitioning to an armbar. Clark pounded his way out with punches. Clark now scoring on the feet. Cedana

looks gassed. scores the round 10-9 for Clark.

Round 3
Cedana scores a takedown to start the action in the final frame. Clark is busy from the bottom, scoring with elbows and hammer fists.

The referee restarts the action. After a sloppy exchange, Clark did some damage from the Thai clinch. After a Clark takedown, he

pounds away with elbows from Cedana's half-guard, forcing the referee to halt the contest at the 4:23 mark of round three.

Brian Gassaway (Pictures) vs. John Alessio (Pictures)
Round 1
The fighters circle and trade some leather to start the action. Alessio pushes Gassaway to the fence. After a few strikes, Alessio scores a

trip takedown into his opponent's half-guard. after some elbows, Alessio moves to mount where he lands some heavy strikes. Gassaway

turns his back to avoid punishment. Alessio forces a tap with a rear naked choke at 4:50 of the first round.

Urijah Faber vs. Joe Pearson
Round 1

Dominating performance by Faber. Faber got a quick slam takedown. Faber, trying to break Pearson's closed guard, slams him to the mat several times. To avoid damage, Pearson opens his guard in mid-air to avoid another slam. Faber landing some solid ground and pound. He works a few elbows then unloads two brutal right hands, the last of which results in a tapout from strikes at the 2:31 mark of the first stanza. Very impressive performance from Urijah Faber.

Rob McCullough vs. Kit Cope
Round 1
Rob fires a low kick and a right hand that briefly stuns and drops Kit. Rob jumps into his guard with punches. Cope switches to the rubber

guard and tries a gogoplata but "Razor" has none of it. Cope then attempted a kneebar, which Rob again escaped easily. After moving to

side position, ROb landed some heavy strikes. Cope escapes to his feet where he is taken back down. Rob lands a few more strikes then

a fight ending elbow. Kit Cope taps due to strikes at 2:53 of the first round.

1 Richard Crunkilton BEAT Mike Joy Submission (Anaconda choke) 3 4:23
2 Antonio Banuelos BEAT Mike French Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
3 Carlos Condit BEAT Kyle Jensen Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1 2:10
4 Alex Karalexis BEAT Olaf Alfonso TKO (Referee Stoppage) 2 3:53
5 Brendan Seguin BEAT Fernando Gonzalez Decision (Unanimous) 3 5:00
6 Logan Clark BEAT Blas Cedena TKO (Referee Stoppage) 3 4:23
7 John Alessio BEAT Brian Gassaway Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 1 4:50
8 Urijah Faber BEAT Joe Pearson Submission (Strikes) 1 2:31
9 Rob McCullough BEAT Kit Cope Submission (Strikes) 1 2:53
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