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No Holds Barred...UFC/Pride/Mixed Martial Arts Hosted by Oddessa

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Old 01-20-2007, 02:14 AM
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Default IFL live show report from Oakland

IFL live show report from Oakland: Tiger Sharks vs. Condors/Lions vs Razor Claws

by Dave Meltzer

Welcome to our live coverage of the IFL TV tapings from the Oracle Arena in Oakland.

Seattle Tiger Sharks vs. Southern California Condors

155: Shad Lierly (TS) b Adam Lynn. Lierly decked Lynn with an overhand right and put him away in 44 seconds with punches on the ground.

HWT: Curtis Crawford (TS) vs. Antoine Jaoude (C)

Jaoude is continually taking Crawford down and there isn't much else to the match so far. Crawford couldn't stop his takedowns in any of the three rounds but there was little done when they would hit the ground. Jaoude should easily win the decision. 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Jaoude.

Team score is now 1-1.

155 alternate (because there is no 170 pound fight in this dual: Tristan Witt(TS) vs. Danny Suarez (C)

Suarez won quicky with a shoulderlock from the bottom so the Condors are up 2-1. Time was 1:28.

185: Bristol Marunde (TS) vs. Jeremy Williams (C)

A) Williams won immediately with a triangle from the bottom giving the Condors game, set and match. Marunde didn't tap and the ref stopped it when Marunde was out. Time was 1:13.

205: Reese Andy (TS) vs. Justin Levens (C) is the final match.

A) Reese mostly outwrestled him with a minimal amount of ground and pound. Levens got up in the last minute but Reese had the only offense.

B) Reese outwrestled this round with a minor amount of punching on the ground. Levens again had no offense. Reese needs a knockout or submission.

C) A nice flurry early with Levens threatening with a triangle and an armbar, but Reese kept it most of the round as a wrestling match. Should be a 30-27 win for Reese. Straight 30-27 scores, so Condors took the match 3-2.

Best knockout to Shad Lierly
Best submission was Danny Suarez
Fastest finish to Lierly
Best match was Reese vs. Levens
They all get bonuses for "bests." Not sure the figure, believe it to be $1,000.

Reno Lions vs. San Jose Razorclaws

In the intros, Ken and Frank Shamrock had run. When they were supposed to shake hands, Frank did the Baron Von Raschke and Ken cracked up, and then came back with the Fritz Von Erich claw.

155: John Gunderson (L) vs. Josh Odom (R)

A) Best match of the night so far. Odom first threatened with an armbar ala Frank vs. Kevin Jackson. Gunderson threatened with an ankle lock ala every Ken pro wrestling match. Gunderson then won with a triangle. For what it's worth, nobody booed Frank and when a few fans tried a "Tito" chant at Ken they wer drowned out with boos. Time was 3:05.

HWT: Roy Nelson (L) vs. Vince Lucero (R)

Lucero dropped from 308 to 265 in 19 days and was close to 400 at one point.

A) Nelson took Lucero down and was punching him. Lucero wasn't defending well but felt like a very quick stoppage to me. Time was 1:58. Lucero wasn't hurt at all and crowd booed the stoppage. Ken's team up 2-0.

This show is being taped for FSN. Just noticed Craig Minervini (Craig DeGeorge) is the lead announcer along with Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros.

Joe Martin (L) vs. Clint Coronel (R)

A) Good first round. Coronel won the stand-up battle but Martin got a takedown. I'd give Coronel the round.

B) Houston, we've got a problem. Coronel cracked Martin with a good lariat-style punch and hit some hammer fists on the ground. Ref John Schorle stopped the match at :45 as Martin was offensively going for a takedown. Terribly early stoppage. Martin went nuts. Ken kept his cool. He went to Schorle to complain but was calm and in control. Score closed to 2-1. Fans booed Coronel over the ref stoppage, but really got on him when he said Martin was out and only holding on.

170: Pat Healy (L) vs. Ray Steinbeiss (R)

A) Healy was on top, did a little ground and pound and won the round.

B) More of Healy on top doing ground and pound. Healy has the match won unless there is a finish, which clinches the match for the Lions.

C) Healy was on top and worked Steinbeiss over the entire round. Crowd turned on the fight wanting the ref to stand it up for the home fighter, but Healy was constantly punching from the top and there was no reason for a stand-up. Ref ignored the crowd which only turned them more against the match. Big moral win for Ken. Healy was just too strong. Should be an easy 30-27 win for Healy, clinching it for the Lions. Straight 30-27 scores in a one-sided fight.

185: Daniel Molina (L) vs. Brian Foster (R)

A) The power went off in the middle of the round. The whole place went dark. Lights went back on but Sabu wasn't in the ring. Foster won the round in a mainly wrestling round.

B) Foster scored with some hard ground and pound and the ref stopped it. I still thought an early stoppage but not as ridiculous as in the Coronel win. It was 10 punches on the ground, the last few with Molina on his stomach. 2:05 was the time. Ken beats Frank 3-2.

Best knockout Clint Coronel
Best submission John Gunderson
Fastest finish Roy Nelson
Best fight Foster vs. Molina

Gunderson was awarded a trip to the Caribbean as the MVP of the night.

Frank no-sold the loss in the interview. Fans booed him. His big line was, "I didn't know Ken had that kind of coaching ability."

Jeremy Horn vs. Falaniko Vitale is the main event.

Jeremy Horn vs. Falaniko Vitale is the main event.

A) Horn got two takedowns to one for Vitale. Vitale got the better stand-up slightly. I'd say even round. Horn more ringwise. Horn already bleeding from the face. 4:00 rounds are too short for these guys. It's a five round fight, tho.

B) Dull round. Horn more aggressive. Vitale again hit the best two punches and Horn cut under the left eye. Slight edge to Vitale, as Horn never got the takedown and the one time it went to the ground late Vitale blocked and landed on top.

C) Another dull round. Vitale got some good punches early. Horn now bleeding under both eyes. Vitale got a leg trip takedown but most of the round was Horn bearhugging Vitale against the ropes. I'd have it 30-28 Vitale at this point.

D) A lot of infighting and Horn was better at it. He was also better on the ground with a nice reverse, but Vitale got behind himand threw some nice punches. Close round again, I'd give to Horn so that's 39-38 going into the final.

E) Each got a takedown. Horn had a reverse but he seemed in control most of the way and I'd say he slightly won the round. I've got it 48-48 draw. Horn was the more savvy better fighter and in control more. Vitale did more damage. But how the rounds are scored could go either way. Horn is the bigger star and most of the time that gives you the slight edge in an even fight like this.

Horn wins a Split Dec

**robbery IMO**
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Old 01-20-2007, 02:27 AM
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Antoine Jaoude defeats Curtis Crawford via unanimous decision
Jeremy Williams defeats Bristol Marunde by triangle choke at 1:13 of Round 1
Reese Andy defeats Justin Levens via unanimous decision
John Gunderson defeats Josh Odom by submission (triangle choke) at 3:05 of round 1.
Roy Nelson defeats Vince Lucero by TKO (ref. stoppage) at 1:55 0f Round 1
Pat Healy defeats Ray Steinbeiss via unanimous decision
Brian Foster defeats Daniel Molina by KO at 2:05 of Rd 2
Jeremy Horn defeats Niko Vitale via split decision
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