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mikee2all 09-12-2004 04:49 PM

Mikeeís Play 4 the day: This football thing is a little different.
Iíve been a playin baseball for the past couple of months and now itís good olí football time. Glad to see it back. Donít get me wrong, I like baseball but Iíve got to win more money, got to pay for some shots for the wife, she got bit by a rat while we were sleepin.

I Ďm leaniní towards the Atlanta, beiní from the South.

Letís go with the OVER in that game, buy down 3 pts, OVER 40.5 85 to win 50.

For some of my friends whom I have met on the baseball forum, thanks for all your kind words. For you new guys who donít know me, well, youíre in for a laugh I hope, I write sorta funny and Iím a redneck from the hills of Tennessee. My wife Lug Nut, beautiful lady, married near 30 years ago, I gamble because she just needs a lot of dental work on her one tooth up front in her mouth. Donít wannaí pull it cause she uses it to core apples and shuck corn. Handy little thing. Sharpened it a year ago to open tin cans.
Anyway, hope you all like my little stories and my picks. I have a website, check out my profile as they donít rightly like me to advertise on this here forum.

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