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Uncle B 02-27-2007 10:27 PM

Bobby Brown hits rock bottom.........figuratively speaking.


TMZ has obtained Bobby Brown's mugshot, taken moments after he was arrested and taken to Norfolk House of Corrections in Massachusetts yesterday afternoon.

Brown, clad in a stylish orange inmate jumpsuit, was taken into custody at his daughter's cheerleading competition -- for failing to appear at a child support hearing in October.

According to Brown's attorney, Phaedra Parks, the former New Edition member is scrambling to figure out a way to come up with the $19,100 he owes in back child support payments to Kim Ward, mother of two of his children.

guess we can expect to see a 'New Edition' re-union tour announcement soon...:D

Bostongambler 02-27-2007 10:48 PM

Whitney won't help him now.

Uncle B 02-28-2007 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by Bostongambler (Post 1196237)
Whitney won't help him now.

not till she needs a new crack dealer i guess.

gotta say man, even though he is an obvious fuck up, i still think he's the more 'normal' of the two.

Uncle B 03-02-2007 06:17 PM

Hot 99.5 Radio Station comes to Bobby Brown's rescue:


Bobby Brown was arrested in Massachusetts last Sunday for not paying child support,
and a radio station offered to pay his $19,150.00 bail in exchange for a week's worth of work. Hot 99.5 says:



We will have security, transportation, accommodations and everything to make Bobby feel like the star that he is. He accepted!
"We are really doing it for his children, we sympathize with Bobby and hope that this will give him a head start and will put him back on track", said Kane.

Uncle B 03-08-2007 04:05 AM


LATEST: Troubled singer BOBBY BROWN has paid back the bosses of a Washington, D.C. radio station
that bailed him out of jail last week for not paying child support.

The DON'T BE CRUEL star, 38, was arrested in Massachusetts on 25 February (07) and spent three nights behind bars
before radio station chiefs at Hot 99.5 FM posted $19,150 (GBP9,820) bail.

The radio station paid the money in exchange for the singer's services as a co-host on THE KANE SHOW for one week.

The station claims the singer broke the agreement after 10 minutes when he hung up during a live on-air phone interview on Friday
(02MAR07) - and never called back.

Brown got into an argument with the host of the show over whether he would discuss his child support woes and
what his actual agreement with the station was.

Source: WENN

Uncle B 05-11-2007 05:39 PM

More troubles for ''sometimes homeless'' Bobby Brown.

In court papers, the My Prerogative singer reveals he was too "strapped for cash" when his wife first filed for divorce last year (06) and couldn't afford to hire a lawyer to help him fight for custody.

Brown says he's devastated about losing his rights to see his 14-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina.

The desperate singer admits he has been homeless at times since the divorce, and is seeking spousal support, as well as child support for their daughter. A court date for Brown's new case has set for 15 June (07).

The couple's divorce was finalised last month (24Apr07).

(sportman) 05-11-2007 09:06 PM

One of the more amazing falls from glory...

He gets the MVP though...he brought the incredible Whitney to her knees.

Uncle B 05-14-2007 04:26 AM


Originally Posted by (sportman) (Post 1229521)
One of the more amazing falls from glory...

He gets the MVP though...he brought the incredible Whitney to her knees.


yeah, he did quite a job on Whitney.... she went from worldwide celeb, adored by millions, to a bony, washed up crackhead...

dude is definitely a sad case.... can't help but feel bad for the kids.

mikeys12 05-14-2007 09:48 AM

I cant believe for 1 minute he is broke no way.
He made millions on like 3 solo albums i mean millions and still probably gets money for new edition.
He must get checks every week for his albums there is no way he is homeless or broke no way

Uncle B 08-29-2007 08:10 PM

Bobby Brown needs a 'New Edition' re-union Tour...So he can sleep on the bus.


Extra TV reports that Bobby Brown filed all new divorce papers claiming that he lived in his car while he paid $10,000 for Whitney Houston and Bobby Kristina to stay in a hotel while Whit was going through rehab.

In papers Bobby claims, “Since Whitney has been awarded sole legal and physical custody of Bobbi Kris, she has attempted to eliminate me from Bobbi Kris’ life. I did all I could to see my daughter…I also paid approximately $10,000 for Whitney and Bobby Kris to live in a nice hotel while Whitney was going through rehab…I basically lived in my car.”

“I have not seen or spoken to my daughter since early June and I have no prospect of speaking to her or seeing her anytime soon due to Whitney’s actions.”

Whitney responded with, “We have a daughter together and I would like him to be involved in her life… I did not talk to him about reconciliation or marriage counseling. Frankly, I needed to be divorced from him so that I could get my life back on track.”

Uncle B 09-01-2007 06:04 AM


Somebody signed Bobby Brown's name on a prenuptial agreement with Whitney Houston -- but Bobby claims it wasn't him!

Just moments ago, Brown's lawyer, Stacy D. Phillips, told an Orange County Superior Court judge that she had an issue with the prenuptial agreement that Houston's legal team brought up earlier this week.

According to Brown's attorney, Bobby is prepared to take the stand and tell the judge that "It is not his signature" on the document.

Outside the courtroom, Bobby told TMZ, "I just want to see her [daughter Bobbi Kristina] more often and make decisions in her life."

StarnetGypsy 09-01-2007 06:29 AM


Originally Posted by Uncle B (Post 1275046)
Bobby Brown needs a 'New Edition' re-union Tour...So he can sleep on the bus.


good one Unc!

what a wasted life/lives ... i'm not w/o sin either, but it only took me a heartbeat to wise up about that shit. after a couple months of smokin outrageous quantities a day w/my friend i looked in a full-length mirror after taking a shower one day :eek:

that's all it took ... hopped in my truck an drove up to the VA for rehab. aint looked back.

Uncle B 01-21-2008 07:58 PM

Bobby Brown arrested again.

The estranged husband of Whitney Houston was taken into custody by police following an incident in a Brockton Holiday Inn hotel in December (07).

According to Trooper Eric Benson, cops were called to the hotel shortly after midnight on 1 December to attend to a disturbance, and were directed to Brown, who was waiting in his car outside the building. Upon questioning, Brown was found to be in possession of cocaine, but attempted to convince the trooper to "use discretion" and not charge him for the drugs.

Police are now seeking to charge the star with possession of a Class B substance, and Brown is due in Brockton District Court on 19 February (08) to hear whether he will face prosecution.

Source: WENN

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