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Sonny Palermo 03-01-2001 07:11 PM

less-than-mediocreboy jr miller update.......
Since we last left mediocre boy he's finished another stellar month -
let's recap -

Nov - minus $3706
Dec - minus $1671
Jan - minus $1622

When heath posted here and recommended jr as the greatest public handicapper he has ever seen miller was in the midst of a Feb. that had him down $942 but don't worry - he's "a professional handicaper and you're not" as he's fond of reminding you. The "pro" did well in closing out the month - he managed to NOT do worse than his Nov. mark of $3706! BUT DON'T BLAME HIM, IT'S NOT HIS FAULT, Feb. is a short month and he didn't have as many days to work with!
Feb. total - minus $2892.
Can you repeat that?
Yes, I can - minus $2892!
4 month total stands at minus $9,891 for a $100 bettor, NOT including his fee for allowing you to be fortunate enough to share his expertise.
Now a couple questions for his defenders/martyrs:
How come we can't look up his October numbers to add to this picture?
How come we can no longer see November?
Where did December go?
Why is January hiding now?
and finally, how long, in years or plays, would it take someone to win back the ten dime loss shown above even if he could consistently hit 54-58% as he claims (even though we know he can't)?
This has been a public service announcement (not that anyone here was buying into the swill anyway).......

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Sonny Palermo 03-01-2001 07:18 PM

I forgot the only important question, for posters - did we help or hurt by exposing miller in the other threads?
I thought the right thing to do was give the numbers but we may have only succeeded in getting the numbers removed from jr's site, where others could have seen them and been warned off?

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The Major 03-01-2001 07:56 PM

Boys Sonny, those are some hideous numbers. I am not to familiar with the pros but what is his 1 unit play worth to lose that much money???? Please dont say 100.

The Major

Sonny Palermo 03-01-2001 08:09 PM

just noticed my error in leaving out that pertinent piece of info and went back to edit;
came back to check and saw your ?,
was a half step behind ya.....
same con,
different angle;
Fiest gives both sides,
marc lawrence gives out plays in 50 different categories, then promotes the 3-4 he manages to not lose,
less-than-mediocre boy uses the "professor" angle, "I'm smarter than you, I'll throw out some math formulas, etc, you're losing so you're dumb and need somebody smart to help you";
it's all just smoke and mirrors, his angle on the grift, bottom line - he's full of shit.....
and while we're exposing phonies I noticed ANOTHER 1st time poster at p-boy/kenstown attempting to perfume the crappola in a lame attempt to cover up the stink, you and F mind if I expand here???

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KidVegas 03-01-2001 08:40 PM

How can anyone lose 10k in four months making $100 plays? J.R. Miller is amazing! I can't think of anybody except maybe "sick gambler" with that kind of skill!!!

Sonny Palermo 03-01-2001 09:03 PM

Kid V,
you ask "how"?
give the man credit, he is, after all
the PROFESSIONAL Gambler!!!!
ps - I know you're out here in Vegas,
don't know if you do NASCAR (I usually don't), but did you catch anything on the #'s LVSC sent out on the field for Saturday?
I got in at 12-1 before they realized who was in the field and sent the update.
It's like a jungle here, ya know? Look over the herd (all the books) spot the impala with the slight limp (Harrahs yesterday) and JUMP IT....

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cash 03-01-2001 09:19 PM

Is there not a silver lining in this stiff's
losing picks...the money making FADE

KidVegas 03-01-2001 09:41 PM

Sonny, I did not catch the opening #'s on NASCAR. I like to bet the over/under win totals on baseball. Imperial Palace puts out a -115 line with a $500 max. limit. That place is gutless. Is Nick at the Mandalay Bay going to put out any O/U win totals on baseball?

pokerjoe 03-01-2001 10:07 PM

Maybe JR should just post a disclaimer, "Professional gambler on closed book; Don't try this at home."

Fade2Black 03-03-2001 06:03 PM


Went to his site, and just in the last 6 DAYS he is -9 units!!

How in the Hell does this guy stay in business?! The thing that bothers me most is that there is NO WAY that he can be playing his own picks (based on his past record of losing more that 100% of his BR). If he is the professional gambler he claims to be, he should be stripped of his "Professional" status!!

GutlessWonder 03-04-2001 11:04 AM

It's a shame.

I was following his picks in Jan-Feb. 2000 and he was not doing badly at all.

But then in February 2000 his brother R.J. passed away suddenly - and he has not been the same as a handicapper since.

No excuses here boys, but just an observation of where the turning point was.

Let the lesson be: Beware of picking the games right after your family suffers a trauma.

If you can still hit 57% after a personal tragedy, then you'll be making a living at this game for a long time to come!

Blessings in memory of R.J. Miller.

Gone too soon!

KingOfTheSquares 03-04-2001 04:33 PM

Maybe the bottom line is: RJ was the "real" 'capper.

JR refered to RJ many times in his letters and notes.

Still, I do NOT see how any one person can do justice to multiple (more than two) sports.

Shoot, I'm happy if I can do one.

TrendSetter 03-05-2001 01:23 AM

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:[/size]<HR>Originally posted by KingOfTheSquares:
Maybe the bottom line is: RJ was the "real" 'capper.

JR refered to RJ many times in his letters and notes.

I was thinking the same thing as I read that. Now that JR doesn't have his brother capping, if he was the capper, he's using his gut instincts. He would then be on the public side of games.

Did he have NY Giants in the Super Bowl?

BuzzRavanaugh 03-05-2001 02:04 AM

Today JR had the Pistons Under, Hornets, Cavs and Kings on the ice. Too bad my free subscriptions ran out so I can't have access to this useful information anymore.

Predator 03-05-2001 02:04 AM

Where's Heath?? Maybe he can tell us if RJ (not JR) is, in fact, the best "quasi-public" handicapper he's ever seen...

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Bookiebar 03-05-2001 02:52 AM

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:[/size]<HR>Originally posted by TrendSetter:
He would then be on the public side of games.

Did he have NY Giants in the Super Bowl?

He was on the Under 33.5 (the public side also though)

Personal problems affect everybody and they almost always impact on ones job. Unfortunatly JR's job is handicapping and he is letting this or at least something get to him.

Still they guy has some pretty large titanium coated testicles to continue posting up his record.

XXGameXX 03-05-2001 04:26 AM

I know Books love him and his followers LOL

Sonny Palermo 03-07-2001 06:52 PM

B-Bar - he doesn't put his record up anymore, harder to pull the scam off with it showing;
As of yesterday his followers are down A DIME ALREADY this month and it's only 1 week old!
the silence of his past supporters here is DEAFENING!!!

Bookiebar 03-08-2001 08:47 AM

Yeah, noticed that today, dodgy bugger. It seems the titanium was obviously made on the cheap. I just hope he shows up here one day touting a whole lot of nothing and I can really get stuck in.

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