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KidVegas 11-07-2001 06:15 PM

Where is the Article on Minn Sports Betting?
I am unable to locate the article at the "Daily Briefing". When I click all I get is the Twins article. Somebody please help me.

Amazing 11-07-2001 06:28 PM


You have the right article, it's just that there's only a small
mention of it inside that article. I missed it the first time myself.

Here's the short excerpt regarding sports wagering...

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:[/size]<HR>However, in an interview Monday night on the Jason Lewis radio show, Ventura advocated legalizing sports betting as a way of financing a new stadium. "It's already a $2 billion industry in the state," he said. "Let's put up a book at the Mall of America," and let the federal government "come and try to shut us down."<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hope that clears it up some.

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KidVegas 11-07-2001 07:00 PM

Thanks Amazing!

BettingProphets 11-07-2001 07:48 PM

I'll be nice

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