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Old 07-20-2018, 07:26 PM
clevfan clevfan is offline
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Default Sports gambling in Mississippi won't begin this weekend, report says
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Old 07-27-2018, 04:34 PM
Juice Juice is offline
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Default Attention State of Mississippi.

Its me CEO Hey Boss giving you a fair warning before I head to work here, that you are now on my as many have been saying, gotta do everything around here screen.

You are a very fair proxy not just for states that have no pro drivers, but do have things inside the perception range of your state, but also a serious number of entities looking for more realistic number sets to model things off of period.

Any number of things that come into play and quite honestly do here in Nevada are legit to happen there too. Only with out the shield of a captive audience leaving town soon to help keep things simmered down.

I am counting on you to make all see that the "ocean" is fine and all can jump in without worry. You are also my choice to kick off my Tight Buns Economics Training Program. A program modeled after what I have learned from a serious number of corporations.

My company among other things has a half trillion in proxy wins under its belt with P&G being the biggest by far. After that they get the railroads the working class wants to work on. 4 hour training sessions and any number of one hour rebriefs are the norm.

I am for very good reasons I will reveal later counting on you to bring it all through.

That is all.

The Voice of a New Generation.

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Old 07-28-2018, 04:54 AM
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Default Saving myself some time.

I see I got every ones attention. A lot of pens and note pads came out. You never know with me they say.

When it comes to what I know about Mississippi comes down to simple layering that comes with reading along for a long number of years. For how it all really works they show up in all the right places with all the right people on a regular basis.

I am not the least bit surprised that they just wallah the place with no national mentions or anything. Many of you just found out today. Many still don't know.


Its a classic Street Fed mentality after that. Its how I see things. Gotta get everyone involved somehow. They are a fair proxy for many means like 41 of 50 states.

That's a lot of states. All of which can be developed. Feel free to draft in as I focus in on the coastal plains region. There is more there than you know.

Off the top of my head I am focusing on the line that goes from Mississippi to the Gulf Shores region. I had a number of wire guys in the exact same vain as east going in and out these places back in the day and I am familiar with the crawl.

I have also done a fair number of interviews in the coastal plains and have a good idea of how you are and how you think.

In what is mostly a 15 minute format, how's all ares comes out quite naturally.

I can see inside the bubble all live in. It has given me insights that will make all this go that much better.

That is all.

The Voice of a New Generation.
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Old 07-30-2018, 05:20 AM
Juice Juice is offline
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Default Things are progressing I see.

My roadside plan had sprung to life. Using "coastal plains" did the trick. Woke everybody in Alabama and Louisana primarily. Everybody else is searching for thier own cralws. Just what the Street Fed wants to see. Everyone valuing there stuff.

Here is where the hard stuff begins.

The prime thing all have to remember is that there is a very common conspiracy by all as to how to incorporate this new piece into there own deal. No matter where you open as things are currently laid out and perceived people are going to be sizing up the place left and right.

There is nothing to fear. Luckily for all, the local casino aspect of all this that I have hammered away at for years is here and is what I have been waiting for.

Without the captive audience factor your Vegas eyes are about to go away and you will now see what you have not seen before right before your "around there eyes."

The number one problem is the rules of engagement as well as how to handle situations are unknown and therefore create huge problems you can not see.

Again I am at my forum writing limits on all this which is now exacerbated by the fact we got about three weeks to get as many "thick curtains" up in Mississippi as we can.

Before you get yourselves sued out of existence by your EMPLOYESS!!!

Your going to see and understand why I have long thought out as all know this whole roadside thing.

I am of course calling it Thick Curtains Economics. It came about because the only way you learn in this business is by taking it. You learn what to do in almost all situations by whomever models it and gives you the parameters of what to say.

Unfortunately no one WROTE ANY OF IT DOWN. Opps. Its what the long process of you do not have to do what we do came from. I could not for the life of me figure out how we did not get pushed to minus 120 long ago.

Turns out we have been riding the same insane population curve as the fed. Who knew?

The program borrows from a certain someone whom as gaming control board chairman had to develop some things out of thin air when the feds realised they were losing and started getting chippy about things.

I have long called it the proactive and pre emptive thing. I am grabbing that old golf bag out of his closet and headed to Mississippi with it, with or without him.

I know exactly what to do.

I have a thing I called a Starbucks which are people I meet and ever see at Starbucks. Some of the best conversations you will ever. His job is to combat what he calls the Oh Nooo you might win an AAWARRD lawsuit.

You know the one where your share is like 10-20 dollars that you have to send something to the other side of the country to get??? You've seen that right?

Which is a direct result of the "physic microphone" not dropping down and telling you....

Well right now if I were to see him and present the nothing in minimum due dillagence right now all I hear him saying is...

OH NOOO you might just win an award. One that may pay much more than 10-20 dollars because as it turns out they trade that stuff and there would be no way to pass it around and knock it down since its all brand new.

That someone around there might have to pay also.

Not good.

From here I honestly don't know where to start. That's was just the set up. Which I kept short. The morals he was getting at resonate in my mind. He is the territory manager for California, Nevada and Arizona. Which means California. Which has regulars.

How he handles that is where we gotta get to. Over half it is filled in when you call. He just pretends until the let me get this straight part comes... the physic microphone did not tell you...

We need to do some tellin and fast. A lot of different aspects to cover. Again this is just the set up. I need the right frame to do it.

This very common conspiracy can take on many forms. The thing you have to guard against is herd mentality of the type that leads to the type of breakout the warm body theory lawyers will blindly grab on to and work as best they can.

You should have known is valid in too many directions.

His biggest moral was what do we do when we get mad? Start looking around. Which in this country means what??? Where does it say this beverage is hot???

Who says, what says, no one told me that... Well if I knew that I wouldn't have, therefore I.....think...right into....I DONT GIVE A SHIT.

By the time we get to the car our fist are all bald up and we start thinking about that big award were gonna win.

Starting with the employees. How it is here is how its gonna be there only without the I am several states from where I live good behavior shield.

It is the only thing that stopped Wisconsin from coming over the counter by the THOUSANDS. Over a refund at that.

They are right in harm's way in different ways. Currently they have no idea what to do or say if anything did.

Any little can set something off. How you handle it is key. These places are to small for someone to cut loose on.

It only takes one time. You need to worry about this type of stuff from the first day you open with a very evident we don't trust no one, we saw you coming, don't even think about it veneer.

I know exactly what to do.

Back with more later.

The Voice of a New Generation.
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Old 09-22-2018, 03:55 AM
Juice Juice is offline
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Default I am back with more.

The Fan Duel situation and the when you add all up the 100, 000 + tab they rang up gets me back to this Starbucks friend story and what I think was the best part of what he said and what the moral is.

Of course this is the Cali has regulars smart ass edition. If you own a business in Cali you are always doing something wrong. Its a self feeding machine. Everyone had scripts effectively.

The part I can't really convey is what the judges say to the same old things they always hear. He keeps a bunch of props other than a gavel and either pounds or rings something to whatever you say. Word for word like the judges say it. Hilarious.

We do not have that luxury is the moral. Everyone taking a ticket on the they are next train is the number one house thing as well as online thing I am worried about.

Its more accute for the casinos. Well I heard ... followed by what's the difference... is all I hear... followed by I don't give a shit, no matter what you answer.

Its the individual case by case things that will eat you up eventually. The labor alone will eat up money fast. Even faster for the online stuff. More strings come with online and therefore more entities. All of whom don't know what they are doing.

Until Fan Duel corrects this the right way, people are going to be taking shots hoping to catch a long wrong one of any kind of odds just so they can go online and brag about it while everyone watches to see what happens.

All because of a lack of corporate due dilligence. They are out a 100 K mostly because they did not consult with me and therefore had nothing to go into a court with to defend themselves with.

Who's up next???

The Voice of a New Generation.
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