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Louis Cypher 10-31-2004 03:56 AM


Oct 30 2004

A NEW website is giving ordinary punters the chance to join a major betting syndicate and hit the jackpot. is a revolutionary new way for the man in the street to bet big with a syndicate.

It's the brainchild of former Grand National marketing manager Joe McNally and Sporting Life tipster Malcolm Boyle.

Lazybet is the only betting syndicate open to the general public and a 20 membership entitles you to buy shares in their bets.

First target for the new website is to win the Tote Ten to Follow jumps competition which has a guaranteed pool of 1million.

McNally said: 'Mug punters make the world go round. They bet blindly driven by hope, superstition, biased views and very little skill. They provide vast sums which are distributed by bookies, who keep their slice and pay out the rest to the lucky and shrewd. There is none more shrewd than the betting syndicate manager.

'We're aiming high for our first coup - the Tote Ten to Follow jumps competition.

'The TTF works like this: entrants (unless they are lazybet members) send in an entry fee of 10 with a list of 10 horses. Between November12and April9 (Grand National Day), each horse on that list gets points every time it wins. There are bonus points for big races and big-priced winners. The list with most points after racing on April 9 wins.

'The lazybet formula will work well in pinpointing potential point-scorers in the TTF and, although nothing is guaranteed, we believe we can win the top prize of around 700,000.

'There are also prizes for the top monthly lists - 10,000 a month. We hope to win a few of these as well as the big one.

'Prize money won by Lazybet lists will be shared among members who've bought shares in the Lazybet TTF entry. If we win the top prize, everyone is guaranteed a profit as well as a lot of fun.

'A share of the lazybet TTF entry costs 25and we have2000 shares to sell. That buys us 5000 different lists in the Ten to Follow, the biggest 'perm' ever entered in the TTF competition.'

Boyle is the organisation's chief tipster and has made a profit in every one of the four years he has tipped on sporting

Entries for the TTF close on Monday at midnight but punters can join Lazybet anytime by going to their website

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