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Juice 01-08-2012 03:27 AM

DOA Poker Sharks DO NOT JUMP!
So now here we all are. After 80 years of no, no, no, now yes and no one knows how to act or what to really say. No one whom should have said anything said a word last week. The very opposite happened.

The media is doing the talking for everyone. Not a state has spoken up, any congressman, casino owner, etc. How can they? They dont know how it works what so ever. They found out at the same time as everyone else its ok now to explore your online gaming options now. The DOJ said forgt it and everyone is more scared than ever. All of a sudden everybodys running to congress for guidance. 1_. WTF!! They are nowhere to be seen like everyone else. Who are they and they know it. Its a life changing event for all under the age of 80.

Yet we have people lobbying them already whom dont know any better than anyone else how it works, what the no law is they are trying to strike down, nor as that very sharp downward revision to 5 billion total U.S. reveals, its only 100 million per state max a year. Wait till they find that out.

All know none will achieve that number. 9 states dominate the online action for the most part, 5 of them in TX, CA, FL, NJ and NY have well ensconed , well oiled people with decades long live the life gaming subcultures and there congressman know it. Without them plus, PA, OH, VA and MA you will get nothing through the house of reps, much less the senate. Any combo of the 3 can kill anything at any time. They would only pursue it because they feel they have enough eligible people over the subculture number to make it worth the states while.

The other 41 have never said a thing or done anything for the most part to stop it or attract it. To small of a population of eligible bettors. 50 to 80 thousand registered playing for money bettors, logging in at least 2 times a week would be extremly hard to come by for them, if not all. No one would dare say 100 thousand. Your peak hours are between 8 pm and 1 am anywhere. How many you think will be playing during those times? How many of those will be playing 1 dollar 2 dollar or better? What do you think any will get with the other 18 hours of the day.

All who know or have seen the real numbers know its really no more than 25/50 cents which adds up quick, tourney players or house players. No chance of seeing a house player with any kind of real bankroll in an account for awhile yet.

One of your type horses is running loose all over the place with not a cart builder in sight anywhere, nor any tools to build one. s_h1 :confused:

The IMPLIED threat of being stopped by congress against the state of Neveda if it tries to enter into compacts with other states to provide online gaming services is my chief aggravation and is going to stop.

The problem is that its the media saying it including many experts and so called experts. No one who should be saying it or considered in a postion to say so has not even remotly uttered a word and I can tell they dont plan to.

We have no inmates running the asylum!!! You gotta love the DOJ. Mom and Dad threw us out of the house and all of you are lost like kids.

No worries, your Shawdow Regulator is here and has things figured out. I was getting dressed this morning and could feel the, he has not commeneted yet, strong.

As always my intro's to what I really want to say can get long. So I am going to make this part 1 and leave you to ponder the gaming operators in Neveda first move so as we can get a hold of the narrative and control it.

Due to the current state of confusion regarding this, that, and everything concering online gambling in the U.S. the __________ gaming group has made the decision to accept no US based customers and will instead focus on building up thier forgiegn clientele first.

We have much better established relationships with many of these countries all are on the same page as to how things work, the adjudication process, how to handle disputes, etc, etc. If it were not for these forgiegn countries help in getting us to this point we would not be in a position to even address the public at large as such. Therefore not only is in our best interst to do things slowly, but its also in the best interst of our share holders to make this venture as profitable as we can as soon as we can.

Congrulations!!! Chinchallas Neveda San Las Vegas is now an offshore gaming site. WE HAVE FLIPPED THE SCRIPT. g_unz ;)

Now thats how you make a move. BIG TIME. No one saw that coming at all.

I have been in either the comissioners postion of the Neveda and New Jersey GCB or the head of the DOJ trying to think through all the positions.

In the end they are traped most off all and we have got to get them out of this position before people start speaking for them more and more. What I am thinking gets all unstuck quite honstly and puts the elements of open and positive communication among the different parties in a much more positive light.

As much as I am loathe to ever ask those whom are supposed to be the invisible regulators to take a lead role, it is whats indicated, so that people get the story straight from the horses mouths exactly, which in turn will free the rest up to do what they need to do.

Its ok to gamble on line now and not another word since did not get it done. There will be no carribean cruises until mom and dad clear things up.

In part 2 I will pick up from the implied threat against Neveda and set the table. See you in the morning.

Caitlyn Cwissy 01-08-2012 07:51 AM

Can somebody translate and summarize this? Thanks.

Juice 01-08-2012 02:44 PM

I your shawdow gaming commisioner would like to know the following. How would I conduct a routine audit of any Neveda liscense holder providing Inet gaming services to the public? Whom do I call currently? What I am I to be looking for anyway? What reports could I run right now to be even able to ask a question?

Since its now legal for me to explore my online gaming options I went online to see what I could decipher on my own time and wonder among things, is that a toll free call or do I have to pay for it? What hours are avaliable for me to talk to someone live if I wanted to? I saw what appears to be 20 + payment and deposit options on one sites screen, whom is coming in to my office and explaining how that works exactly and which ones you will be using exactly. Send what, where, how? Everybody in my office now and explain.

Have we even thought about these things? No we have not apparently. Thats been my other aggravation. All are running around looking for permission to do something thats not wrong to do and they dont even know how to operate it. Forget operate what am I looking at exactly anyway. If it really were up to congress you could not answer what so ever. If you could, they have no point of reference.

Ye Old Cart Builders Inc needs to back it up and think about what they are doing. We have owners between 70 and 90 that dont how to operte this thing and can not reasonably demanstrate or even explain how to. They have to instill the confidence in the public that they know how to. If they cant, we cant, no matter how much proficency we show anyone.

This is the big differecne between casino gaming and Inet gaming. Just cant hire people whom know what they are doing and just sit back. For some time to come all operators and potential operators will have to be out front.

Its the only people the public at large will ever really trust. They are going to want to develop some type bond/identification with them and know that yes, Steve Wynn, Willam Boyd, etc is on the other side of the screen and know what they are doing. All have to make it seem they are approachable and you are able to talk with them if you realy wanted to.

Neveda is missing this aspect BIG TIME. Its the principal impetus to we are all going to get out there and getting back to basics. We are going out there and pressing the flesh, sitting with and talking with the people. WE WILL BE PUTTING ON AIRS. We are the only ones whom can sell this thing, the rest will follow what we do.

As you can see your shadow commisioner is quite aggravated with it all. Its only been a week since the annoucment. I am comfortable stopping right here much like they do and watch you scramble to figure it out. No one is going anywhere until we figure it out.

The move to a forgiegn based clientele gives us the perfect entree. You can pull that info 123 and you already know for the most part how the diffrent audit systems work etc. We have much better established relationships with the forgiegn operators. We can talk with them openly if nothing else. We can have all kinds of test runs etc. Its the right move that alows all to look in without others thinking some deal is in the works.

We are dealing with the fear of the unknown plus haters trying to cut down any and all action regarding this matter. Our default is that the DOJ has always said that they did not want americans to be betting online, they have never said a thing about foriengners playing what so ever. Or where. They know these operators better than we do I suspect. They need to learn all this too. Its the perfect set up.

Gets that call out by AC right off our backs and on to thiers. Same for the Indian casinos acting like they are under some big threat right now. Go ahead lobby congress all you want. After they read my layout as to how we are going learn this they will be cooked. All are looking for some type of direction which I get. I can feel it from all.

They will turn around and repeat it just to get away from the media. 1_. Whoo what a switch. Plus they will sound like they know what they are talking about which is what we all need. So therefore the gaming operators in Neveda will develop a program that starts to teach people the differnet processes involved when it comes to online wagering in the exact same vain you did for the 4 major sports leauges. They are the real reason we are here today. It worked great. It took me two weeks to recover from what David Stern said if you remember correctly. I was way out in anger land big time.

Right now the way I see it the Nevada GCB will not even accept applications for consideration to enter into a compact until July 2014 and are looking at 2, and maybe 3 states coming online starting in Feb 2015. This will give all the breathing they need to figure things out and if things go well enough they may consider moving the application process up 6 months or so. I cant see anytime before Jan 2014 in all reality. We need the juice factor of getting in before 2015 for at least 1 state to be in play. It generates bigger fees and creates urgency why hide it.

To end this segment I am operating on the fact we are doing nothing wrong and need no ones permission to do anything. The fact we thingk we need approval makes us look we dont know how to do what we already know how to do and have to wait around to make sure its ok. Thats bullshit. We are to model this thing as if we will be entering into compacts with other states and its more a function for the AG's GCB's and Goveners of different states to get things done.

When I put out the word tracks for everyone I will address the talking points as well as our opening marketing strategy.

See you after the games are over.

Juice 01-09-2012 01:22 AM

I see everyone is impressed.
What can I say, I am gifted with this stuff. We need the breathing room and the talking points to make a point. The state demographics I laid out presents a better point of view when one is trying to detemine where is the money is going to come from and whom should really be intersted in the first place. We have iced everyone. Unless you can demonstrate you know what you are doing and how it works, dont say a thing about whom might or might not have a say. Certainly not before they know the process themselves.

All we need do is educate people on what the never implemented UIGEA really says, starting with its a banking law only and ending there abouts with the only criminal peanlty was none. You just had to demonstrate you tried hard to make it work. To close out any argument simply present one and all my write up with what you had to do to implement UIGEA, ask them for suggestions as to how to and then see whom is bold enough to tell Secretary
Geitner to implement it and we will go from there. You can tell them in advance I had it cold from jump and it aint happening. As they will see its a very sharp write up. As in I did it for them.

I know I am the reason why UIGEA was never implemented. Extremly strong stuff.

Also point to the only real law there is in Washigton State and do mention that they were all in the polices face and the state was forced to come out and tell people " We didn't really mean we would arrest and prosecute you for playing poker online." Oh yeah? 5 years first offense is how it reads and its a felony on top of that. OPPS.

Laws, rules and regulations do not "prevent" people from breaking the law. It can only "deter and, or disuade someone from even trying in the first place. Not worth the hassel. Also as many have seen or learned by now, as soon as you say what you are even going to try to do, there is every one to beat it down quick. Say something that includes arrest, jail or something similar and ITS ON. You cant make a move.

Just ask Gerge Bush and Dick Cheney. I am the only one they liked. Thats because I truly care and I am serious about what I say. It helped turn them and others around. As they started seeing not everyone was a degenerate and there were real time pros plus other assorted sharps inhabiting the fourms. Scene haunters for the most part.

We have to be very careful on what we say and how we frame things. I can tell that congress itself is not looking for this fight. Its everyone else looking to start one thats the problem. With everyone following are lead we just cut all that down.

Any one that says something stupid gets the Oh Yeah not only from the media but Neveda also. We will just monitor things and see how it works out.

I can tell a certain AG thinks I out smarted the system. Used there own words to seal it. They had a classic parent trap moment. Kids.

However it is the exact right move and uncorks a ton of money. I could feel the marketers going to work on it already. Just the fact we can bring in the different parties from around the world to talk openly now and show people around makes things go much better for all.

Its free intenational exposure for the next 2 + years and all overseas will be happy to lap it up and take back home with them. Also the fact we wont take US players just about assures the rest of the world will sign up just to rub it the american publics face. We have to work that angle.

They get to be our big brothers and sisters. For those of you aware of my marketing plans this fits Pinnacle Pals perfectly. Forget gambling for a moment, I want to cross sell every product we can get our hands on and use others as rewards and enticements. The cross talk among the general public is what will make it go.

From there as always I am on a big educational kick. To want to talk to me is the same as saying you are contributing something beyond gambling or profits to this equation. You are not just slapping something up on the net either mind you. It does not have to be fancy, but it either must teach or demonstrate things people generally know about or have seen, just not in person.

Las Vegas is the best place in the world for this. In the 3 day 2 night, 4 days ,3 night catergory we are in, its what we need and it also addresses the kids. They will make the parents want to bring if for nothing else its in the country and dont have a real long plane trip to see or particpate in it.

We are also performing are socially reedemeable responsiblites to the public at large while we are it. As you can tell I have put thought into this whole process. Its imperative we are modeling this in just the way we teach aspiring regulators and the like in Neveda from jump.

We are standing people straight up right off the bat. We have to seprate the weak, the pretenders and the just hanging around trying to shuffle paper for profit crowd as soon as possible. Far to many people watching. Just as good as being on a reality tv show.

Juice 01-09-2012 04:16 AM

The Basic Marketing Strategy.
When I put out the word tracks for everyone I will address the talking points as well as our opening marketing strategy.

We have to age down and quick. Senior leadership in the US is now average 70. Many whom have spent the last 10-15 years trying to stop this very thing. All whom managed to come together and reverse all that they did in about a years time. Extrodinary stuff. As all know I get as well appreciate the jobs regulators have to do and have never seen things go so fast. I still have no real words for Senators Kyl and McCains turnaround. Thats all everyone is ever really going to need to know about how much more comfortable and knowledgeable all have become on the subject.

1. Stardust Nation must make its comeback starting NOW. We need the different players in the different states to start talking this whole deal up on the net and in the different fourms. When one makes it, all make it. Whatever I say we are doing is what will go.

All we need is for Mr Boyd to come out and say that he uderstands that all were just crushed we lost our hub and it took us a long time to truly move on and get over it. So of course I will build you a new Stardust Race and Sports book or recreate as best we can the old one so that we can all hang out and be degenrates together again.

This would set the city on fire for whom misses it as well as the country. We have serious numbers of people now between 35 and 60 that can make this thing go in those other ways while we are out in regulator mode setting up everything else. Its in the 10's of thousands 30,000 is not an unreasonable figure. The stories across the decades goes on for awile. For what I have come to learn about that property and whom they may be, its impertative the Stardust name comes back.

2. I went to UNLV with George Maloof. I was the student manager of the dining commons when he played football there and had a good reportire going with him up through his days as a host at the Mirage back in 92. One he got right after he graduated. When I asked how does that work, he said and I quote, Steve Wynn got me in. Really. What college did you go to that the rest of us didn't I still wonder.

When you add a 3 time All Pro Reciever in Keenan McCardell, a Rap Mogul in Shug Night and 3 All American basketball players all can name thats some extra juice for Vegas as well as UNLV that is extremly hard to come by. We have to use every angle we have.

With the Hollywood factor already attached to the Palms we are 2 steps out in front already and it gets us an upwardly mobile, younger, hip crowd to counter balance our degenrate factor and send the cool factor way high.
Blends perfectly with my infamous star XYZ write from long ago.

I need to catch up with my old friend and see how he is doing.

3. The Google Press releases that Chris Costigan of gambling 911 fame mastered so long ago. Not only does he know how to frame and write up the different happenings, but he knows exactly when to realease those things and into what stream it shoud go. A very effective tool and he is a low matnience, plug and go, devoted to the industry type we do not have to worry about.

4. Kirk Kerkorian is a super star. As stated before I think its totally awesome he is 13 bil in debt and in his mid 90's. That is a big positive and an image we must market around. He is 10 bil ahead of the next closet person whom is most likely in there 60's. He had it all in his 80's and lost his touch at age 90 is how the pitch opens.

In the one shovel, one pick axe and one pair of overalls for all category he is the one that is passing that stuff out to the rest of us in line waiting to see which hotel we are off to to help dig everyone out.

He presents the perfect image and and IS the right person to lead the types of economic recoveries we have talked about. He has to come out front for a while and be the MAN in front of everyone. With 10 Hotels and a City Center
in tow, its imperative he do so. I also believe the 20 and 30 year old set would be in aww of him. A very non A typical neveda casino owner. It gives us the perfect offset.

As for Steve Wynn he can do no wrong. He is in rock star status mode with me and needs to come out and give us some air. I have learned a lot about this lands history and the Mirage has been my biggest guide in figuring out what it is I am and am not really seeing and understanding. In the Kirk and I have been trying to tell us for the longest time catergory, I can tell stories people can not comprehend. Stellar stuff indeed.

I will keep the word tracks simple here. As for the GBC they simply need to come out and state they dont know how this stuff works any better than anyone else and they are going to take the time to learn how it works both ways. One as the lead regulators position, but way more important, as a private citizen would also.

The press release by the DOJ did not come with a FAQ sheet for things considered illegal for the last 80 years. We have the same questions for you as you do for us. No one tipped us off this was coming, we found out when you did, we are in the same boat right now.

Please do not ask us questions pertaining to these things until you can answer our questions pertaining to these Inet gaming things. Thank You.

Its the truth and it will go a long way it helping others figure things out to.
All will do what they do automatically.

As for AG Holder, I believe he is going to be forced to clear things up better.

Congress cant speak really because the press will make up a story from there and pin it to there states and send everyone scrambling for no reason.
They are looking to start a fight with no one wanting to be in one over this.
Even if one wanted to, they cant say because all will run to the Governer of that state and ask what do you think about Rep X stopping you from.....and start a bunch of shit.

Using the we are going to follow Nevedas lead and learn the process will only get them so far. Everyone will still ask this current version, even though Neveda will not consider US citizens till 2014 what do you think and use it ad nauseam anytime its convient. We are up against it.

We all know without the DOJ's ablity to say what the law is even without one on the books per say, no one has nothing coming. Congress cant ask them to investigate something not on the books at all, nor will they order them to do so. The press however is acting like thats exactly what they will do when the time comes.

THAT PERCEPTION HAS GOT TO GO AWAY. So does the hidden implication that they better somehow. Currently I chalk it up to thats all we know, because we have seen it as if on cue our entire lives. I do not blame them for that, but I will when they turn up the mean factor and try to force it.

Ok that should keep you busy for awhile. See you soon.

niltes 01-09-2012 11:21 AM

one of the things that i inferred, as it was not explicitly stated, that
states like california and new jersey, which are trying to offer
horse betting exchanges and maybe online poker, will not only
be able to offer them within their states (intrastate); but should
be able to offer them to residents of other states (interstate).
to do this would probably take a specific agreement by the specific
states, so that residents of states like washington would not be
able to circumvent their state laws which are more restrictive.
if this is doable, it could turn these state authorized ventures
from small time operations into something that could be a decent
revenue stream for the states/operators and something with enough
volume and liquidity to get people to want to play there. i believe
nevada is also investigating the opportunities that this DOJ ruling
has as it pertains to them too. this situation will become clearer
much sooner, but it has the potential to dramatically liberalize
the domestic gambling marketplace.

niltes 01-09-2012 11:23 AM

juice may of been trying to say what i just posted or maybe not.
his writing style is greek to me too. i guess reading comprehension
and writing skills were not required at UNLV when he went there.

Caitlyn Cwissy 01-09-2012 11:38 AM


4. Kirk Kerkorian is a super star. As stated before I think its totally awesome he is 13 bil in debt and in his mid 90's. That is a big positive and an image we must market around. He is 10 bil ahead of the next closet person whom is most likely in there 60's. He had it all in his 80's and lost his touch at age 90 is how the pitch opens. He presents the perfect image and and IS the right person to lead the economic recovery.
I think it's more than just poor reading and writing skills.

talcen 01-09-2012 03:46 PM


DOA Poker Sharks DO NOT JUMP!

Great stuff, keep 'em coming Juice.

Hope you're the man in the chair some day!

Juice 01-09-2012 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by niltes (Post 1777323)
juice may of been trying to say what i just posted or maybe not.
his writing style is greek to me too. i guess reading comprehension
and writing skills were not required at UNLV when he went there.

I am writing from a regulators point of view rather than an informed gamer like yourself. Regulators really dont get the gambling mind set and certainly never marketing and sales which is my forte. Trying to blend all three things is hard to do when writing to a large group of people whom are genuinely trying to understand how to go about things. Almost everything you have seen me write has been to regulators and the like all over the world.

You are better at reading between my lines than you know. You talk like a person whom is the markets and knows what he is talking about. You compliment me better than you know because I am not a market guy what so ever. I am gifted at figuring out how to get people in and moving about, the other stuff is up to those whom have to watch the money and other things.

Keep in mind those I am writing to, turn around and send it the next group. I have to stay formal and keep talking the way I was trained to for them to be able to turnaround and craft something that allows them to try and incorparate any ideas I or anyone may have. Its a more formal process than you know.

You speak there language and that insightful write up of yours was a perfect compliment to what I am saying. Please keep it up. Thanks.

Talcen thank you for the support.

niltes 01-09-2012 06:00 PM

your insights are noteworthy.

Juice 01-09-2012 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by niltes (Post 1777322)
one of the things that i inferred, as it was not explicitly stated, that
states like california and new jersey, which are trying to offer
horse betting exchanges and maybe online poker, will not only
be able to offer them within their states (intrastate); but should
be able to offer them to residents of other states (interstate).
to do this would probably take a specific agreement by the specific
states, so that residents of states like washington would not be
able to circumvent their state laws which are more restrictive.
if this is doable, it could turn these state authorized ventures
from small time operations into something that could be a decent
revenue stream for the states/operators and something with enough
volume and liquidity to get people to want to play there. i believe
nevada is also investigating the opportunities that this DOJ ruling
has as it pertains to them too. this situation will become clearer
much sooner, but it has the potential to dramatically liberalize
the domestic gambling marketplace.

Exactly. Only we will never be able to find out as long as the media continues to threaten anyone that looks like they are making a move.
Neveda certainly wont put up with it and increasingly neither will the states.

My suggestion that Neveda move to a no US players stance allows every state to send people here to investigate this very thing with out being threatned by a media trying to start a fight so that they can generate headlines.

The real problem is no one else is looking for a fight and do want to understand the process. Therefore Nevedas potential move to a test kitchen state solves the problem and gets us in control of the narrative. Also generates the positive press all are desprate for. This means money can be made by many right away just by coming along with the decision makers and learning things themselves.

Most of all it gives the Neveda GCB the ablity to meet people openly and get to know them first. They are getting hammered with request by people they do not know. Most importantly the AG of any state, whom neeed to learn the basic processes themselves.

As it stands now everyone has been ordered out of my shawdow office until they can demonstrate basic internet gaming skils, i.e. how to request a payout, length of time it will take to collect it, etc. Or how to even go about signing up for an account. Many of the decision makers have never really played cards in thier life and have no idea about basic table ettiquite or anything. Many have never really gambled either and were not planning to.

All have to go through the process as just plain old John or Jane I am nobody when I am at home first and then as the regulators afterwards.

Until then no one can lobby anyone for anything or even remotly look to congress for approval. Its going to be awhile.

Juice 01-10-2012 03:51 AM

The I Gaming Intelligence Report. IGIR.
First of all I would like to say, Governer Sandavol and Chairman Lipparelli I can tell you are deeply impressed and like how I have all of our points to ponder laid out. My truly unconsious shawdow empire building instincts are on full display. Glad to be of service.

When I first started laying out our plans back in March I was adamant about the fact that no one would dare really gamble online until they saw and were comfortable with the no sayers and others never really seen out in the general public doing it themselves. This will not turn on a dime and we were going to have to go out and teach people this stuff. No matter what we said, they were not just going to come out. We have been hearing no you cant all of our lives.

As the one whom was on the other side of the mirror for the whole ordeal I can tell you just how much ill will was spread, felt and what damage was really done. A ton of players dissapreaed over those years and have not been back since. Many more were curious but never wanted to take a chance on getting busted to find out.

What all are missing is a gauge of some sort to figure whom is interested and what a realistic number for US players would be. Currently Neveda has approx 2.5 million people living it and I doubt we could get that many to sign up in the other 49 states combined. A tall order indeed and a smaller pie than many thought.

Making a move to restrict US palyers gives us the set up we need to cross promote and see just how many "new people" but more importantly, how many people are willing to return and give the offshore thing a second chance. I am operating on the fact that as they become comfortable with the former no sayers doing it, they will in turn start to relax and follow along.

This is where the I Gaming Inteligence Report comes in. The ablity to cross promote via the free gaming platforms will allow us to monitor how many people click on the banners for the overseas stuff, what they inquire about and how many sign up or sign up once again. Add all of our contacts over seas that can supply us with the info we need and we can start putting intelligence reports together to see whats really going on.

This in turn will give us the ablity to get out accurate reports to the different interested states as to what is really going on. How many people are playing for free vs money, tourneys, casino games, bingo, avg amount played, etc. We will break it all down for them about every 90 or 120 days so as they can get a grip on things and talk from a more informed base.

I am thinking we should break it up into two parts. Poker is what all want to know about and other. I have contended for the longest time there is way more money in the other side. I have been dying to get at that recreational base for years. There is big money in checkers, scrabble, bejeweled, etc to be made and a very importable base.

Just ask Henry how much I have gone on about it. First thing I asked for when laying out our plans. It was the last thing I was talking about when UIGEA hit. Better still they have been playing online for cash rewards this whole time and never a word. Its a perfect set up. Just plug and go. A fair amount of marketing plans revolve around it. I will spare you the rest. I can go on for awhile.

This is a great marketing and sales tool and will help us pick up the pace signifantly. It will also give us control of the numbers and it will stop the flights of fancy articles from cropping up with undue and uniformed speculation.

This in turn will help us set up our I gaming profiles, which in turn will help us taylor programs to meet each states specciffic needs and wants. No one else can get this info and they can eat there hearts out. No one is cutting in on anything. I am way to sharp for that to happen.

The move to restrict US players will almost automaticlly start a competion. People will rally to some site and say they do it better than us and then we get to say oh yeah we will see about that and start a fight about which side of the ocean is better. We need the tension. If the US is so great why wont they take there own players? EXACTLY.

Your country used to be great look how many have signed up in the US. Hows that poker thing working out for you now? WE NEED THIS TENSION BIG TIME. We all know they will flood our poker rooms and fly here ad nausem to play in the tournaments and hang with the celeberities.

This in time will start to create the desire for US players to really want to play here and people will know it for a fact, instead of assuming it like now.
They have no real reason to at the moment. So let em watch as we reflate this deal and let there comments on it all do the selling for us.

Lets face it now. For the numbers we are talking about the US base is a compliment to the international one. It is will allow all to build there profit profiles over a longer period of time without having to use gimmicks and the like. We will get a lot more miles to the gallon with this set up. It also starts to set up our cross exchanges which is where the real money is at. Its all about the back end. Once the interested parties see that and how it really works, its lights out.

Speaking of MPG here is the the answer to the desire all states have but do not dare express. How you handle your state taxes concerning this is your problem, we will handle the payments to the feds for you. We are experts at this and is not a problem. We track players all over the world and the country extremly well. Its the exact same paperwork. Easy stuff for us.

The real fight at the state level will be between the counties and what there take is. Not our problem. Tell us what to plug in and whom to send it to and thats it.

This will allow us to send thier piece in one big bulk without the hassel of having to hold there hands with the specter of the feds always looming over head. No one wants to talk the treasury. Its the AG's and Comptrollers principal fear. Not anymore. It will also give the autonomy they need and it makes it easy for them to kick it to there gaming boards to handle. That in turn will help us start up our GCB network. I would rather not, but our GCB has already been accorded supreme court like status. Problem solved.

This will allow all to talk more freely and best of all, they will be talking from an in state postion now which in turn gives them the public privacy if you will that they need.

Its imperative we answer the unspoken objections and blend this in such a way as to give them as much control as possible, or better, as much as they feel they want to have. Some states will just copy and paste whatever we say. Will not ever have enough players to ever really be bothered.

In furtherance of MPG look at this way state X it will help you pay your fuel bill over the course of the year. Lets face it, we are talking about general budget fund money only. Cant pitch that to the public. High gas prices are universal and is something all identify with. The politicians need something to say to make them sound good or sound like they thought of it. SHHH.

I could feel the relief from all as the day went on. Finally someone with a clue and some direction on this stuff. Glad to be of sevice.

And there you go. B_ch

Juice 01-12-2012 02:59 PM

It is just your computer! Thats the only difference.
The process is not so easy is it ? No it is not. Thats a lot of stuff on those screens.

Yes you are that transparent. All got a great look at themselves I see. Move over, ok here, say this. The looking around by all from left to right like who came in and did my job is singular. The only person who didn't get a word track is the President. I can see all are in aggreance. Sounds like a plan to me. Money just showed up like that. BIG TIME! You did not even know what
you had. Built in marketing like that. Thats quite a different perspective I presented. Cant make that up. Quintesential Vegas for real. We have to use
what we got.

So having said that and with futher ado, Commisioner Roger Goddell and all at the NFL leauge office, I am talking to you.

Here is my idea. Its called, PAYOFF WEEKEND!! Here is how it works. The team with the best record in both conferences at the end of week 16, get an automatic bye into the conference semi finals. The next 12 teams after that play in a "regular season" 17th week called PAYOFF WEEKEND to determine whom will go to the playoffs. You are looking at a 1/4 2/5 3/6 set up which will in turn enable the 1/4 2/3 lay out you have been looking for in the playoffs.

If you dont make it to payoff weekend, you were just a participent in the season's activities is all the marketing you will ever need. The players as well as everyone else will do the rest.

The cost per win in the NFL is one of the most expensive things in the world. A 17th paycheck for one and all is a big deal. Not only will it give real time juice and excitment to the last 3 weeks of the season, which are your weakest, but we get away from the ad nausem wild card scenario stuff and get more teams, more games and more merchandiseing oppurtunities for our money. Its 3 weeks you dont have right now. When college football ends the interest in the NFL wanes also. That last 2 weeks is brutal. This takes care of that. We are talking bucoo dollars out of nowhere for one and all.

To GREATLY EHANCE THE LEAUGES PROFITABLITY you must consider this as well. Let me put it to you this way, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, move the start of the regular season back before to labor day weekend and start that with the thursday game. ON BEHALF OF ALL, you are killing us out here with that gap. A tremendous amount of money is lost because of that gap beyond what you can understasnd.

It cost you in front and in back in the ways the ebb, flow and energy, go during the "TV" SEASON. THIS IS AN ENHANCER FOR ONE AND ALL UNREAL. It will do wonders for the leauge pass subscription packages all over the world. Its your biggest problem right now and I know it. We've had this talk before. It syncs with the schedules as they are now perfectly. We will come out of the BCS championship and right into the conference semifianls.

You will also give a BIG BOOST to college football since the attention and excitment of the NFL playing with it, boost thier profiles unreal. Thier first weekend does not really exist with out you. Its a critical link in things beyond what all could ever express to you. Its way bigger than a 17th week.

In America " THE REAL FOOTBALL SEASON" starts when the NFL does. Its Football or you are waiting for Football in this here world we live in. The NFL is King.

All told you have picked up 5 quality weeks of football you did not have before. Moving back to before labor day,makes that second week, sing so much stronger. Thats an extra big, but unseen "piece" in the covers for sure. Its what all are looking for. Why hide it? The last 3 weeks is worth everyones time and you can jazz it by flex scheduling those saturday games into teams most likely to make not just payoff weekend, but the playoffs also. You have to work all the angles. Public opinion will do all the selling.

Am I pouring it on? YES, of course I am. Why? On behalf of one and all, we need you as well as the leauge office to reconsider thier stance on the 1961 wire act. Lets be honest here. Roger Goddell you are the last man standing on this subject. There is truly no one left. Lets be honest here again, nothing like coming with a great plan that enhances the leages coffers and profitablity, so as to help presuade one and all to consider this matter in a positive modern day light. Why hide it ? ITS TIME FOR IT TO GO.

I have thought of payoff weekend for awhile. Its anwers what everyone says they want. A meaningful extra game for the players, an interested fan base, games not just worth watching on tv, but pursuing all the differnt outlets avaliable as well and of course much bigger profits. The plan in its entirety brings it all together.

Thank You for your consideration concerning these matters.

Juice 01-14-2012 02:17 PM

We have to stop meeting like this. Really.
All are speechless I see. Its that easy. Sell this stuff for a living like I have and you will come up with ideas. Nohing like a pitch, marketing and sales ready plan to convince people its a good idea. I think about how to grow and market your buisnesses more than any of you. Thats why all are so stunned.

You are your best resource. You look all over the world for oppurtunities and all of you are the best one moving. I can tell you see that in yourselves now.

You can not be afriad to talk about money. Makes a difference. All are more relaxed since I just put it out there. To do otherwise is to continue to talk around it. The first years intelligence reports will tell the tale. In the first year its not about where it comes from so much, but how to start targeting the different markets better. Way to many places I can go with that one. Depends on how far you want to go.

DO keep in my mind we are currently just talking in a positive light about all this. All are exploring the differnt online gaming oppurtunities for thier states. This is not for everybody. Having the ablity to tailor programs is the big key. WE NEED THE 2 YEARS TO FIGURE THINGS OUT.

From an international marketing stand point just smiling on camera and talking about things in positive phrasing , SELLS BIG TIME. You can start anytime you want. I will not word track that for you in public. There is a line.

If Henry has not filled you in, I am picking up where I left off in 06. I have been talking about the international stuff forever. I am sure you can tell.
We have what we need now in this regard. The excitment will be to much. We can really pump things up.

Ala like this perhaps. All whom make it to the "Big Payoff" will get a NFL Players Card for the following season. This is in the exact same vain as what the PGA does. This will entitile "The Players" to special reward offers, news letters, insights and hints from the leauge office, etc. Maybe even a, who does Roger like this week feauture. Not in terms of point spreads mind you, but just a general obsevation with a key point or two thrown in. Released on Saturday. The Espn late game is the right spot. WOULD BE MONSTER AS ALL GET OUT. t_uu b_ow

The rest will have to go to "Participants in Training School" and wait for next year.

Now seriously. We have to stop meeting like this. Me and my shawdow here could go on for awhile. Wholly extrordinary as it is. You know where to find me. Now please. Way to much curiosity is raining down. Who Am I??

Caitlyn Cwissy 01-14-2012 02:27 PM

Juice 01-16-2012 01:31 AM

My Infamous Star XYZ and Marketing Write Ups.
From 5/15/06

I will advance the URL angle from the perspective of international marketing and what can be done to increase our presence in these markets while also decreasing our dependecy on the US market to a much better risk managment level.

All cultures want to be like us. When you look at these undeveloped foriegn markets especially the asian ones almost eveyone in the target market of 18-35 buys everything they can from western culture based on mystique. What name has more mystique overseas than Hollywood. Stars, glitz, glamour all that comes with it. Run regional adds using a mix of US and international stars and viola you create the impression of coolness, of being in, hip, you name it. Marketing this in cultures where gambling is a lot more accepted and what you create is a frenzy in your target market to be like us and signing up at Hollywood "WHERE THE STARS PLAY" gives them a chance to play along side and bet a few dollars on the games just like them. Do something like chats and the like and watch out.


The Mystique is how all this will play out. Tantalizing stuff.

From 1/10/10 I said...

An example from David Sterns I am open to leagalized gaming.

Stern has long maintained that he doesn't want the NBA to turn into a point-spread league, and he talked about how NBA games create little of the sports-betting handle in Vegas, and that the majority of NBA fans have scant interest in the spread. I responded by noting that the NBA has created a variety of constituencies, including fans who wear NBA clothing, who play NBA video games and who view Kobe Bryant and LeBron James as Hollywood-level stars, which is not to forget the fans from any number of countries who follow the NBA patriotically via Dirk Nowitzki, Tony Parker or Yao Ming.

Its the same for the NFL. As they know, they have been my biggest concern. The NBA gets a huge boost right here. David Stern is the best one to talk about all this. By far the most comfortable with it. People identify with him.

I go on to say that same night...

I beleive the 4 major sports leauges are about to enter into some type of "limited advertising" deal involving gaming companies from outside the US. Most likely Sportingbet through the vehicle of the Hollywood brand name and Bet Fair.

The money that feeds all the TV contracts is nowhere near the levels of the old contracts and the 4 major leauges + the NCAA is in major trouble. The advertising model that feeds it is dead. I will try to sum up the thread below also, but read my thoughts on why the crash of the big 5 major sports drivers is underway. Number 1 of course is lack of money. Sevearl billon dollars are going to be lost in talks. Remember, in effect, these contracts for all the leauges expire at about the same time. Once talks start for the first group up, I believe the NBA is on lead, BAD THINGS ARE A COMING.

Like I have been pointing out they are under a crash right now. How big of one is all here remains to be seen.

If they dont make MONEY happen quick...There will be a real time adjustment in all of the offerings today and many people will be leaving the scene.


I do believe that Sportingbet was clearly in the good graces of the "right people" back in the day in the US and had excellent working relationships with seemingly everyone, everywhere in the world it appears going sometime back before the net. Like way back in some cases.

When UIGEA hit they turned themseles in right away and for what does count as record time, paid there fine and did whatever else it took to clear there name from further consideration for prosecution. From there they have made the right political pecks it takes to be in a "position" to take advantage of future gaming oppurtunitys if they arise.


It is not so much that the Big 5 "need money now" in as much as David Stern and many in his office have grown comfortable in there travels abroad the last 10+ years with the " CORPRATE ADVERTISING MODEL" used in the rest of the world. With some tweaks to adjust to US standards, that model would help feed the US pipeline. Not sportsbetting mind you or gambling mind you, but the imagery, the suggestion, the status symbol of it all, hip, cool, xyz star from anywhere wearing a bulls/any team jsersey at a game/ANYWHERE but a casino and the like in a commercial running outside the US anywhere.



Now, whenever the 4 major sports leauges need help, they just ask the DOJ and just like that, they get their way.

The US corprate advertising model is dead in the US for the next few yeas to come easy. They need to tap what is a huge right off the bat revenue source
and the UK is it. A current mixture of US laws or half laws really, plus deeply ingrained attitudes make it impossible to tap that source, legally, so to speak.

However as we all know,The law/attitude is whatever the DOJ says it is.

Suffice it to say that if the DOJ relaxes its stance and allows the big 5 to enter into a "LIMITED LISCENCING AGREEMENT" so the big 5 can "study" the impact forgiegn advertising/affilate (if you will)) dollars may have on, not only leauge coffers, but IMAGE.


Its all about selling mechandise and down the line subscritpion packages of some bundled international/US sort or another. OR THE EXACT SAME THING THEY DO IN THE US RIGHT NOW.


I believe its what has happened behind the scenes and all are working along those lines. Since David dropped his bombshell and Roger gave the nod for the Vegas ad money, I believe we were/are going to hear about this right around SUPERBOWL TIME.

Its a perfect tie in to the NBA ALL STAR GAME which will then lead to March Madness. All the while all will talk about this STUNNING NEW DEVELOPMENT, and ponder will this lead to a economic revival, which in turn will create EXCITMENT, which in turn creates MYSTIQUE, which of course, when you put the two together, SELLS.

In order to sell a ton more stuff and replace unrecoverable, in the near term, advertising money in the US, this is what the big 5 have to do abroad now. Sell the excitment and mytique of there product like never before.


I have been waiting for you to catch up this whole time. Notice I have barely said a word about poker or any kind of inet gaming. My mind has always been on the forgien market.

More and more of you are trying to convince themselves why do we exactly need the US market?? Its currently one that believes it must ask congress if its ok to make 5 to 20 million dollars a year on inet gaming. They dont even hear themselves.

What lobbyist does not make that a year of the type you need to send up there exactly?

Juice 01-16-2012 04:23 AM

The NFL is an economic recovery by itself. Just the good enough jobs that come from the advertising aspect is big. Its what people have been waiting for. Just verbalizing thoughts and ideas we may be having does all the work.
We cant help what people infer or think about the methods we use to go about it. Were going where the money is. I can tell people are lined up.
It looks like I have found money just laying around somewhere.

Are you starting to believe in this technolgy GS is sitting on??? They are not kidding when they tell you I can answer like we talked about this already. On to the next thing like its nothing.

Believe it or not this is the time of year you plan for next years football. The first full monday after new years is when you break down all of last years stuff and decide what you are going to do. A good deal of the advertising decisions and money spent will happen over the next 6-8 weeks for anyone whom is involved in the production of the different things that come out in July and August.

Believe it. What we have done all week would be exactly perfect timing. All the down and dirty stuff you need to learn, you need to learn now. The people whom are still around to help us out, wont be as we get toward march. People drop off etc, etc.

The clock will operate the same as the NFL's you got 24 weeks a year to make your money. 20 of which are good. In this new scenario, Jan goes from a hype and hope, as well as to break even, to a free month. Otherwise in the from a non advertising standpoint, you are just hacking out next years payments and letiing the other things make you money.

Going foward you will have to go with this mindset because the lead times are long to make sure you are coorniated and get stuff in on time. Paper media advertising can not be eschewed or ignorged. Way to important in the big picture. You have to be ready for August by Mid April. The slow season will always be football season.

You will have nothing but matinence to do when all the games are on and all the work to do when we start to run out. The NFL understands all to well, its the rest of you that have to adjust quick.

Nothing earns more interest than the first dollar. This is the first dollar time. No one will take us seriously till year 2. So we need to have under our belts the expierences it takes for them to believe.

We need to put together a phone room etc, so that when you show people around they see something like what they expect to see. In this case, degenrate types that look like they know what they are doiing and sound like that person on the phone.

You cant train someone to be that. All will have to see it to believe that you have people whom know what they are doing. Cant work on image until the plumbing is in. The plumbing will sell more that anything for awhile because no one believes currently you can pull the admistration stuff off.

You'd be buried without me. We need visible stuff in the pipeline by march since all come thru Vegas that month. Its a total show and go move, but a critical one as far as answering the will not be asked questions. No way to explain it all, but we are up against the usual industry clock.

You want the door to stay upen longer than normal, you will have to speak up real soon. Who you are wont make a difference when you cant get things to certain places on time. Even if we dont go that route, we are to be acting like we are doing it anyway since we will be treated that way regardless.

Its that simple. While people are still around in town is why I am pressing. We need to assemble whom ever is going to stay around over the summer. Once we start on our adventure of discovery, all will expect that something is in place by mid august.

Not hard to put up free rooms with comped prizes as rewards and the like.
The more hits we take now, the better it will be during march madness 2013.

All will be demanding answers at that point and will be expecting us to be sitting and seriously discussing things, instead of exploring.

The clock is ticking just that fast. The down and dirty degenrate stuff you dont really want to deal with or do, is up first. Its the easiest thing with my contacts and gets it over for you before the summer is up.

All whom are going this route can expect/schedule in the time not just to learn the different jobs, but do them. You will work the job, before you can say you helped create it. IRON CLAD.

We have to stand people up right off the bat. I am different as you can see. No one said you had to do it long or well either mind you. You will however need to be able to talk enough from a set of expierence to sell it.

No way the media can say you did, while you stand there and smile, and people believe it at the same time. They WILL HAVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.

You are your own best marketing and sales plans. Remember that!!!

See you soon.

Juice 01-18-2012 05:08 AM

Some Insights to Ponder.
Who am I? I am just chair hopping like its nothing. It has occured to me that a certain AG we know has a shadow. The Fed Chiefs one and only fan
thought he was haging out with him. What happened? I worked monetary policy out for north america for the next 3-5 years back in the summer among other things. The Ivory Tower has a new resident also. Found some GRAND OLD STUFF and shined it up big time. Qausi Magical stuff indeed.

Its clearly obvious we would be killing ourelves trying to cater to the americn market. Issues that have long not been issues anywhere else would become a big deal here. We have to let the air out of the ballon with the different types of intelligence reports so people can see the real deal.

The numbers dont add up. No way to run any real online tournamnets. The tax issue makes it an inferior product we/they offer no matter what. However you can not cut out the not serious enough, in it for fun, bored or small player.

Here is my solution. The 1199 rule. Anything you win up to that does not need to be signed for. When visiting an online casino based in Neveda, HOUSE RULES APPLY. Its not where you are visiting from, its where you are visiting at that matters. The paper work kicks in at 1200 and we will send it along with all the other stuff we send in a folder marked inet gaming. If you are worried about collecting the taxes on it, send them a bill. Other than that, ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM.

We are not order takers. No menu is avaliable. ITS JUST YOUR COMPUTER.
We cant make seprate rules like for inet gaming. We are in perfect line with the state and the feds.

We cant tell the states what to do, but we can signal to the little guy that we will not be pushed around by thier states in order to buisness with them. They need us, we do not need them.

We are not creating a different set of paperwork. When keeping an account balance in state they will feel assured that what ever scheme thier states come up with, thier money is safe here. If you want to do buisness with us, thats how it is. If you want to argue, head to federal court and see what they can do for you.

The rules should not change online because a state says it does not want...
Not our problem. We are standing up for the little guy without saying anything really. This allows us to open up a market for the will never see the light of cashing anything signifgant, much less winning 1199 in a day. You can run to 5/10 comfortably. 2/4 will domiante.

States are forced to compete or learn to do things our way. PUBLIC OPINION IS OUR BEST FRIEND.

Opens up the free tourneys for prizes and cash or comped goddies bag aspect. Everybody likes goodie bags. This is an exchange remember. Cash tourneys are on fri, sat, sun only starting in sept. You have to think in terms of time zone creep and factor in till 3 am in a zone instead of 1 am. This means you are running 5 on fri, sat, and up to 8 on sunday.

The 1199 rule is all we got. (Was it worth it?) ( This story started in 97. I was there dont forget. Day one to be exact.) ripd ;)

So here we all are. Hurts doesn't it? You would have never thought of it. We can not be afraid to push our weight around. People are looking for us to do so. The 1199 is the push. A move to a Monday night winner take all 3000 prize is the weight around. We will send along the paper work at the usual time.

Let the public body blow them all day over it. Thats a reasonable number.
You just love it, dont you? No lawyers needed here.

Concerning the wire act, bradley bill etc.

I was trying to figure out where the money were to come from in the event we go live with sports betting. Which means the NFL and CFB.

Lets call what it is... PARLAY CARD ORAMA CITY BABY. My current chief aggravation is the assumption by all states people will get in there car and go somewhere to bet games if allowed. As if. I will spare you the rant, but I can assure you, IT AINT HAPPENING. Here is how you catch big air and let it all out by the end of november.

We are talking the forgiegn markets here. The NFL, CFB and the NBA get an exclusive good for up to two years in order to test out this concept and decide how they want to develop it. We have a lot of options here.

Free parlay cards, contest stuff, for money only because every one else will just get it. Many will throw you 5-20 dollars a week just to stick it thier real place. They could care less about the results. Its a status symbol thing for sure. We could go Freindly Frank on people and hang the winners on the sites for people to see. There are more options. Just depends.

The only kick we have is in year one. The thrill will be gone forever once year two starts.

We are doing his to flush out any players whom may go offshore do this, since all will offer a like promo just like that. This is a good thing because it tells us whats working and whats not right away. The contrast in reports gets the job done and will help us define what is really going on in these states. Many will sign on just because of the big buzz. Its how we are. Has never mattered what it was.

Therefore we are training in advance many of the type of people whom will send money to an american site. Being now familiar with the process and comfortable with it all makes it easy for them and the fact that we have a real gaming commission that can do something for them if need be, unlike offshore, makes all the difference.

Get used to it NGCB no one is going to trust thier states unless everything you do is in there state books also. Those compacts look like they are making a comeback. The 1199 rule is all we got right now.

Best of all. It creates desire by all others to be in on that action. Great, let them do all the work. Good ole fashion O.P.M. BABY. We are not in the US market. Why would we be bothored? Lobby who for what or why. All we said is that we are thinking about reconsidering our stance. Until we can study the first years numbers and other things thats our position. g_unz

Brutal stuff.

Once they see how it really is and what the numbers are, the hoopla and crazy speculation will go away. The states can handle the straight bets all they want. Good Luck with that.

There is no other way to do this but online. I cant justify anyone opening anything or people willing to do anything else but that. If you want to go our way, its through a central clearing house or not at all. I believe the 300 to 1 or better before taxes kicks in should stand. No reason to change anything.

Thats the solution. Let everyone else do the grunt work, while we monitor things, observe the processes it takes to do all this and go from there.

Our build out has to be in place by mid march. We need to scare some people into what they are really getting into if they try it on thier own.
Nothing like seeing it to get a point across.

We have the writers, enough phone personel avaliable and the right look that makes people believe we are pulling it together. No one will want to hear from us once April comes.

Yes, your Shawdow Inet Gaming Chairman thought all that through. What can I say, I am gifted with it.

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