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Old 12-22-2009, 12:01 PM
DrunkenGoon DrunkenGoon is offline
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Default Papa Noel French Specials

tis the holidays season, I'll give you guys a little gift... all prices as of late last night.


Bastia Strength: 7/10 imp DF Martial, reg MF Jau, reg MF Barthelemy are out injured. reg MF Cahuzac is out through suspension. sub DF Lingani, reg DF Adenon, sub MF Ghisolfi, reg FW Khazri are back from suspension. reg MF Rocchi is back from injury.

Tours Strength: 7/10 sub GK Sopalski, reg DF N'Ganga, reg MF/FW Cetout are out injured. sub DF Saidi is back from injury. Not a lot of info available but it looks like reg MF Belaud, reg MF Belghazouani, reg MF Francois are not available for this one.

Probable Lineups:
Bastia(4-4-2): Novaes - Adenon, Harek, Lingani, Dunjic - Khazri, Gomez, Rocchi, Ghisolfi - Gaffory, Andre
Tours(4-4-2): Salin - Gennevois, Tomas, Santos, Dujeaux - Atik, Englebert, Toure, Belgazouani - Giroud, Yenga

This is either the start of something new for Bastia or really just another step on the way to L3. The coaching change will take time to produce results, they still need more quality players in the lineup but getting 4 players back from suspension is a good start. Getting top scorer Gaffory into the lineup is the best news possible for them. 10 points out of salvation with half the season to go is not an impossible proposition but they need to start winning and fast. Tours come in well rested but banged up in midfield, they still have promotion dreams but this is a team that's about to lose their inspirational leader FW Giroud to the transfer market. The visitors have to improve on their away form and this is an opportunity. They are well rested and catch Bastia at a very sensitive time. The hosts have to rely on emotion to get back on track, not sure that's enough to overcome a well balanced Tours side. Weather will be ok here, almost ideal conditions.

No side lean. Total lean to over.

Best Bet: None

Chateauroux Strength: 8.5/10 imp DF Kone, sub DF Giraudon, sub DF Cherfa, sub DF Cerielo, sub MF Grauss are out injured.

Ajaccio Strength: 8/10 reg MF Andre, reg FW Riviere is out injured. reg DF Moimbe is suspended.

Probable Lineups:
Chateauroux(4-4-2): Fernandez - Da Silva, Rumegous, Courdonnier, Bedimo - Haddad, Ouadah, Baby, Fleurival - Constant - Bueno
Ajaccio(5-4-1): Debes - Pereira, N'Diaye, Medjani, Fournier, Sabo - Pierazzi, Gueriero, Kinkela, Dohin - Viale

Slowly but surely, Chateauroux are getting sucked back into the bottom half of the standings. A team that started out really hot, they have been unable to sustain that momentum due to defensive problems and a chronic inability to finish chances. Ajaccio pulled away from the drop zone with an impressive win over Nantes at the weekend, now they must confirm on the road where they have really struggled historically. Two teams searching for an identity, we know the hosts have the talent but they haven't proved the ability to consistently play smart. Ajaccio can frustrate teams with their bunker down approach, not sure Chateauroux have the patience to break them down. Weather will not play a factor here, should be quite ok conditions and no precipitations, the hosts have the speed to create opportunities while Ajaccio's transition game will see some opportunities.

No side lean. Total lean to over.

Best Bet: None

Dijon Strength: 7.5/10 reg DF Vosahlo, reg DF Zywiecki, reg MF Robail are out injured. sub DF N'Tolla is suspended. reg DF Batomenila, sub MF Linares, reg FW Rivas are back from injury.

Brest Strength: 8/10 reg DF Bourgis, sub DF Coulibaly, sub DF Cotty, reg MF Bigne, sub FW Sitruk, sub FW DeCarvalho are out injured. imp FW Roux is back from suspension.

Probable Lineups:
Dijon(4-4-2): Malicki - Goulard, Souprayen, Batomenila, Lebrun - Kitambala, Carriere, Boateng, Isabey - Mandanne, Ribas
Brest(4-4-2): Elana - Bourgis, Brou Apanga, Kantari, Daf - Fabien, Grougi, Ferradj, Lesoimier - Socrier, Poyet

Quite likely that this game will be postponed due to snow on the pitch and cold temperatures. The hosts are getting healthier, and the return of Ribas should help their struggling offense. They are a bit of a wild card team, when on top of their game they can play with anybody and this is a game they are surely up for. They have not beaten Brest at home in 5 meetings, it's really been a weird series with the home team winning just 1 of the last 12 meetings. Brest are riding their defense to a surprising promotion spot at this point, they have shown the ability to really defend well and get timely scoring. With the bad weather, this is a game that should stay low scoring as the hosts improve some defensively, not sure they have the firepower to break down a well organized Brest. The return of imp FW Roux will give Brest some offensive options they didn't enjoy at the weekend.

No side lean. No total opinion.

Best Bet: None

Guingamp Strength: 7.5/10 reg DF Delgado, imp MF Diallo, reg MF El Jadeyaoui, sub MF Hamroun are out injured. reg MF Colleau is back from suspension. reg FW Gilmar is rested.

Clermont Strength: 9/10 imp MF Chaudissier is out injured.

Probable Lineups:
Guingamp(4-4-2): Trevisan - Deroff, Bassila, Saad, Kone - Mathis, Ogounbiyi, Soumah, Giresse - Grax, Allaoui
Clermont(4-4-2): Fabre - Bockhorni, Madouni, Benatia, Cellier - Najih, Hamdani, Ekobo, Brahimi - Yatabare, Haquin

Guingamp went down to Strasbourg deservedly at the weekend now they gotta get back on trach against a Clermont side that were forutunate to pull off a home win vs in form Le Havre, in large part due to a cheap red card early. Two physical sides going at it in frigid temperatures, this is another game that might not get underway due to the cold front. Guingamp is the better organized side, they have better offensive talent in midfield but they need to be patient against a bunker down stay at home type of defending side that Clermont will roll out there. I think the hosts are focused enough to take care of business and spend the holidays in midtable comfort, if they fail, they will have so relegation worries, something inconceaivable at the start of the season.

No total opinion.

Best Bet: Guingamp -0.5 2.07 3/5 units

Laval Strength: 9/10 reg DF Puig, sub DF Ichane, sub FW Jacuzzi are out injured.

Vannes Strength: 7.5/10 reg GK Benvegnu, reg DF Drouin, sub MF Diguiny, sub FW Bourhani are all out injured. reg FW DjeDje did not make the trip.

Probable Lineups:
Laval(4-4-2): Balijon - Stinat, Chapuis, Talmont, Coue - Gonvalves, Hamouma, Neumann, Levrat - Haguy, Genest
Vannes(4-4-2): Gnanhouan - Martot, Herve, Leuguen, Guillon - Mezague, Kamissoko, Liabeuf, Sammaritano - Ghimbert, Camara

Laval showed their spirit with a come from behind draw at Caen in brutal conditions, they really were the better side on the night, now need to confrim it at home and the fall season in the top half with a comfortable cushion and why not, an eye towards the top 3. Vannes got back on track with the blasting of Bastia, but they need to prove their defensive improvements against a more capable side, this will be a good test for both to prove their belongingless in the top 3rd. Laval have the ability to generate a lot of chances, I think they will test the backup Vannes GK every opportunity they get. Expect an open game with both teams getting opportunities, Vannes not as pragmatic as in the past and there will be goals in this one.

No side lean. Total lean to over.

Best Bet: None

Nimes Strength: 6/10 sub GK Al-Shabani, sub DF Liron, reg MF Auvray, reg MF Cavalli, sub MF Ichalalene, imp FW Mandrichi are out injured. reg DF Sbai, imp MF Cavalli are out through suspension.

Istres Strength: 10/10 no injuries reported.

Probable Lineups:
Nimes(4-4-2): Puydebois - Sidebe, Poulain, Stosic, Bayod - Moukandjo, Mostefa, Haddou, El Hajaoui - Buac, Ayite
Istres(4-4-2): Agassa - Dumolin, Doumbia, Dielna, Scotto - Coulibaly, Mesloub, Kessany, Chiaravino - Begeorgi, Riviere

Big regional rivalry. Nimes put up a solid fight at Brest and maybe deserved better than the 0-1 loss, now have an opportunity to bank some points and really have a peaceful winter break. They should be up for this one against local rivals Istres, the visitors have not played a game in almost 3 weeks. Weather will not be a factor as it could be close to 10 degrees at game time. The visitors need to kickstart their offense, haven't scored in 4 on the road and they are just not that good at the back to get results that way. At full strength, they have an opportunity to get something here against a banged up hosts side, will look to take a physical approach on Ayite, without Mandrichi in the lineup, he is the only attacking threat for the hosts. I think Nimes has that overachieving feeling and might be caught looking ahead to the holidays, a hungry Istres side can surprise here.

No side lean. No total opinion.

Best Bet: None

Arles Strength: 8/10 sub DF Kali, reg MF Correze, reg FW Cherrad, sub MF Germany are out injured.

Sedan Strength: 7/10 reg DF Scaramozzino, reg DF/MF Tiberi, reg MF Mokake, sub MF Oliveira, sub DF Monney, reg MF Karaboue are out injured.

Probable Lineups:
Arles(4-3-3): Merville - Esor, Elie, Reynaud, Vergerolle - Piocelle, N'Diaye, Ayew - Psaume, Dale, Diawara
Sedan(4-4-2): Costil - Abdallah, Cantini, Traore, Baysse - LeMoigne, Valdivia, Sidebe, Eudeline - Henaini, Allart

Arles have been one of the better home teams in L2, playing back to back home games in this short rest situation really helps them not having to travel. They are playing a deadly direct game on home pitch and most opponents have trouble staying with them physically for 90'. Sedan have improved some on their travels but are still a bit too naive for my liking, they are willing to trade chance with anybodyand it usually ends up costing them at the bakc. Without Scaramozzino and Tiberi they really are a bit fragile and Arles is capable of exploiting that. Look for an up tempo game with both sides pushing forward, but in the end Arles should take care of business in a high scoring game.

Best Bet: Arles -0.25 1.96 3/5 units
Best Bet: OVER 2 1.92 2/5 units

Le Havre Strength: 8/10 imp MF Alla, sub DF Ba, reg FW Nikezic are out injured. reg MF Fofana is out through suspension. reg FW Lesage is back from long term injury.

Strasbourg Strength: 8/10 reg DF Fanchone, reg MF Gargarov, sub FW Khiter, sub FW Kebe are out injured. reg DF Bellaid, reg FW Fauvergue are back from suspensions.

Probable Lineups:
Le Havre(4-4-2): Placide - Henin, Nestor, Gillet, Le Marchand - Anin, Bonnet, Ben Idir, Rakotoharisoa - Diallo, Lesage
Strasbourg(4-4-2): Cassard - Abadie, Pele, Bellaid, Pichot - Bezzaz, Damour, Lacour, Othon - Gueye, Fauvergue

Traditional rivalry. Le Havre are in a bit of a rot at this point, they hope the return of FW Lesage can spark their offense. Quite unfortunate to lose at Clermont as they dominated the 2H even down to 10 men, but you have to wonder how that type of effort will affect them playing on short rest. Strasbourg could get out of the drop zone with a win here, but I think they will take a draw considering how poor they have been on their travels. A couple of big plusses with the return if Bellaid and Fauvergue, this is a team that's better thantheir record and they are starting to show it. The winter break and the transfer window should allow them to improve both talent wise and with the mental game, until then expect a hard working effort here. Not really sure what to expect, weather will be a factor here with precipitation in the forecast, it depends if it will be snow or rain. These teams have not played an over head to head over the last 11 years, 7 1-0 games and 5 1-1 over the span, over bettors beware.

Side lean to Le Havre. Total lean to under.

Best Bet: None

Nantes Strength: 8/10 reg DF Sambou, reg MF Abdoun, sub MF/FW Dossevi, reg FW N'Diaye are out injured. reg DF Mareval is back from suspension.

Angers Strength: 7.5/10 reg DF Leray, reg MF Auriac, sub DF Ousfane, sub MF Suzuki, reg FW Adnane are out injured.

Probable Lineups:
Nantes(4-4-2): Kamenar - Jarjat, Mareval, Pierre, Tall - De Freitas, Darbion, Ba, Shereni - Darcheville, Keseru
Angers(4-4-2): Olimpa - Fall, Ecuele Manga, Mienniel, Djellabi - Diers, Stephan, Brunel, Renouard - Modeste, Charbonnier

Regional derby. Nantes need to get on tack, have taken care of business at home but their finishing has really not been up to par, they create so many chances and they are wasted on a consistent basis. I think they are feed up with some of their FW's and are looking to give other a chance, Keseru did well at Ajaccio off the bench and should get a start here. The return of Mareval should improve the defense and help push Sherni in a mifield role where he's more comfortable. For Angers, it's the same group as at weekend when they were postponed. Well rested, they are dagerously close to the drop zone and need to start improving defensively, they are relying too much on Modeste's scoring and even if he's having a spectacular season, teals like Nantes can shut him down. The absence of playmaker Auriac is a big blow for them, it means less posession and more pressure to be absorbed by their vulnerable defense. Nantes has the ability to break down Angers and anything other than a home win will be a big shock here, aside from the derby factor I have a hard time making a case for Angers in this one.

Best Bet: Nantes -0.5 1.93 3/5 units
Best Bet: OVER 2 1.85 3/5 units
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Old 12-22-2009, 12:12 PM
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Thanks DG, I'll tag along. Merry Christmas!


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Old 12-22-2009, 12:17 PM
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Thanks Goon!
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Old 12-22-2009, 05:32 PM
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Unreal that u can follow this stuff. GL, Goon. Merry Xmas!
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Old 12-22-2009, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by ChuckyTheGoat View Post
Unreal that u can follow this stuff. GL, Goon. Merry Xmas!
and he does it as well as anybody
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