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Old 08-27-2004, 05:05 PM
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Default Bowmans 3rd annual $110,000 contest, rules and regs

Bowman International Presents
The 3rd Annual $110,000 World Challenge of Handicapping

Bowman International, the name to trust in wagering since 1985, launches its 20th year with its 3rd Annual World Challenge of Handicapping Contest. This year there is over $110,000 USD in Cash Prizes to be won. For the season long contest, there is a $25,000 USD first prize and prizes paid all the way down to 70th place. Each week $2500 USD will be paid to the top handicapper of the week with a prize of $3000 USD going to the top handicapper of week 17. And finally, at the end of week 17, there will be a random draw of all participants who entered their selections for each week of the contest and wagered a minimum amount throughout the year. That winner will receive $10,000 USD, which makes the total prize pool for this years contest, $110,000 USD.

Rules and Prizes

Season Long Prizes. You will be asked to make 8 selections per week with point spread from a list of all NFL games from that weeks schedule.

All winning selections will be accumulated for the entire 2004 NFL season.

At the end of the 17th week of regular season play, the player with the most correct selections accumulated through the 17 week regular season will win the top prize with the next highest accumulated total winning second prize all the way down through 70th place.

Tie breaking procedure for season long contest is as follows.

If tied for any position at the end of 17 weeks, the participant who had the best record the last week of the season (week 17) wins the tiebreaker, if still tied, then repeat the process until the tie is broken. (week 16,15,14 and so forth). If still tied then the monies for those places tied will be added and divided equally (ie. Two tie for first then 1st and 2nd prize money get added together and split evenly.)

1st Place $25,000
2nd Place $15,000
3rd Place $5,000
4th Place $1,000
5th 10th Place $500
11th 20th Place $300
21st 30th Place $200
31st 50th Place $100
51st 70th Place $50
Weekly Prizes

Each week of the 2004 NFL regular season, the participant with the most correct selections with point spread that particular week will win the weekly prize.

Weeks 1 through 16 most correct selections that week will win $2500 USD. Week 17, the most correct selections will win $3000 USD. There will be no tiebreakers for the weekly prizes. All participants with the most wins for that particular week will split the prize money equally.

Point spreads for all NFL games will be posted on the web site at each Tuesday by noon PST. Each participant must make 8 selections each week.

End of Season Random Draw

At the end of the 17 week regular season, Bowmans will draw one name from all contestants who entered their 8 selections in each of the 17 weeks of the contest and who wagered at least $1000 over the course of the entire 17 week regular season. That one lucky winner will receive $10000 USD.

To Be Eligible

Contestants must have a valid account at Bowmans with a pin number.
To qualify for the season long prize money, contestants must make wagers during the NFL season totaling $1000 or more.
To qualify for weekly prizes, contestants must make wagers totaling $20 or more that week. The week is defined between 12:00 am PST Monday through 11:59 pm PST Sunday.
To qualify for the end of season $10000 USD random draw, you must have put in an entry for each of the 17 weeks of the competition, and you must have wagered at least $1000 in the sportsbook over the course of the 17week season.
Monies wagered to qualify must be wagered in the sportsbook. Wagers made in the casino, poker or horseracing do not count towards qualifying bets for the contests.
All entries each week must be received 3 hours before the start of the first game on Sunday. During weeks which feature games going prior to Sunday, all 8 selections must be turned in at least 3 hours prior to the start of the first game if one of those non Sunday games are one of your selections. (ie. If one of your 8 selections is for a Thursday night game, all 8 of your selections for that week must be in 3 hours prior to the start of the Thursday game). The spreads for the games will be taken down 3 hours prior to start of the Sunday card (10 am PST)
After submitting your entry, you will receive an email confirmation of your selections. Should your email confirmation not be returned within 10 minutes, please phone customer service to inform them of the problem. No entries will be allowed after the cutoff time of 3 hours prior to the start of the Sunday games. NO EXCEPTIONS: PLEASE DO NOT ASK
Standings will be on website every Tuesday afternoon. When signing up for the contest you will be asked to choose a nickname. If you have previously signed up for a Bowmans contest with a nickname, this same nickname will be used for this contest. This nickname will be used for this contest and all other Bowmans contests to post standings on the website. This will protect all players privacy. Please keep this nickname written down for future reference and contests. Bowmans reserves the right to publish the year long contest winners real name on its website.
All winnings prizes are in US dollars. US dollars will be converted into Canadian for Canadian account holders the day the prize money is funded at the Bowmans exchange rate of that day.
In order to settle any disputes in a fair and nonbiased fashion, Las Vegas Sports Consultants will settle any disputes. All decisions by LVSC are final.
In the unlikely event that all 17 weeks of the season are not played the winner of the year long contest will be the person with the most wins at the time the season ends. The weekly competition will be cancelled for weeks not played. All tie breaking procedures will remain in effect.
In the event of a cancelled game that is not made up within one week of the scheduled date, that selection will be deemed 0 points.
In the event a scheduled week or weeks of play is pushed back, such as the case in 2001-02, then those weeks will be included in the contest
One entry per person. Anyone found to have more than one entry will be immediately disqualified from the contest and will forfeit any prizes.
All participants must submit true and accurate information when signing up with Bowmans to participate in the contest. Bowmans will not adjust personal account information in order to send prize winnings. Any participants who supply false information on signup will be disqualified and forfeit any prizes.

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Old 08-27-2004, 05:16 PM
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Default RE:Bowmans 3rd annual $110,000 contest, rules and regs

I am in the process of re-upping at Bowmans and thought I'd post the rules and regs for anyone unfamiliar with their most generous "World Challange of Handicapping".

Though a joint owner of the account, this contest is my husbands baby, and he had the good fortune to split one of the weekly $2,500 prizes.

You know.. now that I think about it I really shouldn't be encouraging anyone else to sign up for this.. hmmmmmmm.. [img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif[/img]

And for those with even a shorter memory than me, let me remind you that it was a poster from MW (sports student) who tied for first place with another contestant, and donated the extra $250 for being the highest finisher at MW to our superbowl squares/prop contest.

from last years thread:
Remember Bowmans $110,000 Challenge, and how one of the finalists (crapsaddict - who posts at MW as sports student) finished tied in first place for the big money? In case you don't remember, the top two guys finished the season long contest at 86-50. sports student was awarded 2nd place, and $15,000. (1st place paid 25K, and though their final record was identical, the other guy had one more win for week 17 thus winning the tiebreaker)

sports student asked that the $250 extra that Bowmans had kicked in for "the top finisher from MajorWager" be used for a contest.
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