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Oddessa 05-28-2003 02:12 AM

Love to Train with this chick

jayhawk 05-28-2003 02:18 AM

Did you say pull a train, or just train? " no matter how hard I try I just can't pass her guard.

big action 05-28-2003 02:20 AM

Yeah, when I read the title I was thinking "pull a train". Now that I see the picture I think both euphemisms are applicable.

Louis Cypher 05-28-2003 02:22 AM


Put it back in your pants buddy!! I think Tonya Harding is waiting for'll find her at the nearest barf and barn eatery...punch her one time for me...literally!!


Oddessa 05-28-2003 02:27 AM

I would have to take a round outa Tonya just for ' celebrity banging' status anyway. You have to remember that talk of banging celebs always goes well at cocktail parties. (even Tonya.....)

***I would live in her guard, for those MMA fans that know what that means. Thats a triangle choke I would gladly pass out in.

05-28-2003 07:01 AM

Odessa, unlike you, I'm certainly no expert when it comes to training fighters. But if I trained with that babe, I do know enough to start each session with a blow job and to end it with some greek. And regarding the middle section of the training session--well, I'll just leave that to everyone's imagination.

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