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Higgysmalls 12-29-2002 02:43 AM

The Juice Is Loose
Simpson visits USC practice field
Associated Press

MIAMI -- For the first time in more than eight years, O.J. Simpson attended a USC football practice Saturday, mingling and chatting with players, giving some of them autographs and posing for pictures with others.

"I never thought I would be watching SC practice here on New Year's. Never, never,'' said Simpson, who was a star for the Trojans in the 1960s and won the 1968 Heisman Trophy.

Simpson, 55, now lives in Miami, and he's had little contact with the school since a Los Angeles jury acquitted him in 1995 of murder charges in the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

A civil jury later held Simpson liable for the killings and ordered him to pay the victims' survivors $33.5 million. His Heisman was sold to meet part of the obligation.

He has always maintained his innocence.

Simpson seemed in high spirits at the USC practice, pumping coach Pete Carroll's hand and smiling. He hugged many of the coaches and players, including this year's Heisman winner, quarterback Carson Palmer.

Simpson congratulated Palmer, saying, "It's great to finally have another Heisman winner at SC.''

He chuckled and added, "But a quarterback?''

Palmer said, "Yeah, I know, it's strange. This has always been `Tailback U.''' The Trojans' other Heisman winners were tailbacks Mike Garrett (1965), Charles White (1979) and Marcus Allen (1981).

Carroll seemed pleased to have Simpson visit the team.

"It's a little different out here today,'' Carroll said, grinning. "It's his school, and the guys were excited to see him. He's a legend. At SC, our guys hold a Heisman Trophy winner in high regard.''

Tailback Justin Fargas was especially happy to talk with Simpson, a Hall of Famer who set a then-record of 2,003 yards rushing with the Buffalo Bills in 1973.

"I've always admired his running style,'' Fargas said. "The first time I got a football uniform, I wanted No. 32 to be like 'The Juice.' I feel great just being part of the tailback tradition here.

After practice, Fargas took Simpson up on a lunch invitation.

Simpson is happy to see the Trojans, who face Iowa in the FedEx Orange Bowl on Thursday, back in the national limelight.

"I love this team. They're so aggressive, beating up teams, taking over the game in the fourth quarter. That's the way we used to play. And it just disappeared for the last 15-to-20 years,'' he said. "It was tough to take and turned some of us off.

"But whatever Pete Carroll has done, they're playing much more aggressively on both sides of the ball. I admit I wasn't the biggest Pete Carroll fan when he was hired, but now I'm his biggest fan.''

Simpson, who has some difficulty getting around on his gimpy knees and is going to have knee replacement surgery, wasn't sure whether he would attend the Orange Bowl.

"I've got about eight people wanting me to go with them, but I don't go to games; there are just too many people. There are lots of autographs and pictures, and it just gets a little nuts,'' he said. "I go to basketball games occasionally, but I haven't been to a football game, except high school games, forever.

"I go to high school games for my kids and for friends who have kids and sometimes give a little pep talk or speech.''

The USC players, gathered at the far end of the field when Simpson first walked onto the sideline, immediately knew it was him, Palmer said.

"I think everybody recognized him even from that far away. I think everybody noticed,'' said Palmer, who had not met Simpson before. "It's cool.''

Carroll thought Simpson's presence might have added spark to the practice, which was the Trojans' second in Florida.

"It was a great practice. The energy surprised me a little bit. Maybe that (Simpson's visit) had something to do with it,'' the coach said.

Simpson, meanwhile, would like to have seen the top-ranked Miami Hurricanes and USC meet in a bowl.

"I thought that would be the best game, since right now I think they are the best two teams,'' he said. "I hope they (the Trojans) prove me right against Iowa.''

Bostongambler 12-29-2002 03:12 AM

Put him in a room with me and see what happens.

michael777 12-29-2002 03:16 AM

maybe he thought he would find the real killer on the practice field[img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-disgusted.gif[/img]

doghouse 12-29-2002 04:18 AM

I wouldn't want my school or team associated with Simpson present day in any manner.
Those kids were what. 10 at the most when that all went down?
Guess their perspective would be skewed.

Patrick McIrish 12-29-2002 04:21 AM

<< Put him in a room with me and see what happens. >>

I knew I liked this guy.

12-29-2002 12:10 PM

NO Relation.

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