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blogguy 04-03-2006 02:03 AM

SYNERGY numbers at league perspective
I thought it might be helfpul to put up a post where I just ranked everyone in SYNERGY so they can see how they stack up against each other. This is probably easiest for this new stat than hopping around from team to team all the time

SYNERGY is simply shooting percentage PLUS the percentage of made field goals that are assisted.

On offense: The higher the number, the more synergy an offense has in terms of sharing the ball and scoring. The lower the number, the less synergy they have. There's a general correlation between success and failure here. But...a few teams with no numbers do well because their style is to let one guy go one-on-one against a weak link on the opponent. Dallas does this well. Washington scores with this approach thanks to Arenas.

On defense: I think the stat pretty much lines up with quality here. At least in terms of how well the defense disrupts the opponent's ability to move the ball around on offense and score. Phoenix always surprises me by ranking so high...but that's been consistent all year. So, SOMETHING they're doing on defense is messing people up.

(Top 10--strong synergy)
Detroit: 112
Phoenix: 112
New Jersey: 112
Denver: 108
Utah: 108
Sacramento: 107
Golden State: 106
Minnesota: 106
Milwaukee: 105
Chicago: 105

(Middle 10)
San Antonio: 104
Miami: 104
LA Clippers: 104
Boston: 104
LA Lakers: 103
Indiana: 102 (midpoint of league about here)
Memphis: 102
Houston: 102
Philadelphia: 101
Charlotte: 101

(Bottom 10---doesn't share)
Atlanta: 100
Seattle: 100
Toronto: 99
Cleveland: 99
Orlando: 99
New Orleans: 98
Portland: 98
New York: 97
Washington: 96
Dallas: 96


(Top 11---very disruptive)
San Antonio: 91
Phoenix: 93
Dallas: 95
Detroit: 98
Indiana: 98
Minnesota: 98
Miami: 100
Utah: 100
New Orleans: 100
Cleveland: 102
Sacramento: 102

(Middle 9)
Chicago: 103
Portland: 103
Orlando: 103
Atlanta: 103
New Jersey: 104
Memphis: 104
Houston: 104
LA Lakers 104
New York: 104

(Bottom 10---least disruptive)
Washington: 105
LA Clippers: 105
Golden State: 106
Boston: 106
Philadelphia: 107
Denver: 109
Milwaukee: 109
Charlotte: 110
Seattle: 110
Toronto: 110

I've probably made comments in the "esoteric" write-ups that gave some teams too much or too little credit about something because I didn't do this at the very beginning. This should help everyone see things in the full league context.

As I've said before...I think the offensive number is more "descriptive" before it lets you know how teams go about their business. It's possible to have a good offense with a low offensive number. With defense, I think the numbers help define qulity. There aren't any good defenses with bad synergy numbers. The Clippers will probably play better than that in the playoffs.

Please share your thoughts on the numbers. Particularly anything you've noticed that I may have missed...or any applications you think make sense that haven't been brought up before. I think this data has potential to help us see more than we were seeing before. Turning into pointspread success will take some creativity. I think there's strong potential in exploiting the bad synergy defenses when they're tired. I've seen that this year. So...that's a starting point at least...

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