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Old 07-25-2001, 01:19 PM
skoda skoda is offline
Join Date: Aug 2000
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Default Rico ask Marilyn

A question asked her....

Both the US Senate and the House of Representatives open their sessions with a prayer, and I have never heard any objections to this practice. However, we all know about the controversial Supreme Court ban of anything resembling official prayer in our public schools. Can you distinguish between the two? Or is it just plain hypocrisy?

Marilyn says; Maybe it's good common sense. Considering what goes on in Congress, the Justices might figure that our representatives need way more divine guidance than our kids do

You see her reply doesn't answer the question directly, she says MAYBE! I would be interested to hear her reply to your question. Basically she is telling me the world is full of hypocrisy which is a better way of saying whats good for me is not good for all unless I benefit from what you do!
If you notice Politicans use words from their Thesaurus and if you don't have a Thesaurus you may think that underpriviledged means unfortunate when it really means LOSER! I've heard Politicans refer to the underpriviledged many times so what they are really saying is we are LOSERS
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Old 07-26-2001, 04:58 AM
el tiburon el tiburon is offline
Join Date: Jan 2001
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Skoda, using the word "hypocrisy" to describe the government is like giving them a complement!
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Old 07-26-2001, 05:23 AM
Rico Rico is offline
Join Date: Oct 2000
Posts: 22

Actually, I'd rather ask The Philosopher, Mark Del, Selkirk, Guido etc. They are probably smarter and much less apt to give politically correct B.S. answer like the example you just sited.

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Old 07-26-2001, 11:38 AM
skoda skoda is offline
Join Date: Aug 2000
Posts: 1,124

Some get educated in schools other's on the streets and in this case the majority doesn't rule....
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Old 07-28-2001, 06:09 AM
Scott Landau Scott Landau is offline
Two Star General
Join Date: Jul 2000
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Some of the heavyweights you mentioned don't frequent this Canteen. Ask M or D to move this topic into The Mess Hall. This looks like a 3 page topic in that room.
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