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BuzzRavanaugh 04-23-2006 09:50 PM

An open letter to golf course designers>>
Tom Kite, Gene Fazio, David Toms, Tom Weiskopf, Ben Crenshaw, Jack Nicklaus---

You guys can't make a course long enough for these guys anymore. You ruining the game. Each week the guy who hits it the farthest wins. The longer you make the courses the more the equipment changes and the more you bastardize the sport.

We are in an era where the 8,000 yard course is just around the corner. The 505 par 4 is standard every week and this year in the US Open we will have a Par 5 that plays nearly 700 yards.

Enough is enough, these guys are too in shape , they are given equipement that hits it farther and given a golf ball that spins off the moon when hit with a 2 iron. The game is not about driving the ball--but you have made it that way. Mickelson is now regularly carrying two drivers--that proves how important the tee ball is on today's courses.

Ben Hogan and his picture perfect 1 iron that were hit on the rope are now not needed. Lanny Wadkins and Ray Floyd's flawless iron play is now gone. Its who can hit it 350 yards and hit their 9 iron close to the pin.

I think we need to change the greens. More elevated, multi layered greens with varying speeds and angles. Make it a challenge for these guys to get a receptive shot in the optimum pin placement. Once they get on the green they should have a fair putt. If they are 45 feet away it should bend off the earth and go up and down hills like a rolling country highway.

This game is getting unwatchable and its because of these long damn golf courses.

This year 14 winners held or were tied for the lead after 3 rounds. These courses are built for the Arnie Charge or Nicklaus moving into position on Sunday. Moving day is just a Saturday where if you go low you got a shot--if you don't--pack up the car and go to the next stop.

Tommyjay 04-24-2006 11:25 AM

An open letter to golf course designers>>
I can't agree enough. Bottleneck the fairway at about 280.
My ride is here, I have more to say on this later.
It's all about the ball. Easy fix.

Tommyjay 04-24-2006 09:41 PM

An open letter to golf course designers>>
As I see it, the biggest problem is to have a track playable for the weekend guys and hard enough to hold the once a year tournament. Making a course 8000 yards and unplayable for Joe Blow 18 handicapper, won't keep them in business.

Yes, the equipment is better today. The irons I don't think are much better than when Ping showed up on the scene 25 years ago, but the woods are dramatically different. A modern driver can compress todays balls without swinging off your feet. Thus, the answer lies with the balls. A ball with less compression, AND deforms if hit too hard, is possible to make. It might be worth looking into.

Without some changes soon, the only competitive players will all look like Vaughn Taylor, or Justin Rose, or Tiger. 6'2" or 3 and 190 to 210 Lbs. The appeal of golf was that almost anyone could practice and play their way to the pros. That might be a thing of the past.

Some games evolve and some evolve a lot. Golf doesnt have to be one. Look at pool---hasn't changed one iota in over 100 years.

alysheba88 04-30-2006 10:38 PM

An open letter to golf course designers>>
They have to change the equipement- clubs and balls. Its ridiculous.

On a side note like Rees Jones courses. Have met the guy- very good guy and good designer

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