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Tommyjay 08-21-2005 04:25 AM

Live From The Reno-Tahoe Open
Drove the 2 hours to see the pros in action at the Montreaux G&CC. Got up at 5AM and left 30 minutes later. Just a gorgeous day and a perfect sunrise. Going up the Mt. Rose Hwy a couple of miles, I spot a PGA parking sign pointing out in the frikken desert. WTH, I go there, pay 5 bucks, and take a bus to the course, 5 more miles up the road.

Pay my 20 bucks, fill out a questionaire, get 3 cans of dip free, and I'm on the first fairway. Olin Browne, Danny Ellis, and Chris Anderson have just teed off so I follow. Me and about 15 other people. It's me, Ellis' parents, two wives of the caddies, A couple Asians (no speaky Engie), three PGA stat guys, and one or two more. Walk the whole front nine with this group.

I peeled off at the ninth green, sat down and watched about 8 threesomes come through. Rested up, I caught my original group at 14 green. Watched 15-18 with the boys, thoroughly enjoyed myself. Hung around the 18th green for an hour or longer, 3:00, time to hit it.

Observations and insight---

All the pros smash it off the tee. I'm considered a long hitter, but Jeez.

EVERYBODY muffs a shot or two. Olin left one in the bunker, Ellis took a 7 on a par 3, and Anderson chunked a couple of chips.

The pros walk fast, it's hard to keep up. It seems that they can't wait to get finished.

A lot of pros smoke cigarettes, almost no one in the gallery.

The wives and girlfriends of the caddies are hot, capital H Hot.

Drives off the tee are loud, irons off the grass are unusually quiet.

Olin Browne is a nice guy. He came up to a 10 year old kid in a wheel chair, with 2 casts on his legs, and chatted with him for a couple of minutes, right in front of me.

The PGA volunteers are a bunch of old country club geezers, and don't know what they're doing.

Not one golfer looked me in the eye, ever. And I was very close, as close as 10 feet on the tee.

I never saw the leader hit one shot. Vaughn Taylor. But......

I was walking between 9 and 10, walking forward and looking backward, and ran right into Vaughn. Big collision, I thought his caddy was going to deck me. Nice to meet you Vaughn.

It was a fun time by myself, but I'm taking a pass on Sunday.

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