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Old 12-07-2004, 10:24 AM
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Default PGA Tour qualifying school results>>

Always think this is good information. Some of these guys will play really well this winter. I always look to see who is hot early in the year. These guys have a leg up in Hawaii and the Desert because they are in playing shape. So many of these guys show up in Hawaii and start practicing. PGA Tour qualifying school is the ultimate grind. These guys whose games are sharp can do some damage in January and February.

Craig Barlow shoots 80 in the first round and qualifies, that is impressive.

Bill Glasson has been on tour alot and has won out there. He has had numerous knee surgeries in his career. If he is health I wonder if he can be one of the 40 somethings with a chance out there.

Matt Kuchar relegated to the Nationwide Tour so was Bill Haas.

Note: The top 26 and ties are fully exempt for the PGA TOUR; the subsequent
finishers through 77th place and ties are fully exempt for the Nationwide

Brian Davis, $50,000 72P-65N-67N-69P-68N-74P-415
Rob Rashell, $40,000 68N-68P-70N-67P-74N-69P-416
Danny Briggs, $35,000 74P-73N-69P-66N-69N-68P-419
Paul Claxton, $26,500 71N-70P-71N-71P-70N-67P-420
Sean O'Hair, $26,500 70P-71N-68N-72P-71N-68P-420
Bill Glasson, $26,500 72N-71P-68N-70P-68N-71P-420
Greg Owen, $26,500 72P-64N-70N-69P-72N-73P-420
John Elliott, $26,500 70P-73N-65N-71P-68N-73P-420
Roland Thatcher, $25,000 73P-70N-66N-71P-71N-70P-421
Jason Bohn, $25,000 71N-74P-71P-66N-69N-70P-421
D.J. Trahan, $25,000 67N-69P-73N-72P-74N-67P-422
Matt Davidson, $25,000 73N-71P-65N-70P-72N-71P-422
Jason Allred, $25,000 71P-69N-73N-71P-70N-69P-423
D.J. Brigman, $25,000 69N-79P-74P-66N-69N-66P-423
Phillip Price, $25,000 67N-69P-71N-72P-73N-71P-423
Dean Wilson, $25,000 68P-70N-69N-73P-71N-72P-423
Carl Paulson, $25,000 72N-72P-69P-66N-72N-72P-423
Jeff Brehaut, $25,000 71P-68N-61N-72P-78N-73P-423
Joey Snyder III, $25,000 70N-72P-69N-73P-65N-74P-423
Jim Carter, $25,000 70N-72P-71N-67P-70N-73P-423
Hideto Tanihara, $25,000 72P-70N-69N-75P-70N-68P-424
Mario Tiziani, $25,000 70N-67P-72N-76P-68N-71P-424
Omar Uresti, $25,000 68P-68N-68N-75P-73N-72P-424
Bob Heintz, $25,000 69N-71P-72N-76P-64N-72P-424
David Hearn, $25,000 73P-64N-73N-70P-67N-77P-424
Craig Barlow, $25,000 80P-65N-69P-73N-68N-70P-425
Doug Barron, $25,000 73P-71N-70P-72N-70N-69P-425
Tom Gillis, $25,000 73P-75N-68P-70N-68N-71P-425
Mark Wilson, $25,000 71N-70P-69N-77P-69N-69P-425
Lucas Glover, $25,000 69N-71P-73N-71P-70N-71P-425
Charlie Wi, $25,000 68N-72P-73N-70P-74N-68P-425
Jeff Hart, $25,000 72P-72N-74P-64N-71N-72P-425
Scott Hend, $25,000 69P-70N-73N-71P-70N-72P-425
J.P. Hayes, $25,000 74N-71P-72P-71N-70N-67P-425
Will MacKenzie, $25,000 72P-70N-68N-68P-70N-77P-425

Tim O'Neal, $5,000 68N-74P-70N-74P-70N-70P-426
David McKenzie, $5,000 72P-64N-72N-75P-72N-71P-426
Tjaart van der Walt, $5,000 69N-71P-66N-74P-74N-72P-426
Scott Weatherly, $5,000 68N-73P-73N-66P-76N-70P-426
Olin Browne, $5,000 73N-72P-72P-70N-66N-73P-426
Bob Burns, $5,000 67N-73P-78N-70P-69N-69P-426
Kyle Gallo, $5,000 70N-70P-74N-72P-66N-74P-426
Bill Haas, $5,000 75P-68N-70N-70P-73N-71P-427
Joel Edwards, $5,000 70N-73P-67N-74P-70N-73P-427
Paul Stankowski, $5,000 72P-73N-71P-68N-74N-69P-427
Richard S. Johnson, $5,000 74P-70N-70N-70P-69N-74P-427
Jim Rutledge, $5,000 69P-73N-72N-73P-71N-69P-427
Russ Cochran, $5,000 71N-73P-68N-71P-72N-73P-428
Dicky Pride, $5,000 70P-74N-70N-72P-70N-72P-428
Dan Olsen, $5,000 70P-65N-67N-76P-75N-75P-428
Sean Pacetti, $5,000 77P-70N-71P-65N-70N-75P-428
Guy Boros, $5,000 73N-71P-73N-70P-70N-71P-428
Scott Petersen, $5,000 75P-69N-73N-71P-73P-67N-428
Boo Weekley, $5,000 72P-71N-79N-68P-71P-67N-428
Tyler Williamson, $5,000 71N-71P-74N-74P-67P-71N-428
Joel Kribel, $5,000 70N-74P-72N-72P-69P-71N-428
Steve Larick, $5,000 77P-69N-73P-72N-67P-70N-428
Per-Ulrik Johansson, $5,000 73N-69P-70N-73P-70N-74P-429
Hiroyuki Fujita, $5,000 68N-73P-71N-71P-74N-72P-429
Kyle Thompson, $5,000 72P-73N-73P-69N-71N-71P-429
Danny Ellis, $5,000 72N-73P-72P-70N-71N-71P-429
Nick Cassini, $5,000 71P-70N-69N-74P-75N-70P-429
Troy Matteson, $5,000 74P-70N-74P-65N-76N-70P-429
Brian Smock, $5,000 70P-75N-73P-69N-73N-69P-429
Tom Scherrer, $5,000 74P-73N-74P-69N-70P-69N-429
Kevin Durkin, $5,000 71N-73P-76P-72N-67P-70N-429
Jerry Smith, $5,000 74N-69P-71N-69P-72N-75P-430
Jeff Freeman, $5,000 72P-75N-74P-74N-69P-66N-430
Scott Simpson, $5,000 71N-73P-71P-75N-74P-66N-430
Scott Gardiner, $5,000 74P-66N-69N-73P-71N-77P-430
Tim Wilkinson, $5,000 71P-75N-70P-73N-73P-68N-430
Mike Sposa, $5,000 70N-72P-73N-75P-72P-68N-430
Jeremy Anderson, $5,000 71P-72N-68N-76P-72N-71P-430
Doug LaBelle II, $5,000 70N-74P-71P-75N-70P-70N-430
Brendon de Jonge, $5,000 69N-75P-72N-70P-75N-69P-430
Steve Pleis, $5,000 73P-69N-77N-74P-66P-71N-430
Jason Schultz, $5,000 76P-77N-72P-67N-74P-65N-431
Shane Bertsch, $5,000 71P-77N-73P-72N-72P-66N-431
Keoke Cotner, $5,000 67P-74N-67N-74P-74N-75P-431
David Morland IV, $5,000 72P-70N-71N-71P-69N-78P-431
Aaron Barber, $5,000 68N-77P-71P-67N-75N-73P-431
Arjun Atwal, $5,000 70N-71P-70N-70P-77N-73P-431
Alan McLean, $5,000 73N-74P-72P-70N-73P-69N-431
Jaxon Brigman, $5,000 71N-73P-73P-70N-73N-71P-431
Chad Collins, $5,000 69N-74P-71N-75P-71P-71N-431
Jim McGovern, $5,000 73P-70N-71N-75P-69P-73N-431
Fran Quinn 70N-70P-70N-75P-70N-77P-432
Jeff Gove 73P-70N-72N-72P-70N-75P-432
Scott Sterling 72P-71N-71N-79P-71P-68N-432
Dave Cunningham 72P-72N-76P-71N-72P-69N-432
Vance Veazey 71N-73P-74P-68N-73N-73P-432
Brian Watts 73N-72P-69P-74N-71N-73P-432
Ben Bates 71N-73P-71P-76N-70P-71N-432
Chris Wollmann 71P-71N-77N-72P-70P-71N-432
Jason Enloe 73P-71N-75P-69N-72N-72P-432
Chris Kamin 75N-70P-75P-72N-73P-68N-433
Martin Laird 74P-74N-73P-71N-76P-65N-433
Cliff Kresge 72N-77P-72P-70N-73P-69N-433
Craig Bowden 75N-69P-69N-76P-74P-70N-433
Jamie Broce 70P-71N-75N-71P-72N-74P-433
Chris Tidland 74P-72N-77P-69N-70P-71N-433
Johnson Wagner 76N-73P-71P-73N-73P-68N-434
Mark Wurtz 68P-73N-73N-71P-72N-77P-434
Dan Forsman 70N-74P-71N-74P-78P-67N-434
John E. Morgan 71N-69P-73N-76P-74P-71N-434
Brian Kortan 68N-70P-77N-71P-77N-71P-434
Matt Weibring 77P-69N-73P-67N-78N-70P-434
Brent Schwarzrock 76P-66N-70N-74P-78N-70P-434
Matt Kuchar 71N-73P-73N-73P-75P-70N-435
Jay Don Blake 72N-71P-73N-74P-74P-71N-435
Jason Buha 70P-71N-71N-79P-75P-70N-436
Ryan Hietala 71N-77P-76P-71N-70P-71N-436
Jeff Quinney 73P-76N-76P-68N-74P-69N-436
Andrew Johnson 76N-71P-74P-71N-73P-71N-436
Robert Garrigus 80P-71N-74P-69N-73P-69N-436
Scott Gump 66N-74P-76N-72P-68N-80P-436
Cameron Percy 74P-72N-76P-71N-72P-71N-436
Kevin Gessino-Kraft 80P-72N-76P-66N-69P-73N-436
Bubba Dickerson 68N-72P-73N-74P-76N-73P-436
Brad Ott 75N-72P-71P-72N-75P-72N-437
Jon Rusk 74P-73N-74P-75N-71P-70N-437
Joseph Alfieri 71P-79N-74P-70N-70P-73N-437
Steve Haskins 71N-73P-75P-72N-71P-75N-437
Billy Harvey 71P-74N-72P-68N-75N-77P-437
Esteban Toledo 70P-67N-72N-79P-72N-77P-437
Jason Gore 74N-69P-73N-75P-75P-72N-438
Glen Day 74P-74N-70P-73N-75P-72N-438
Steve Runge 70P-73N-74N-74P-78P-69N-438
Richie Coughlan 73P-71N-74P-74N-72P-74N-438
Tom Johnson 79P-63N-76N-75P-69P-76N-438
Tripp Isenhour 71N-73P-73N-73P-75P-74N-439
Kenneth Staton 72N-76P-76P-70N-73P-72N-439
Sean Whiffin 73N-73P-72P-74N-73P-74N-439
Kris Blanks 76N-75P-75P-73N-69P-71N-439
Craig Carmichael 73P-69N-74N-71P-74N-78P-439
Will Moore 71P-70N-76N-74P-75P-74N-440
Keith Huber 70N-72P-74N-74P-76P-74N-440
Ryan Armour 73N-72P-72P-74N-74P-76N-441
Jay Delsing 71N-74P-80P-68N-74P-74N-441
Charley Hoffman 73P-78N-70P-74N-72P-74N-441
Todd Pinneo 77P-75N-73P-69N-77P-70N-441
Chris Nallen 74N-77P-81P-70N-72P-67N-441
Warren Schutte 72N-78P-71P-73N-79P-69N-442
Ewan Porter 70N-77P-76P-74N-78P-67N-442
Chad Wilfong 72N-80P-73P-72N-76P-71N-444
Scott Parel 70N-77P-70P-71N-79N-77P-444
Todd Rossetti 76P-69N-80P-72N-75P-73N-445
Kim Felton 76P-75N-72P-69N-81P-72N-445
Justin Hicks 71P-72N-77N-78P-75P-72N-445
Jason Caron 72N-76P-79P-74N-74P-70N-445
Jeff Burns 76N-75P-81P-70N-74P-69N-445
David Carter 78P-69N-77P-72N-71P-79N-446
Carl Desjardins 72P-72N-75N-77P-72P-78N-446
Jim Gallagher, Jr. 71N-79P-79P-76N-72P-70N-447
Dave Christensen 71P-72N-71N-76P-80P-78N-448
Alex Rodger 77P-73N-81P-70N-76P-71N-448
Paul Curry 76P-76N-74P-75N-76P-71N-448
Alex Aragon 68P-73N-75N-79P-83P-72N-450
Dustin White 71N-81P-74P-74N-79P-72N-451
Jeff Klauk 71P-74N-76P-75N-80P-78N-454
Payton Osborn 76P-76N-84P-72N-74P-72N-454
Brian Henninger 73N-76P-79P-69N-79P-80N-456
Keith Nolan 76N-82P-83P-73N-73P-73N-460
Tim Turpen 71N-77P-81P-81N-79P-72N-461
Buzz, I dont go to games. I buy all the Directv packages and watch them from the comfort of my own home! I dont like listening to all the fans nonsense at games! I pay for blonde women to come over and have sex with my hispanic hottie maid, and sometimes I get involved to make it a threesome! I like to lay in my pool during the day sipping on drinks that have umbrellas!

Luke M
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Default RE: PGA Tour qualifying school results>>

Will McKenzie, 77 and just makes it. Wow, guy must have been puking before, during and after.

Matt Kuchar? I cant believe this. From what I understand he isnt even on the Nationwide Tour now. Only top 77 make it. Unless he makes it some other way. I know he will get some sponsor exemptions on the regular tour, especially since he is a past winner. Just shows how hard it is to STAY on tour. Guys come and go. But to be top 125 year in and year out is incredibly hard. Brian Henninger used to be a rising star. Was on the last pairing of the Masters I think a few years ago. Or maybe it was last pairing on Saturday.

Olin Browne, Paul Stankowski two others that come to mind.

This puts into perspective what Jay Haas has accomplished. Guy doesnt win, but year in year out he is top 50, or at worst top 125. For over 20 years. So easy to have one bad year
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Old 12-08-2004, 12:01 AM
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Default RE:PGA Tour qualifying school results>>

Really amazing, therev are some damm good golfers way down that list. Really surprised Bill Haas didnt make it. Kid has a great game but he gets a bit of the red ass. Still thought he had to much talent not to win out over 6 days.
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Old 12-08-2004, 04:58 PM
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Default RE:PGA Tour qualifying school results>>

I'm glad that's over. It's a long process to get your card this way, and it's a lot harder today, than 30 years ago. There are so many good golfers trying for so few spots.

As for myself, I would like every tournament played at two courses and take 260 entries instead of the 130 they take now. If you have to cut down to 70 for television, so be it. Three tracks and 390, even better.

I like Bill Haas very much. I think he will be a good pro. I was a little surprised he didn't make the PGA, but I'm sure he will do well in the Nationwide Tour. Top 20 gets his ticket for 06, almost a certainty IMO. Bill should have won the Reno-Tahoe show this year. He got the yips, last round, after a 10 under and the lead after 3. I bet him at 100-1 and I thought I was going to take it down. Good luck to Bill.

I'm with Buzz. I'm doing my homework now. But there isn't a lot of info on most of the new guys.
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Old 12-09-2004, 12:37 PM
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Default RE:PGA Tour qualifying school results>>

35 Players Qualify to Play PGA Events

Published: December 7, 2004

Filed at 4:16 a.m. ET

LA QUINTA, Calif. (AP) -- Brian Davis of England won the PGA Tour qualifying tournament Monday.

David Hearn of Canada survived it.

Playing in the final group and seemingly a lock to earn a job on the PGA Tour next year, Hearn squandered six shots and was on the cut line until coming up with two of the biggest putts of his career -- a 15-foot par save on the 17th and a 40-foot birdie from the fringe on the final hole.


``I made it a little more dramatic that I needed to,'' said Hearn, all smiles after signing for a 5-over 77.

Hearn and Davis were among 35 players who earned PGA Tour cards after making it through six rounds on two troublesome courses at PGA West in one of the most pressure-packed tournaments in golf.

Davis had a six-shot lead to start the final round and was one of the few who felt no pressure. Despite a double bogey on the par-3 17th, he closed with a 74 and finished at 17-under 415 for a one-shot victory over Rob Rashell. Davis earned $50,000 in becoming the straight second European to win Q-school.

Others who earned their card were past PGA Tour winners Bill Glasson, Jim Carter and J.P. Hayes. The group also included Phillip Price of Wales, who beat Phil Mickelson in a pivotal singles match in the '02 Ryder Cup.

The cutoff for PGA Tour cards came at 7-under 425.

There were plenty of hugs outside the scoring trailer, especially among 14 players who will be PGA Tour rookies.

And there was the usual dose of heartache.

None was greater than Bob Burns, who won the Funai Classic at Disney two years ago. He was in the middle of the 18th fairway, one shot above the cut line, when he hit into a bunker and three-putted for double bogey to miss his card by a single shot.

Joel Edwards, another past PGA Tour champion, was on the cut line until hitting his tee shot into the water and taking double bogey. He took a long walk to the parking lot, letting out guttural screams and pounding his bag along the way, paying his caddie and slamming his car door as he drove off.

They were among 51 players who at least have full status on the Nationwide Tour next year.

That was little consolation to Bill Haas, who was hopeful of joining his father, Jay Haas, in the big leagues next year.

He had a birdie putt on all but one hole on the back nine of the Stadium Course but converted only one of them, shot 71 and missed his card by two shots. In the parking lot, his mother put her arm around his shoulder as Haas stared quietly with his head bowed.

``Obviously, I wasn't good enough this week,'' Haas said. ``It's a humbling experience. It makes you not take things for granted and work harder.''

But he hasn't given up on playing the PGA Tour next year, saying he would take seven sponsor's exemptions if he could get them.

``I don't like the Nationwide Tour,'' he said. ``It's just not where I want to be.''

Tim O'Neal, who was trying to join Woods as the only blacks on tour, shot 70 and missed by one shot.

Five years ago, O'Neal needed only to make bogey on the final hole on the Nicklaus course at PGA West when he drove into the water and made triple bogey. This time, he needed a birdie on the last hole to get his card, and he hit his approach into 15 feet. The birdie putt just grazed the lip on the high side.

``At least I gave myself a chance,'' O'Neal said.

Hearn couldn't make any birdies, then couldn't make a putt for par. When he missed one on the 14th, he angrily threw his putter at his bag and appeared headed for a shocking collapse.

He gathered himself just in time.

``I wasn't feeling comfortable out there, so I was disappointed in that,'' Hearn said. ``But to make two putts like that coming in, I couldn't be happier.''

Craig Barlow was ecstatic. He became the first player to open the six-day tournament with an 80 and still get his card. Barlow had to grind to the very end. He holed a 20-foot birdie putt on the 17th to reach the magic number of 7 under, then after laying up out of the rough on the 18th, he made a 10-footer for par to earn his card.

``I can't believe it,'' Barlow said. ``Just goes to show you how silly this game can be. Regardless of the end result, I'm proud of myself to fight for that long.''

The luck belonged to Scott Hend.

He was on the cut line when his approach sailed long of the 18th green and was headed for the water when the ball bounced along the rocks framing the lake and landed in a clump of grass. He chopped out to 8 feet and holed the putt for his 72 and his tour card.

And in some respects, luck was on the side of Hayes.

A two-time PGA Tour winner whose exemption ran out this year, Hayes was in the second stage outside Houston that was rained out and shortened to 36 holes. He would have missed the cut, except Cliff Kresge bogeyed his last two holes and allowed nine additional players -- Hayes included -- to advance.

He took matters into his own hands Monday with a 67 to earn his card on the number.

``This was my most satisfying round since I won two years ago,'' Hayes said.

The grueling week over, now comes the hard part.

``It's great to get to the PGA Tour,'' Hearn said. ``But the next step is to keep your card.''

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Default RE:PGA Tour qualifying school results>>


I am not sure but all of the guys who make it to the final stage are at least assured a spot on the nationwide tour.

The Nationwide Tour also does a "shuffle" every 6 tournaments or so. If you are playing well your status can increase if you play good during a certain period. Very good method for these guys and it keeps them grinding. The big tour should do something like that.
Buzz, I dont go to games. I buy all the Directv packages and watch them from the comfort of my own home! I dont like listening to all the fans nonsense at games! I pay for blonde women to come over and have sex with my hispanic hottie maid, and sometimes I get involved to make it a threesome! I like to lay in my pool during the day sipping on drinks that have umbrellas!

Luke M
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Tommyjay Tommyjay is offline
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Default RE:PGA Tour qualifying school results>>

I think they take the next 51 to the Nationwide Tour. The rest are rabbits. But hell, if you're going to rabbit, you might as well rabbit on the PGA tour. Right?
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