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  1. Middle East Briefings
  2. Who will be the next pope???
  3. Sportsbank = Rat Fink.......
  4. Human error, old case
  5. Columbus Blue Jackets
  6. Guess the poster
  7. Mistakes by books
  8. Dimeplayer Sportsbook, the company that stiffed players for 50 dimes moves to Panama
  9. Company's Work in Iraq Profited Bush's Uncle
  10. It's sad that the previous posts here are gone...
  11. 1239 more days - Bush President and left wing kooks still crying
  12. Why isn't more being made of the plot against Bush>>
  13. AH, hell.. Just when I
  14. ?? How many troops do we have in Germany and why are they there?
  15. Countdown..To the next Countdown
  16. While we're at it, why isn't more being made about the press room plant?
  18. Dangerous & Irresponsible......at least they realize it
  19. Great article on debt, deficits, and Congress
  20. Why when faced with economic turmoil in the 30's
  21. Thanks for the 30 soldiers and $1million dollars
  22. The upside down world of Harry Reid
  23. Who feeds the worlfd? Right $60billion of farm exports are how much cheaper thanx to the dollar?
  24. The Defense of Marriage Act-ROTFLMAO
  25. Wanna be a beheader? Practice on animals first
  26. Report: Russian Nuke Theft 'Has Occurred' [WHAT A SURPRISE - DON'T WORRY IRAN WILL BE DIFFERENT]
  27. Nancy Pelosi/Robert Reich-these people really pay 30% personal money management fees?
  28. Jews Protest Portman Scene in Jerusalem
  29. Bush Death-Plot Suspect Tortured?
  30. Honey, I Shrunk the Dollar By Thomas L. Friedman
  31. Senator Clinto cares abt Iraq? Why didn't her husband?
  32. Call the ACLU-taller men earn more
  33. Ah the liberal nightmare-remember them ridiculing Reagan's "Tear down that wall Mr Gorbachev"?
  34. Anyone seen the next oppressive German dictator yet?
  35. The global warming scam
  36. Europe-thy name is cowardice
  37. Sideways is the best picture
  38. Hey Fenway!!! Guess what, WMDs!!!
  39. God vs science
  40. Trivia-how many finance ministers has France had in the last 12months?
  41. Trivia-German unemployment higher now or in the 30's?
  42. PETA outta fukkin control
  43. Results of gov't promoting high birth rates amongst nitwits
  44. Better to allow hijackers to fly than dare profile them
  45. Halliburton Could Get $1.5 Bln More Iraq Work-Army
  46. CU professors unite to tell right wing Governor to go fukk himself
  47. Jews, Oil, Whining & the US govt
  48. Another Public Whipping For The Worst President In American History
  49. Bush social security plan is more of a insecurity plan calculator proves it
  50. Dell Dude emptied my credit account
  51. Dell Dude emptied my credit account
  52. US Farm subsidies being actively cut-the rest of the world? Yea rite
  53. A Darwinian Dilemma: Societal De-Evolution-thanks to those scumbag liberals
  54. Ancillary benefits you short sighted phucking morons
  55. Scumbag Dem liberal NC Gov raising taxes? NO F WAY!
  56. The University of Colorado Regents is probing whether Churchill has violated tenure
  57. "The Iraqis are getting a taste of what it means to be free,"
  58. Iraqis Capture Saddam's Half Brother (Six of diamonds for those of you playing at home)
  59. The SS debate is great-it shows what phucking idiots the democrats are-today Shumer, tomorrow your hero
  60. Question for count zero is the Copy and paste rule no longer valid
  61. George W. Bush won the "Razzie" worst actor of the year award
  62. Hillary is drinking the same Kool-Aid as John Kerry!
  63. The ultimate superfecta
  64. Hey TA, it took you this long to find FreeRepublic?
  65. Iraq Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 110
  66. Jesus Hated Bald Pussy......Hunter Thompson on George Bush
  67. Kudos to Drunken Goon
  68. Disgruntled union plays race card
  69. Liberal social policy hard at work-Full-blown war by Hmong gangs alarms police (Sacramento, CA)
  70. Hey fellow American's let's just kick back and watch EUrope implode
  71. Ward Churchill just a basic case of academic fraud
  72. Property prices going thru the roof
  73. Wonder what Darwin would've thought abt bungee jumping?
  74. Alienating Washington - and for what? (Canada's Liberals' childish anti-Americanism)
  75. Egypt and Syria Play Ball -- No Thanks to the Left(liberal scumbags)
  76. Lawmakers seek ban on .50-caliber rifles-Damn them deer with 3"thick armor coats are safe
  77. Is It All About Selling the Airbus?
  78. Smiling Through the Storm (Dumbocrat pol tagged most corrupt doesn't care)
  79. In Defense of Capitalism (Debunking The Religious Left)<<<<liberal scumbags
  80. Bin Laden Asks Zarqawi to Make U.S. a Target
  81. Hey liberals a message just for you
  82. High Court Ends Death Penalty for Youths
  83. Art collector is charged in record offshore tax fraud case
  84. Iraqi Judge on Saddam Case Killed
  85. Murderer Cheers Death Penalty Decision...NATURALLY!
  86. Teen Sniper No Longer Faces Death Penalty
  87. US death toll in Iraq tops 1,500
  88. 2LT Luke Gorney
  89. Iraq, Afghanistan Show U.S. Determination
  90. 1500 Dead-How many dead if waited till terrorists used nukes to defend Iraq?
  91. U.S. Commander Says Size of Iraq Insurgency Falling
  92. Crowd Protests Terrorism in Iraq
  93. Missing French journalist in Iraq begs for help on video [Female]
  94. Socialist shithole named most expensive city in the world
  95. 'Professor bias' bill introduced- sponsors claim liberal campuses tough on conservative students
  96. The Racial Grievance Industry Strikes Again
  97. Fox Flies While All Other Cable News Operations Tank In Feb TV Sweeps (huge $ losses for CNN, MSM)
  98. Shumer is just dumber than dirt
  99. More results of liberal social policy
  100. Right Wingers
  101. Hating America: Ward Churchill embodies the radical left that dominates college campuses
  102. Dems blast Globe over reporter's anti-Kerry blog [Cleland: “Fire him!”
  103. In the past six weeks, we've seen more positive movement in the region than we saw in the preceding six decades
  104. Something remarkable is happening in the Middle East
  105. Government Interference in Pharmaceutical Markets Costs Canadians $2 billion to $5 billion Annually
  106. Mistaken U.S. attack wounds Italian journalist: Italian agent killed when troops open fire on car
  107. What is up with the views?
  108. whya arent there many rethuglicans that have fought in the service?
  109. 60 Minutes/ Rendition
  110. CU president Hoffman resigns amid scandals
  111. Memories of Murray
  112. 1415 more days of Bush as president and liberal tears
  113. Photo's of GWB
  114. 1413 more days of Republican President and liberal tears
  115. Talk about getting your point across......
  116. gay pride cancelled
  117. Mad Science: Stanford to Create Rat with Human Brain
  118. Report: Sexual predators allowed to drink at state facility<<<<<result of?
  119. Terrorists released to house arrest<<<<result of?
  120. Politically motivated road rage ROTFLMAO
  121. Man fired for surfing the net sues-where else-1st district liberal court of america
  122. EU economy at least 20 yrs behind the US
  123. Liberal moron of the day
  124. Researchers at UCSF Discover Liberal Gene
  125. NY DAILY NEWS ARTICLE: Did his duty - then lost his job
  126. 1409 more days of a Republican president and liberal tears
  129. Condoleezza vs. Hillary
  130. Anti-Bush Driver Accused Of Road Rage Against Pro-Bush Driver
  131. More shot to death in Philly in the last seven days than in Iraq
  132. NORML Releases Most Comprehensive Analysis Of US Marijuana Arrest Data To Date
  133. Attention The President of the United States is speaking
  134. George Bush's Skull and Boner Boytoy: Sex Ring Exposed
  135. 1405 more days of Bush as president and liberal tears
  136. How Come It's Left Up to the So-called Neo-Cons
  137. Here is a man that doesn't support gay rights
  138. Great article about how screwed up the "justice" system is in this country
  139. If I ran a sales driven company
  140. The White House estimates that the average smoker goes through 18.7 joints per month
  141. New book out-can't find it?
  142. 1401 more days of Bush president and democratic boo hoos
  143. Workers there need to build up retirement savings and have no local alternative that can compete with the US
  144. Constitution eroded again
  145. ONLY IN CANADA....Vancouver Tries Free Heroin Program
  146. Document: Bin Laden Evaded U.S. Forces
  147. 1399 more days of democratic tears
  148. Schiavo's case really shows the divide of the US right now
  149. The media lies again
  150. 'Mein Kampf' a Best Seller in Turkey
  151. Why Europe is Soft on Terror
  152. Should wait on SS reform
  153. Tangible evidence of the effect of legalizing THC
  154. 1397 more days of democratic tears
  155. Another bloated US government agency lies to the public and no one is held accountable,What else is new?
  156. ogame.org
  157. Bush trusts the courts when they suit his agenda
  158. Why would a judge even hear the case?
  159. 1393 more days of democratic tears
  160. Tasteless?, you want FUKKIN TASTELESS?????
  161. Muslims attack Easter service
  162. 2/3rds of World's Resources used up-must mean.......
  163. New Socialist York to tax telecommuters
  164. Slick Willie supports rescuing Schiavo
  165. On RECORD
  166. THe effect of the great liberal social experiments-teen gets head blown off for not giving a kiss
  167. 1391 more days of democratic tears
  168. Hey stupid ass!! Yes you if you was thinking banners on and off mean shit at therx
  169. majorwager sold to the rx
  170. 1390 more days of democratic tears
  171. Coverage of The Deuce's Deathbed is Pathetic
  172. JJ-Black Daniels= TRAFFIC for site......
  173. 1386 more days of democratic tears
  174. Pentagon strike..What really hit on 9/11
  175. But she was 16 and it was consensual
  176. Torture Inc. Americas Brutal Prisons
  177. 1394 more days of democratic tears
  178. Tornado chasing rules
  179. United States or Old Soviet justice system? No difference
  180. Class Of 2000 Posters What A Bunch Of Losers
  182. An Economy On Thin Ice
  183. 1378 more days of democratic tears
  184. Disturbing video of US soldiers shooting dog in Iraq...
  185. 1377 more days of demcratic tears
  186. Personal responsibility waning, experts say
  187. relax, it's just a joke
  188. Soldiers Kept Past Tour Of Duty In Iraq:US Army Says "If Those Who Would Replace You Are Gay, You Must Stay."
  189. NEWSWEEK MAG: Mystery Flight: Two passengers trigger alarms—and fresh echoes of 9/11.
  190. Major Wager's Most Frustrated Poster
  191. 1372 more days of demcratic tears
  192. New pope intervened against Kerry in US 2004 election campaign
  193. Canadian PM Paul Martin Apologizes to the Nation
  194. Video Shows Crash Survivor Was Executed
  195. Moussaoui pleads guilty in 9/11 attacks: Says he was being trained to fly plane into White House in later strike
  196. E-mails 'hurt IQ more than pot'
  197. Canadian Election
  198. 1367 more days of democratic tears
  199. The police state rolls forward. This country is sick!!!
  200. 1365 more days of democratic tears
  201. Left of the Dial is must see tv...
  202. 9/11 hijackers booked plane tix from N.J. college library
  203. Using the a-bomb against Japan...
  204. 1362 more days of democratic tears
  205. Sportsbank
  206. I am going to LA for the day
  207. 1171 more days of democratic being pissy bitches
  208. HUH, A 13 yr old is mentally competent...
  209. Statisticians election findings
  210. Just a great 9-11 psychology analysis
  211. I Have Been Waiting 5 Years For Sick Gambler To Enter Hall of Fame
  212. Belief-O-Matic Spirituality Test
  213. Suspension Reduced For Student Who Took Call From Mom In Iraq
  214. Larry and Iowa...................
  215. When will savagery and barbarism (or is it barbarity) end?
  216. 10 years for growing marijuana, 10 years probation for chasing people around with a chain saw, makes sense
  217. What happened to this country?
  218. The Federal government insures private pension plans
  219. Man that stabs girls to death should be killed himself
  220. First thing that comes to mind when you think of Yankees and Mets
  221. Enough with the Holocaust
  222. TOP 10 POSTERS........
  223. Bro, Avery Johnson is dumb
  224. Hedgeking
  225. Billionaire spends $7.4m on son's bar mitzvah: Hires Destiny's Child
  226. WTF IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO?: Three killed over role-playing game in Brazil
  227. Saddams shifting teeth
  228. Downing Street Memo
  229. Hey Iowa read this
  230. This would have fired up things in the ME
  231. Dear HedgeKing:
  232. Operation Northwoods
  233. Arab American Heroes Fighting IN THE US Army
  234. Mexico's Fox Apologizes for Black Comment
  235. Ass beat
  236. National ID.......................
  237. German police baffeled by Bush poo-flags
  238. Generals Offer Sober Outlook on Iraqi War
  239. Cowardice in Journalism Award for Newsweek
  240. President George W. Bush, make your own title for this video
  241. Physical address of majorwager
  242. Rwanda Peacekeeper Indicts World's Indifference, Feckless U.N.
  243. Major kicking Lou Diamonds ass!!!
  244. The police state rolls forward, A must read article on Rendition
  245. Your tax dollars at work
  246. Urgent, Protect your children!!!
  247. Protesters Mob Laura Bush in Jerusalem
  248. Tillman's Family Rips Army, Bush Administration
  249. The Bush Family Quandry
  250. BRUTAL: Marine killed by scratch and superbug