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  1. ?? For Math/Excel Experts
  2. Excel ?
  3. More Maths Fun
  4. First Tech Talk thread ever
  5. How much of your capping is subjective versus objective?
  6. Please define this forum
  7. Second Half Middling
  8. ATS Results When Adding 7 Points To Every Side
  9. money line
  10. College Hoops: Early Season Approach
  11. Head east my friend...
  12. Which Way Will The Line Move?
  13. Are Tennis bettors Technicians or Feel Bettors?
  14. Contest Idea
  15. NFLX steam, am confused again:)
  16. Why u should never play a 2 team spread parlay at WSEX!
  17. Tech Talk is a great section
  18. Here's A Good One! "Delayed" Jetlag?
  19. The Century System - Money Management
  20. One Great Season, should I buy the next season
  21. Will Spurrier revolutionize NFL offensive football?
  22. Does anyone know...
  23. teaser question
  24. Football: Warm-weather teams playing in the cold
  25. Anybody Here Play NFL Season-Wins Futures?
  26. College Football: Halftime Betting Techniques
  27. Best pure "free" handicappers you follow?
  28. Unearned runs
  30. Any evidence to support-unpopular teams are good value?
  31. 3.5 and 7.5 Football Lines
  32. action points?
  33. Are You A Gambler Or A Handicapper?
  34. College Key Numbers
  35. 3-4 & 4-3 defenses vs West Coast Offense
  36. Biggest sports markets...
  37. What does "sharp line" mean?
  38. The line usually moves towards an objective source or not?
  39. ? for those with databases
  40. I should know this; I have a simple question...
  41. How did the 20 cent and 10 cent lines evolve?
  42. Annualised Returns (need maths help)
  43. I need moneyline database/archives for college & pro foots & hoops
  44. Database Talk
  45. Hey Machiavelli: interactives...
  46. Football: Massive Dogs in Bad Weather?
  47. How much do you think a point is worth in a first half line?
  48. Betting out, laying off what is the "etiquette"?
  49. Theoretical ROI calculation on middles
  50. NFL lines for years '71 & '70
  51. When to pull the trigger on an interactive bet...
  52. Another interactive example from the SL/TB game
  53. Are some "squares only" books of value even if you can't/won't play there?
  54. Interactive College OT Total Example: Louisville vs. FSU
  55. NBA Regular Season Wins
  56. ANOTHER "easy" NFL early season...any idea why?
  57. Generating Historical Interactive Odds
  58. Windy Stadiums?
  59. Questions regarding restedness and added points
  60. NHL % of OT games that finish tied?
  61. What chance a NHL game with total of 5 lands on 5
  62. ? for Slam Dunk
  63. Scalping out of a slow pay, the Turk way
  64. The Count's Question
  65. Is booting, "just" for winning, fair or acceptable?
  66. How many of you maximize matchplays on big dog $line scalps?
  67. Been hanging out in the Mess Haul too long...
  68. Is lowering limits acceptible either?
  69. How do Books identify Sharp Players?
  70. Wind conditions
  71. Further Discussion of All World Trust
  72. Teasers ... ever worth teasing totals?
  73. Probability Distribution Resources
  74. Accessing DB Archives beyond the L6 months.
  75. Anyone ever just look at games that land far,far way from the spread/total
  76. Can someone explain the kelly criterion to me???
  77. Anyone got any stats for h1 compared to h2 scoring
  78. Q: Anyone have stats on whether it is better to bet moneyline dogs up to 1.5 pt v. taking the points?
  79. Looking for NFL Database of lines
  80. NBA Halftime Betting
  81. How valuable is 1.5 to 2 pts in footbal and basketball??
  82. about NFL parlay bets....
  83. Success going against steam?
  84. NHL Shots on Goal - Homer Scorekeepers?
  85. Question, this guy live in USA, has money offshore, and gets hit by a truck....
  86. W. Virginia giving up the safety at the end of the game last night?
  87. excel help
  88. NBA favorites
  89. Basketball systems?
  90. Line movement against you....
  91. statistics on winning streaks
  92. NBA - Days Rest
  93. new excel problem
  94. NCAA Workbook?
  95. VIG on futures betting
  96. NHL statistical modelling
  97. NBA Database?
  98. college basketball database and trend info
  99. 2nd. half lines archives
  100. Chance 9.5-pt. NFL Fav Wins by Exactly 3?
  101. Superintelligence
  102. NFL Special Teams Ratings
  103. Key numbers in US Sports, tendencies - help needed
  104. Backwards odds analysis?
  105. proper odds of NFL final landing on 3 when spread is three, and 7 when spread is 7.
  106. Teaser ??? for any bookmaker
  107. NHL tie betting strategy
  108. Bases strategy
  109. making a 2nd half line?
  110. A Serious Question for You Geniuses
  111. Converting International to Moneyline Odds?
  112. Duplicate Post
  113. Pasting and highlighting here at MW.........
  114. Over/Under odds question
  115. for you tech guys
  116. HOCKEY score distribution ??
  117. Odds databases
  118. 1 Point Baseball Games
  119. Basketball Queries
  120. Does anyone have a site that has this past seasons
  121. Line archives for past seasons
  122. Why the 4.5 in the NHL?
  123. Baseball dogs in 3rd game of series
  124. Rule of Thumb for Riding Winning Cappers?
  125. What wager or series of wagers has the least loss %? Please help.
  126. BLACK JACK ... beatable?
  127. Need help finding Mens NCAA Basketball stats
  128. What top 3 sportbook casino's can we trust?!!!
  129. Pitchers 1st half vs 2nd half
  130. technical baseball betting rules ...?
  131. terminology, as to status of an injured player
  132. Which of these 4 options is the best baseball bet?
  133. NBA - first home game after a road trip
  134. Middling at Halftime?
  135. ponder this ... staking question
  136. Rules of Thumb for Projecting NBA 2H Lines?
  137. Excel database help
  138. Were can i learn to build a data base ? [ not sure if this belongs here or in the canteen]
  139. good value on an NBA future (I think)
  140. MLB Runlines ??
  141. Any stat books geared towards sports betting?
  142. How much is 1/2 a point worth in the NBA?
  143. My March madness angles
  144. Syllabus on Sports Betting
  145. Have any of you heard of texas triangle theory [ nba system]
  146. WTA tennis ... % of womens matches which are straight sets?
  147. Sides/Middles
  148. More Excel Help
  149. for % minded people only
  150. 12 seeds in ncaa tourney?
  151. No one way lines?
  152. value of 1/2 run for baseball totals?
  153. If anyone has a baseball database handy
  154. Available bullpen?
  155. WHIP for each league last year?
  156. baseball extra innings games ... % won by home-away?
  157. WANTED : someone to gather data from internet
  158. Moneyline Value for a Half Point
  159. Relationship of a game line to a 5 inning
  160. Bases Scalping(?) Question
  161. would any of these mlb systems show a profit long term?
  162. When beting on an mlb game what stat do you tink is the most important?
  163. Is there a posted line for Lakers NOT to win NBA Championship?
  164. An old school nba system
  165. Winning Percentages for College Football Pointspreads
  166. Can the OVER stay hot in the NBA?
  167. excel question
  168. I need help useing a spread sheet
  169. Anyone Tried Jasper's Baseball System?
  170. attachments
  171. A message for 2006
  172. Thank you 2006
  173. Denver to host 2005 Allstar Game ... Hmm
  174. fielding average
  175. correlation between prices for baseball game and runline
  176. Nfl super system ?
  177. Betting total H+R+E. 5 Dimes 1, Peep 0....
  178. Wireless Internet question
  179. Conversion question
  180. tech talk ... is this math correct?
  181. new to the forum and need help plz
  182. baseball stat?
  183. Canadian Footbal League (CFL)
  184. Has anyone ever tried of the following baseball system?
  185. Best way to find out who public is on?
  186. NFLX Week 1 Early Looks
  187. NFLX Week 2 Early Looks
  188. MLB Stats Database
  189. Any feedback on these people...
  190. NFL halftime totals
  191. Which stat would you believe more indicative of a football team's strength?
  192. If you hit over 60% the last couple of football seasons
  193. Anybody have an account at e-gold.com?
  194. Winning % for NFL Pointspreads
  195. Key NFL numbers for Totals
  196. tracking NFL bets
  197. Scalping Question
  198. looking for college football halftime scores over the last 10 years
  199. interesting trend
  200. What time of year does the bettor have an advantage?
  201. Good luck everyone!!!
  202. When to parlay, or bet a teaser
  203. Over/Under for last 5 or 6 years of MLB playoffs
  204. Historical NFL Databases (Dup post in MH)
  205. StatFox Key Game Analysis
  206. Key Numbers for College Football
  207. Miscallaneous stats... OT ... anyone
  208. Is this true ?
  209. Buying on or off a three
  210. I need ML's for 2002 NBA
  211. Key Numbers for College Football Total Points
  212. NFL Team scoring by quarter
  213. Do Lines Sharpen as the Season Progresses
  214. Where does the "Smart Money" go?
  215. Is The bye week really such a great thing?
  216. a ? for players that handicap themselves
  217. Past ATS, ML and game score records
  218. NCAA and NBA number landing.
  219. NBA period scoring
  220. Reading Football Box Scores (Part 1)
  221. local parlay v online ?
  222. What is the probability of this happening ??
  223. steve h?
  224. wagering amount?
  225. NFL - How are penalties correlated to a game total
  226. american citizen's barred from all u.k. betting exchanges
  227. I have Tapmpa bay -6 lay 110, I can get Atlanta plus 7.5 lay 105 should I middle?
  228. ENOUGH of the smalltalk!....
  229. excell spreadsheet to track wagers
  230. Asian Moneyline
  231. limit or stop orders on sports
  232. Selling numbers vs. buying numbers
  233. Excel Question
  234. anyone using phone or palm device to wager wireless...
  235. Interesting Dartmouth course on chance
  236. Computer Projection Predictability Software
  237. PC Problem Can Anyone help Please?
  238. Math Question regarding Football Pools
  239. Interesting thesis
  240. Home dogs in NBA
  241. Question for our number geeks
  242. A sweep in baseball
  243. what are your fav stats for baseball
  244. What happened to this forum?
  245. excel question
  246. What are odds of going 55-8 in the Tourney
  247. NRL/AFL stats
  248. I need help from someone that is good with excel
  249. Seeking Nascar stats in Excel Spreadsheet or Access Database - will pay.
  250. Myth? "There are More MLB Overs in April"