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Well , looks like RENO is getting the votes , and can you blame him ? We've all read the stories , the endless tales of ecstasy and bondage. The 20 year old immigrants throwing their panties at his feet.

Degenerate - Your right , prayer meeting at railbirds would be a good one.

Chilling-The-Most , I just called him , asked him if he wanted to watch the Dallas-Portland game. BTW , he's from Dallas (born and raised) so I figured he be a shoe-in for Game 7. But he says , I don't know , I might go to a movie !?!? A f ucking movie that you can watch anytime of the week or Game 7 LIVE ?? Holy shit , I had to pinch myself when I heard it. What a shocker.

Hmmm , lets see .... A chance to watch History being made (Portland down 0-3 )

Or Rob Scheider in "Hot Chick" ........... Gee , I don't know , thats a coin flip ! ........... Only NOT !!!

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