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Chilling - The - Most , First of all , we all know it was you that voted for Twister at Minnows. But , for those of you who don't know CTM , let me enlighten you of his most recent of escapades......

It is known around town that CTM cannot hold his liquer. Not only is he a loud mouth drunk , he's also an embarassment to his friends. We were out a few nights ago at a local drinking pub , watching a game with SAM I AM and few others , Well CTM shows up piss drunk , yelling at screaming at the waiters , and trying to recruit some of us to hit the casino. He got a taker and they left together. Well , the recruit shows up an hour later solo without CTM. When asked what happened to the boisterous boozer , he said , " I can't stand that freak , he yelled and screamed about getting limits raised on the table , he cussed out the waitress , and belittled the hotel manager. " Well , Chilling was on the phone 5 minutes later , demanding to know Where the Hell did he go ? " , Only to show up at the bar 20 minutes later accusing his friend of ditching him and (can you believe the nerve) of making him lose $500. Yea , it was his fault , you lost. Well , this friend of his , and we will just call him the "Brit" was a bit sauced himself , and at a lost of patience. Before you say "Leaping Little Richard" The Brit grabbed CTM by the shirt and pulled him outside of the open doored bar , only to begin to pound him repeatley with short jabs.

Luckilly for CTM , I (ABB) was there to break up the fight and save his ass (which , btw, I never recieved the proper thanks for possibly saving him a bruised cheek , or a black eye ) But as much as we Love to hate this man , I wouldn't trade him for anyone. He may be a loud mouth , boisterous , out of control , degenerate gambler , drunk .................. But he's OUR loud mouth , boisterous , out of control , degenerate gambler , drunk ........ And he's Alright by me.

And he's right about the Ghost of ABB , I used to tie on every night , six ways to Sunday. Some of past Antics are still repeated today as the works of lore and legend. However , over the last couple of years , I've toned it down, took it easy more so than not , and switched over to the slow lane. However , once in a blue moon , if your lucky , you may meet up with the Ghost of ABB , Him , the drinker , the fighter , the gambler , the loud mouth , boisterous , out of control ...... Drunk.

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