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That's just it. His backup for this race wasn't his second best car it is his best car for this type of track..His backup he has to race now was a car that he ran at Atlanta finishing 5th just a few weeks ago which is the sister track here at Texas. No reason at all for them to bring out a different ride for this race unless they had a definite edge with it. Which they did all be it an illegal one, and they got caught. Even though they lose this car they still had a very good one to fall back on just in case plan number one failed. They took a chance, and got busted, but yet they still have a good ride for this weekend. In my opinion no way they mis-calculate that much at the shop, and never catch it till it gets to the inspection area. They'll blame it on the guys back home, and make it sound real good an all. NASCAR guys are always trying to get a slight edge it's always been the nature of this sport.
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