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<< Railbird,

It is a fact that Jordan is the greatest of all time. It cannot be disputed and it will never change.

It is not a fact, it's a popular misperception.

Basketball is a team game where the goal is winning.

Individual talent is most intelligently assessed by an individual's ability to help a team win games.

Being surrounded by talent is NOT a talent, it's a lucky break.

Larry Bird had a greater impact on winning than MJ. Bird landed in Boston and instantly took them from bad to good. When he didn't play: bad again.

MJ's Bulls, when he arrived, made little improvement. It took years for the personnel around him to improve to the point where they could contend. And when he left to play baseball, they were still a good team. Conference semi's, I believe.

IOW, he added enough to a semifinalist team to make them champions. That's a valuable contribution, but don't kid yourself that MJ could make a loser into a winner. He can't do it now in Washington, either. He just isn't THAT good. And it isn't because he's lost that much game with age. He just never had THAT much game.

Bird could take a bad team to the title. And that's the real test.
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