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I love to read & hear people RIP "my guy" Bill Walton.

Remember this people...."when a true genius appears in this world, the DUNCES will be in confederacy against him."

Holy Bull...I am glad that somebody else besides me, wathced "Paper Clips" games, when Bill was the Color Guy. Bill just said suff, for shi&ts & gigles...come on, who watched the "Paper Clips" besides gamblers, their families, Holy Bull, & me???

By the way....Bill was trying to relate, that YAO brings his own style to the game, the same way Magic & Bird did. Dah!!

&, I am sure Stanford lowered it Law Shcool standards, by letting Bill attend, while he was injuried early in his NBA career...Stanford is the #1 Law School in the U.S. Yeah, they let dummies in....LOL!!!!!

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