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Default PETA wants Packers to change name, Saids packers promotes violence


An animal rights group wants a new name for the Green Bay Packers. Team president Bob Harlan says no way.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said in a letter to Harlan that the name promotes violence and bloodshed because it refers to meat packers, or those who work in slaughterhouses where animals are killed.

The letter from PETA vegetarian campaign coordinator Bruce Friedrich suggests making the team the Green Bay ``Pickers,'' referring to picking fruits, vegetables and other crops, or possibly the Green Bay ``Six-Packers,'' referring to the state's brewing history.

``We've been the Packers since 1919, and this is the first time anyone has suggested that we change our name,'' Harlan said in reply.

``We like our name, our tradition. Friedrich, when contacted, said the Packers should consider dumping the name despite the long tradition, because of its reference to the plants where animals are killed.
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