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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:[/size]<HR>Originally posted by jetman:
Sorry, Patton, watching it on FOX, as you said unfortunately this is fact, One Tower has collapsed, looks like close to the entire tower, people covered in ash, are emerging from it, but sadly very few are. How many thousnads off people work in the WTC, they only had less than an hour to evacuate between the plane crash and the collapse, this is tragic.... <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Thank you jetman. Over 60,000 people visit or work in the WTC every day. There were probably 150 people on each plane involved. This is apparently only one of the two towers, but the toll will be horrendous.

This is war. We cannot sit idly by any longer. Whereever bin Laden is, we MUST get him. Declare war on Afghanistan, get the bast*rd and end this madness. Hunt down every last one of his people, do whatever it takes. No one can mess with us.

BTW, would like to know what happened with airport security. Assume terrorists got inside jobs that allowed them to get the troops and hardware on the planes necessary to accomplish this.
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