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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:[/size]<HR>Originally posted by KingOfTheSquares:
I also read McCune's books...

...all crap. Couldn't use a thing.

Maybe I'm just too square to understand demi-god handicapper talk...

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Ha. I don't think so.

Beating the line is tough, if not next to impossible for one person (talking about the big "6" here: NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAAF and NCAAB)

I think that getting a stable of opinions you trust, doing your own work and firing away is the best approach.

The other alternative is to become a super scalper play one book against the other when the money line moves in NHL, NBA, etc, etc. You'll do okay in the offseason, but when THE SEASON (MLB) comes around, you'll prolly do really well as long as sitting in front of computer for 8 hrs a do is your idea of having life.

There are some public guys that have consistently won in some sports over the years:

Jeff Borchert (JB Sports) in NFL, NCAAF and NBA is about as good as it gets.
Al McMordie (NBA, NFL)
Here we go again: JR MILLER (NBA, NFL)
George Henry (Rising Star Sports) NBA and NFL.

Personally, I think you are better off trying to nail jello to a tree than trying to overcome 11:10.

A guy in ATL that I know just won over 7 figures for his 4th year in a row. He said it best:

"That 10% is stronger than death".

Believe it.

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