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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:[/size]<HR>Originally posted by tommy909:
Heath, Sonny, or anyone else,

At Miller's site, he also talks about his association with Bob McCune. Was he really a professional player, or just another guy selling his story?

I first met JR Miller about 5 years ago when I posted a story that mentione McCune on my site.

JR emailed me about the article, agreeing with everything but my posts about McCune.

I've read all of McCune's books and found them worthless. At the time, some people I knew were getting his stuff and it was awful. I concluded McCune was a pretender and said so.

McCune also had GREAT respect for Painter, but I didn't mention him as a Painter groupie because I don't respect McCune's work as a handicapper.

Its not that I respect Banker or Lange either, but they are names that carry some weight.

I'm not passing judgement on Painter either way -- I've never read his stuff, or took his course or anything else.

However, to call a dead guy a "phony" because he died broke doesn't exactly meet the criteria for a strong, rational well-balanced argument.

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