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Those who can - do,
those that can't - teach.

"The truth is blah, blah, blah,";
You mean your opinion is, etc.

I love when people who aren't in Vegas tell you about what goes on here.
Fact is there is an old time good old boys network here that vouches for each other, like Banker, etc.
Doesn't mean they are respected by the books or the players.
I can tell you Banker is a non-factor here, I've heard many actually joke about and laugh at him. When he steps into the sports book nobody gives a damn, it's not like E F Hutton's speaking or anything like that.
He took a case to the Gaming Commission last year - and lost.
He cried "foul", they told him take a hike, check the rules before you bet. MGM was found not at fault. Some "pro", only a ****in amatuer doesn't know the stipulations on a bet he makes.
And finally heath you're not counting money made off anyone here, you were transparent to posters since day 1. Nobody fell for mediocreboy's sham. Or his shills.
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